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Posted 1/2/10 , edited 1/10/10

Normal Beams

Open a picture File>Open

Go to Layers>New Layer to make a new transparent layer.

Click on the path Tool
Make a Path around the body

Then click Stroke Path

Pick any number you want for the Line then click Stroke

It should look like this

Then click fuzzy select tool, click on the beams.
Then go to Select>Border, change the border selection to 9 & click the box [ feather ]

Click the bucket fill tool, choose any color u like, fill up between the beams.
Make another Transparent Layer
Click on the Layer with the beams

Click on the eraser tool

In the end it should look like this(or better lol)
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Glowing Beams


Layers>New Layer(make sure its transparent)

Tool>Paths or look at tool box and press this> and add path around the body

Edit>Stroke Path [you can pick any number you like

Then click stroke

Filters>Alpha to Logo>Neon.... you can pic high number for bigger glow or lower numbers for smaller glow

Then click OK

Layer>Delete Layer

Tools>Paint Tools>Eraser
Layer>Stack>Select Previous Layer
Erase the parts you don't want

Layer>Stack>Select Next Layer
Erase the glow from where the tubes that you erased where
this is what it should look like before you crop it[if you want]

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