sister is such a b&%^%

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Posted 12/29/09 , edited 12/30/09
I'm so freaking pissed. My older sister wont shut up about how she helped me sooo much when I was younger. Oh, she used to teach me how to read, blah blah blah. My mom's always like, oh you used to always ask for Christy (my sister) when you were younger and crying. Do you want to freaking know WHY??? becuase my dad freaking hit me all the time and you (mom) NEVER did anything. Even then, she (sister) NEVER asked him to stop. Only one person has ever freaking told him to stop hitting me. A completely random stranger (the daughter of one of my mom's friends that had known me for like 4 days). And they always talk about how messed up she was. Well guess what??!! she was the ONLY person who EVER stood up for me. SO F YOU ALL.
Posted 12/29/09 , edited 12/30/09
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