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Posted 1/1/10 , edited 1/1/10
This Forum is for "Dorkiest Girl Of The Month"
So join join join and enter! Yes enter!
But please have at least 1 pic of you! But if you upload 2 please be different pics.
If you are going to join please follow the format:

Name: [Your Name]
Username: [Your username]
Note: If can make it clickable like this _MoMoTwins
If can't please url it or link it.
In a "spoiler" Please have at least one pic 2 the max.

Rules for the contest! :

-Please upload your REAL pics. NO Fakes!
-If we find that you are a fake we are going to remove you from the contest.
-You can photoshop. [Not meaning taking someone's pics and editing it to be yours. NO!]
Meant by you can add text to it and change the contrast and blur it and stuff just little stuff. NOTHING BIG!
-No bashing or harsh comments! If you bash or say harsh comments we will remove you the group!
-Be polite.
-CAN'T tell your friends or others to vote for you! That is CHEATING!
-CAN'T vote for yourself!
-Always have funnn here! :]

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