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Posted 1/1/10 , edited 1/1/10
If you can follow up with a very simple rule, you won't be getting a ban.

1. Do not offense other users
This is very easiest thing to do yet some people still failed to do it. If someone made a mistake, you can help them correct it without using aggressive terms. If you post a reply to a thread like these: "You are an idiot", "You are a fag, you can't even post a thread in a proper section" etc, you will definitely get you a ban. The length will be determined through the way you responded to a warning.

Red Note *Do not say something like this: "She's my GF. Since she is dumping me, I have the right to make her suffer". We don't care about you being dumped by either your bf/ gf. You offended other user. Therefore, it's our job to put an ending to it.*

2. Do not Spam the Forum
You will not be banned for accidentally posting two or three forum topics, but you will be banned if you do it on purpose and decided to ignore our warning. Your topic doesn't need to be in every section of the Forum, but if you are not sure where it should go, ask one of the mods in this library.

3. When you are banned make sure, you ask the one who banned you.
If you have been banned, there will be a note in our Black List. However, if there isn't a note, we'll get to the bottom line of the situation. We are not here to countermand others judgment, nor forward messages. When you are banned, there will be a PM from the mod who banned you.

4. Do Not Get Your Friends Involved
This is your problem, and it's responsibility to solve it. Make sure you tell them to stay out of it. If your friends have been whining to me about unbanning you, We will certainly ignore it, but in some occasion which likely can happen is we might even ban your friends for trying to get involve. The ban stays between you, and the mod.

5. Read the rules before coming to us, and understand what you were banned for.
Read the rules, and know who ban you on the first charge for things like flaming, flame-baiting and troll feeding, so never ever come to ask for unban without knowing the damage you have caused because it's a waste of our time for you to just come in and ask for unban when it's quite obvious that you have violated one of the rules.

6. Do Not Create an Alt to Talk to Me.
Creating Alt account is already against the rules. However, having an Alt account to cause more problem is even worst. If you create an alt to cause more problems, your ban will be extended and the alt account will be deleted.

Red Note *We can check your IP, and know which account is which, so a friendly note from us is DON'T CREATE IT*

7. PM the mod nicely
You might hate us for banning you, but that doesn't mean you have the right to post massive caps, weird gesture, or inappropriate word. By doing that, your PM will likely being ignored. If you think you should not be banned, and you send something like these: "Unban me now" "this is unfair!!" or anything that means the same thing. We need matured reasons, we need evidence, or basically anything to explain why you shouldn't be banned.

One last note, do not say we don't have the right to ban you because the truth is we are the site Forum Moderators and we do have the right to ban you. Be a man (even though you are a gay, just pretend that you are a real man) and smart enough to except your mistake.
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