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Posted 1/1/10 , edited 1/2/10

DaughterOfEvil wrote:

(OKAYS ^^ it would be funnier...his fear of cats >:D)

Oz started to freak out, "Holly crap im 15 again! and look like you did 20 years ago"
Ryoku, "am i seeing two of me -_-'? oh crap o.o i have school"
Oz looked paniced, "Me and Gil cant go to the school like this!"
Sharon sighed, "I have a good idea"

~*-----20 minutes later-----*~
Ryoku, Oz, Gil and alice all stood outside the school..wearing backbacks and kids clothes.
Oz. twitched, "I don't wanna go to school"
Sharon hit im upside the head, "Well deal with it, iv already informed all teachers of the situation, and since all the kids know you and Gil..we have changed your name. Oz you are now Kyoku, Ryoku's twin. And are will take up the name Raven again, you will still have your last names, and Alice your ok"

"e-e-e-e-eto....i-im...not so sure about this..." Gil said slowly.
"aww! daddy! I mean...Raven...." Erin says wow this is weird, "Let's go! Guess you'll be our twins for the day huh?"
Alice sighed, "Great~ We're going to school...." Alice hinted her sarcasm very hard.
"mmm...this is awkward...Ryoku...chan..." Erin said as she stepped beside him.
Alec came forward, "How do you think we'll fix this?"
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Posted 1/1/10 , edited 1/2/10

Ryoku sighed, "This is akward....i mean i have to have my dad as my twin.."
Sharon smiled, "Just keep up the act until we find out how to fix this"
~*----ding dong----*~
Ryoku gasped, "The school bell!" he grabbed Oz's hand and ran, "come on Erin!"
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