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Okay, I often hear people comparing Owl City to Lights. They're also rumored to be fans of each other's music. I think that's great, cause I love both Lights and Owl City. =D

For those who haven't heard of Lights:

So, I'm wondering..are there any Owl City fans who are also fans of Lights? Wouldn't it be cool if they did a duet?
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Yeah I love Owl City and Lights Yeah that would be awesome
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;P I love the song savior, ice and river by lights and I like the songs,
(get ready for this, don't kill me if I'm missing some, this is all from memory xP)
1) fireflies
2)on the wing
3)hello seattle
4)the bird and the worm
5)tidle wave
6)The saltwater room
7)Vanilla twilight
8)strawberry avalanche
9)The technicolor phase
10)Hot air balloon
11)rainbow veins
12)super honey moon
13)panda bear
14)The happiest place
15)umbrella beach
16)i'll meet you there
17)designer skyline
18)fuzzy blue lights
19)The airway
20)deadspace downfall
21) rugs from me to you
22)the christmas song
23) tip of the iceberg
24) dear vienna
25)cave in
26)this is the future
27)early birdie

did I miss any?!? =3 so yeah. I LOVE HIM! I hate posers who r all lik, ooo I luv him. I love fireflies
me: you know anything other than that?!? -_-"
them: O.O there's more?!?
me: x(

x3 I hate that >:T everyone thinks they love him cuz they no 1 maybe 2 songs. I hate it when something happens to make the stuff I like famous xP cause that's how posers come along >:T I HATE THAT!!! sorry all done venting xP =3
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