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The haunting in Connecticut

Set in 1987, the story centers on Matthew Campbell, who is being treated for Hodgkins Lymphoma in a hospital in Upstate Connecticut. After seeing the effect the long commute has on Matt, his family rents a nearby house, which they learn was previously a funeral home. They discover a mortuary room in the basement and the family begins experiencing violent and supernatural events that the parents initially blame on stress and hallucinations from Matt's treatment. Matt also experiences visions from the perspective of a young man named Jonah, who Matt said he has been seeing every day since he moved to the house. Matt contacts a minister he met at the hospital for assistance with his paranormal experiences. The minister informs Matt that the visions and supernatural encounters are likely a result of the previous occupant's occult activities (including séances and necromancy). The Jonah character is discovered to be the ghost of a psychic medium involved in the previous owner's activities of trying to increase Jonah's powers(by trying to bring the dead person's ectoplasm out of Jonah via his mouth) and presently bound to control the "spirits" within the house. The minister finds the remains of young Jonah (ashes and a part of his skull) and removes them from the house, but shortly after Matt finds himself with necromantic inscriptions cut onto his body (similar to the ones on the dead bodies Jonah showed him in one of his memories) and is sent to the hospital. Once at the hospital Matt is confronted by the ghost of a charred Jonah, at the same time the minister finds him sitting in the back of his car while trying to get rid of his remains. Jonah tells them both how he died.

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Based On A True Story

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