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Posted 12/30/09 , edited 12/30/09
this is the home of the nightray family, who are one of the four Duke familes.
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"Pssst! Alec!" Erin Alice poked her chains sleeping body.
"zzz...gya...stupid...Erin...Alice....jeez...." Alec mumbled in his sleep as he turned around.
"Guh!" Erin sat there impatiently, "okay....lets try this!" Erin smiled and put her lips close to Alecs ear. Took a deep breath and...
"Oi! Alecxander!!! Wake up!!!" Ern screamed.
"Gya!!" Alec yelped and fell of the couch, "H-Hey! Erin-sama~" He rubbed his head in pain and winced, "What was that for!?" he asked painfully.
"Im going out! You stay here and make sure no one catches me! Use one of your illusion thingies or something...make something with your alchemy powers..." Erin said waving her hand as she headed for the window.
"B-But! If the maids catch us then-" Alec protested.
"Jeez! You're no fun...besides, what harm could I do! Daddys out on a buisness trip and with your powers, the maids could never catch us! Daddy and Bezarius-sama always did this when they were young!" Erin said as she jumped out the window. She landed gracefully and waved, "see ya later and cover for me ok?" Erin ran away toward the Bezarius household.
"B-But! Erin-sama!!" Alec gave up, "jeez...she never thinks of the consequences huh?" he said sighing, "ok then...lets do this!" He said as he made an illusion of Erin, so the maids don't realize she's gone.
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