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Posted 1/1/10 , edited 1/2/10
Omg can u believe it ?!?!?! 2010 xDDDDD I feel old =-= real old.... anyways!
If ur a newbie in azn fashion (includes hk ^^) and ur not rli rich enough to buy a whole new wardrobe, try gettin sth small lik a wrist band or a a hat. dun go for a whole new outfit or u can but dun wear it asap! (If ur still in scl (highscl)). I did that lik a month ago and yup!... fail. Ppl WOULD notice the change that day but on the next day BAM ur back to normal. If u get a brand new jacket or sth DUN! DO NOT! wear it over n over again x.x Ur gonna lose tat attention x.x wear tat jacket lik 2-3 times a week then wear sth else so ur new jacket will b new again next weekk^^ A brand new shirt means dun zip up ur jacket ppl!!! It means leave ur jacket open for ppl to stare at ur new shirt !!!! If u no that ur gonna freeze if u leave ur jacket unzipped then DUN wear tat new shirt! It'll b pointless to buy and wear a new shirt if ur gonna cover it with ur jacket^^
Me kinda blanking out rite now Um these mite b useless tips rite now but hopefulli i'll give better tips next time :sweatingbullets:


Sry if this forum doesn't make any sense
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