[KDrama] Life Is Beautiful
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* Title: 인생은 아름다워 / Life is Beautiful
* Genre: Romance, family
* Episodes: TBA
* Broadcast network: SBS
* Broadcast period: 2010-Mar-??
* Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:45

The story of a family comprised of multiple generations living on Jeju Island.


Yang family
* Kim Yong Rim as Mother
* Kim Young Chul as Yang Byung Tae
* Kim Hae Sook as Kim Min Jae
* Yoon Da Hoon as Yang Byung Keol
* Jang Mi Hee as Jo Ah Ra
* Kim Sang Joong as Yang Byung Joon
* Song Chang Ui as Yang Tae Sub
* Lee Sang Yoon as Yang Ho Sub
* Nam Gyu Ri as Yang Cho Rong

Lee family
* Lee Min Woo as Lee Soo Il
* Woo Hee Jin as Yang Ji Hye
* Jung Da Bin as Lee Ji Na

Park family
* Lee Sang Hoon (이상훈)
* Jo Mi Ryung as Yang Soo Ja
* Kang Yi Suk

Other people
* Nam Sang Mi as Boo Yeon Joo
* Lee Sang Woo as Kyung Soo
* Yoo Min as Chae Young
* Kim Woo Hyun

Source : http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Life_is_Beautiful_%28SBS%29
Family photo of Life Is Beautiful cast

Cast photos are out of hitmaker writer Kim Soo-hyun’s new SBS weekend drama, Life Is Beautiful. In a Brady Bunch-esque move, a second marriage for a couple brings together their children, creating a large family comprising multiple generations.

This cast features a bevy of familiar faces from Kim’s previous dramas, among them “Korea’s Mom” Kim Hae-sook. Mom’s Dead Upset actress Jang Mi-hee is another returning star, although she’s not in these photos (her character is in another of the families featured in the drama). (Also not pictured: Nam Sang-mi, who leads the younger set. That generation includes her love interest Song Chang-eui as well as former pop singer Nam Gyu-ri in her drama debut, both of whom are pictured above.)

At the center is the matriarch of this family, Kim Yong-rim, who has held everyone together over the years despite a philandering husband who neglects his own family. Flanking her in the above photo are Kim Hae-sook and Kim Young-chul in the middle generation, who come together in a second marriage. Woo Hee-jin, at top left, plays Kim Hae-sook’s daughter from the first marriage and works at a resort, while Lee Min-woo plays her husband.

Song Chang-eui, meanwhile, is the son of Kim Young-chul and plays a 34-year-old doctor of internal medicine. Lee Sang-yoon and Nam Gyu-ri, top right, are children of the second marriage.

Confused yet? Well, you’ll have 50 episodes to figure it out. The drama takes place on Jeju Island and premieres on March 13.

Taken from : http://www.dramabeans.com/2010/02/family-photo-of-life-is-beautiful-cast/#more-16809
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Nam Sang-mi joins Life Is Beautiful

A leading lady has been selected for the next drama from hit writer Kim Soo-hyun, called Life Is Beautiful: bubbly actress Nam Sang-mi. Nam just wrapped up her last drama, the good-natured but underperforming romantic comedy series Invincible Lee Pyeong-gang, and now will join Song Chang-eui, who has been cast as the lead.

Life Is Beautiful will be a weekend series airing on SBS, and is highly anticipated because writer Kim has produced hit after hit with dramas like Mom’s Dead Upset and My Man’s Woman. In fact, since 2000, she has written six dramas, all of which have passed 20% ratings. The show is set on Jeju Island and will include familiar members from Kim’s pool of returning actors like Jang Mi-hee, Kim Hae-sook, and Kim Sang-joong.

According to Nam Sang-mi’s management, the actress participated in the script rehearsal on January 7, where she met the writer for the first time. In contrast to her usual bright and lively image, she’ll play a calm, composed character in this show. Life Is Beautiful will air in March.

Via TV Daily

Taken from : http://www.dramabeans.com/2010/01/nam-sang-mi-joins-life-is-beautiful/
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yea this is the drama after smile you
im so sad smile you will end soon
i really hope this will be good
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drama Poster Shoot

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nam sang mi?great!
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