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Views on Stem Cell Research
Posted 1/30/10 , edited 1/30/10

Darkphoenix3450 wrote:

JJT2 wrote:

Some religious people are for the research, some non-religious are agaisnt it. I personally have some intellectual problems with it my self. all this curing cancer, restoring loss limbs, curing diabities/AIDs, ect. will just over populate the human population.

We have these things for a reason-keep the population under control. Which wil cause more wars, diesease, death and destruction.We need to lower the population, not increase it.Its time for a change. This research is blasphemy and of the devil! It hurts people by increasing the population and raising the life the words of Hitler- "one death is a tragedy, one million deaths is a statistic" peace over war

Maby then it is time to expand?

Build farming and mining domes on Mars. also 20 light years away there is a planet with air and water ripe for are taking.
space ports also and communities on the moon might be coming soon.. If we do not just shun science, instead allow us to fix the problems using science. Also could we not just regulate the amount of kids we are aloud to have if population ever gets out of hand.
Maby even go as far as to need a license in order to have kids..(that way we can regulate poverty, limiting people who are impoverished from having kids is a way to lower crime, and keep kids off the street starving to death. )
Or sustainable designs that maximize Eco-friendly space. Not just conventional building designs that reduce living quality, due to high population density via maximizing living space(or economy, but that's a different issue altogether).

We're looking at this century as the first time that half of the world's population is living in the city, and yet there has been next to no innovative constructions(not designs) in order to face this new frontier of humanity. While at the same time the city population is aging due to advance in medical technology, there's also lower birthrate despise the much centralized government supports and services for families within easy access in the city. In other words, we're looking at a current standard of sacrificing family values for economic success in most current urban plannings within the private and the public sectors.
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