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Posted 1/1/10 , edited 1/1/10
This Forum we have the contest of the "Cutest Couples" Lol.
Yes, we will only be having the couples as "Cutest Couple Of The Month"
So start uploading pics of you and your Lover hahaha.
But please follow this format.

Name : [Your name and your partner's name]
Username : [Your username and your Partner's username if he/she has a CR]
Note : If you can please make the usernames clickable like this _MoMoTwins
If not url it please.
In "spoiler" put at least one or two pics of you and your Lover! The max is 2.
Please try to put them together in this format. :]
Example :

Rules For This Contest! :

-Please have your partner's permission before you enter them in this contest.
-It can be seperate pics but you two GOT to be a COUPLE!
-You DON'T have to be "Real Life" couples it can be CR dating or something else.
-It CAN be "Real Life" dating.
-Please NO Fakes! Please be Real. Real pics Real Relationship.
-If we find out that you are Fakes we will remove you from the contest.
-Please no bashing or harsh comments. If you say harsh comments we will remove you.
-Can't vote for yourself, and can't tell friends and others to vote for you. That is Cheating!
-And please don't get mad if you and your partner are not chosen winners.
-And Always have funn here! :]
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