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Sunset Studios

Inspired by the Disney Channel series, So Random~

\ Prologue /

As a child I’ve always dreamed of being an actress. I’ve admired all those actors and actresses with their TV shows and movies. I’ve always wanted to know what it felt like to pretend to be another person then yourself, to act in front of millions of viewers all around the world.

The chances of that dream actually coming reality for me I think just the majority is luck.

And I’ve heard it’s 1 in a million. But it’s been a sheer desire for me ever since I could remember.

You've got to LOVE it to keep pursuing it because the odds are against you that you'll ever make it as an actor or actress.

Today, I was that 1 in a million.

/ OnE ChAnCe iN a LiFeTiMe \

It seemed like a long-shot my whole life, but even a small acting career was a step.

I am to meet with my Director in Hollywood. He seemed like a nice man through the phone. My Dad had never believed in me, so he didn’t want to be part of my dream. My Mother, however, knew I could do it if I put my mind to it. She was even on the plane ride to Hollywood with me. She supported me through thick and thin. And all my mirror-acting and childish melodramatic antics were but a memory now.

I was lucky, the Director wanted to give me a chance. I couldn’t believe he was interested in me!

I was really excited. I had nothing else in mind.

Me and Mother stepped off the plane, and we were escorted to Sunset Studios. Hollywood. I could feel all the fame and glory pouring inside me just from my surroundings. The big Hollywood sign made me think, I’m really here. My dream will come true.

The Directors assistant and also our escort explained a bad blood between Sunset Studios and some other studio. They both had their own TV show. I guess the rivalry was to be expected? Each would want the best ratings and more viewers.

I was sure I wouldn’t set myself up for failure, after coming here and all. I wasn’t going to let anything get in my way. I’ll do my best working at Sunset Studios, and joining their TV show, as the newcomer from a small town.

\ NeRvoUs /

The Assistant told me something helpful just when I was about to enter the Directors room, he said; “The people you’ll be working with aren’t the friendliest at first, but they’ll warm up to you eventually. You may feel excluded at times, but remember that the Director wanted your talents here for a reason.”

He was right in every way, and I wasn’t going to let anyone put me down while I’m here.

I took a deep breath and opened the door, he sat there behind his desk and looked like God in my eyes. This Director thought I was talented. He had told me my role while I was here, that I’ll be joining the studios TV show and he’d expect ideas for new episodes very soon too. The show was of a random comedy about the daily life of chickens. Weird, but I already had ideas popping into my head.

Mother had been exploring in the dressing room, amazed at all the different kind of costumes. I on the other hand explored around a bit, the Director gave me a map of Sunset Studios, since he couldn’t show me around himself, he was a very busy man after all. And surely I would be lost without his map.

He insisted I go meet my co-workers right away, and that they were in the Prop room.

I did exactly as he wished, and hurried to the prop room without much problems than I would have thought. There were a lot of posters on the walls in my way, pictures of my co-workers and such. The door to the prop room was decorated in nice way as well. It was opened a crack, and I peeked in and then opened the door fully, exhaling and bracing myself for whatever came.

I couldn’t help being nervous, these people would be the people I would be working with while I’m here.

I looked at each person in turn, (well, their backs...) and they finally turned to look at me in the eye.

Their stares were so... intimidating.

/ MiDniGhT StUdiOs \

The Midnight Studios crew had been in their own prop room, rehearsing the script for another episode of their loved TV show.

“Can you believe it? A new member of that stupid show in that stupid studio,” The blond flipped her hair and rolled her eyes, leaning against the couch at their supposed “leader” of the crew.

Jamey didn’t seem to give a care in the world, but just lay across the couch with a contented sigh.

“Ah, no matter. Even with a new member we’ll still crush their hope of ever getting anywhere with that stupid show of theirs, honestly, chickens?” He scoffed, then laughed, Madeline followed suit.

“I heard that the new girl is from a small town, and that the Director only felt sorry for her and wanted to give her a chance. It’s pretty nice of him to help stupid little wannabes.” She blew her bubble gum, her smirk staying.

Jamey laughed whole-heartedly. The whole world revolved around him it seemed, he was prone to the fame and fans. Self-absorbed, inconsiderate, full of himself, that was everything a star like him would be.

“Just for the fun of it, I’m going to go visit Sunset Studios and meet this newbie. I’m not going to allow anyone the Director drags in without making sure they are competition for me or not.” He said, but knew from the get-go no one was competition for him. He got up from the couch and stretched with a long yawn. “Madeline, tell everyone I’ll be back shortly,”

Madeline nodded and maneuvered around the couch and took a seat at Jamey's spot. “Have fun with that, Star.

\ ExCLuDeD /

When my co-workers saw me, they just turned their backs like I wasn't even there.

They didn’t even bother getting to know me at all. I couldn’t have done something wrong just by looking at them, could I? No. How stupid to even think it was my own fault.

I sighed to myself and decided the best thing to do now was to look around the prop room and keep space between my co-workers. I would wait until they wanted to warm up to me.

There were many different kind of props, there was a chicken costume, a rubber chicken and a robot chicken. Interesting. I’ve always been kind of freaked out by chickens, but I loved them nonetheless.

