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Super Junior M New Member Henry Lau
Posted 3/2/10 , edited 3/3/10
I just listened to some SUJU M songs and Henry is better singer then most of the members in SUJU and he is a really good dancer. Plus he dance way better then fat ass. So why not let him in SUJU? Fangirls can be so stupid.
Posted 3/3/10 , edited 3/3/10
* rainy_days_and_days * I agree
Let the CUTE ONE in ^^

Oh..... and the HOT ONE

Posted 3/4/10 , edited 3/4/10
he is so talented.i don't understad why Super Junior fans don't want him Oh first time I saw him early last year and it was love at the first sight hahaha
I really hate that people scream "13 members only" as he performs.I will support him no matter what so ''Henry fighting i will be with you''
Henry-Best Moments (cute and in the same time he is so freaking hot)
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25 / F / The land of sheep.
Posted 3/5/10 , edited 3/5/10
I don't know why people would be angry at adding one more member.
Super Junior already has some many members.

I mean, what's one more pretty boy gonna do?

Besides his violin skills rock.
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Posted 3/5/10 , edited 3/6/10
henry is really cute .. :)) i love his violin part in the Super Junior's Don't Don .. it really stood out .. :))
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Behind U
Posted 3/11/10 , edited 3/11/10
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Posted 3/11/10 , edited 3/11/10
Eh? I thought Henry's always been in SUJU? o-o
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F / In Kyumin's room...
Posted 3/26/10 , edited 3/26/10
yes for him to be in suju. Love him. there's no reason not to like him, he's so adorable!!!!
Posted 3/26/10 , edited 3/27/10
Aww thats sad D:
i Love henry! at 1st i didnt like the idea of new members :/
but idk he changed my mind! he's great! his voice is great, he can dance, plays a lot of instruments, and knows a lot of languages :D.
im glad he's in the band now <3
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Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/27/10
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