I found one of the props that caught my eye though, I didn’t dare touch it though, somehow I knew at the back of my mind my co-workers would hate me for it. I felt so excluded. If I didn’t make friends with them quick, I would still pursue my dream, but it would be a let-down knowing none of my co-workers helped me reach that dream...

“We’re going to lunch now, try not to touch any of the props.” That would be one of my co-workers, I knew his name because I’d heard it being said by another one of my co-workers. He was the only one who’d said anything to me since I came here. I watched their four retreating backs head for the door, and then they were gone.

I kept myself away from them, reserved. I listened to them the best I could. They were mostly whispers of me, but when they weren’t it was of a former person who’d worked with them.

Was I a replacement? Is that why they didn’t like me? They must not like change. Another let-down.

About thirteen minutes passed, and my crew hadn’t came back still. I didn’t even know how long they’re lunch break was. I spent my time on the couch, sitting and flipping through a script of one of their episodes. I didn’t even know if that was okay to do.

I was getting gradually hungry, but I knew I wasn’t invited to eat together with my co-workers. And I disliked eating alone.

I brushed it off eventually when I remembered the Directors words.

/ cUriOuS \

I finally put the script back on the table, and paced around. I was only looking around at everything, this would be my first time in a prop room. I couldn’t just sit there, could I? The room had been so unique and nicely decorated, I couldn’t get over it. I wish my drab and boring room could look a little like this.

I really wanted to go back to the dressing room and see Mother, but if I left I don’t know what my crew would think- If they even came back that is.

I wasn’t thinking with my head, and with my curiosity. I saw some sort of curtain or blanket hanging down and appearing to look like a door. But it wasn’t. It was just a drape. I wondered what was inside once I went in.

I walked over to it, a nauseous feeling coming to my stomach. I felt I couldn’t get away with doing anything in here without being disciplined.

I touched the drape and passed my hand through it so I could venture in...

\ a cLuMsY GiRL /

It was an honor for me to show my magical presence to these people. And they rightfully were happy to see me just as they should be. Though we were rivals to each other, they still couldn't help but to be amazed and marvel at me. I let myself in the prop room without even thinking of knocking, but their seemed to be no one in sight.

“Hmm...” I walked in and stopped in the center, looking around and catching a drape to my left moving around.

I walked toward it.

- -

I ran immediately out, thinking it was my crew back from lunch that I heard. The drape that hung on the ceiling came off and hung onto me now, I ran out blindly because the drape covered almost my entire body and I couldn’t see a thing. I looked like a ghost I would think, if I could even see myself.

I stumbled and tripped, the drape was under my feet.

I reached and clung to someone’s shirt so I wouldn’t fall, but I took the person down with me. And I was on top of the person. Drape covering both of us now.

If it was any of my crew members… I didn't know what I would do with myself.

/ a FaLLeN sTaR \

Our lips were pressed against one another in the fall.

And right when they brushed against each other, a pair of male hands pushed me off with a disgusted groan, throwing me and the drape to the side like it was nothing.

He just sounded so... disgusted. The 'Ugh' sound he made me feel even worse then it being one of my crew members. He stood up straight and stared at me, I was too ashamed and embarrassment to look him in the eye, and the silence in the air was unnerving. I decided to somehow break it with my low voice, “I-I’m...s-sorry... It was a mistake... I’m sorry...” I tucked a strand of brunette hair behind my ear, feeling the blood rush to my cheeks.

I looked up at him carefully to see if their was a hint of forgiveness.

But before I could, I had a look at his face. It was...

“It’s not a problem, everyone makes mistakes, right?”

And his voice...

Was I mistaken? Back then, when he pushed me off I would have thought he would of been meaner... but he seemed nice not in just personality, but also in his super star looks.

He walked over to me and helped me up, I hesitantly accepted his hand. We faced each other a little awkwardly. Or maybe I was only the awkward one... “So, you're the new girl.”

I nodded to the floor, and he draped his arm over my shoulder, bringing me to a chair casually. In the mirror on the wall, I watched his reflection as his hands held down my shoulders, staring at the same mirror.

“Let’s get a few things straight... oh- but first! I don’t even have your name yet.”

I felt a lump in my throat, as we stared at each other in the mirror.

“L-Leyla.” I answered, having no idea what was coming next.

“Leyla, what a pretty name. Mine’s Jamey. But call me star, because that’s just what I am.”

He sounded really... full of himself. I wasn't liking where this conversation was going. I felt my stomach churn.

“I know what you're thinking,” his breath tickled my ear, “that I’m just some snobby guy who’s picking on the new girl in school.”

I blinked, he didn't give me a chance to even reply.

“Leyla. You should just give up this dream of yours, someone like you can’t make it big, to put lightly. The earlier the better, right?”

My eyebrows furrowed in frustration, my lips made a hard frown. I looked at him in the mirror, catching his gaze. I wasn't going to give up just by his words... not after coming this far.

He let go of my shoulders and laughed to himself before turning away and leaving, shortly stopping and looking at me over his shoulder, “Then let’s see how long you last, Lisa.”

\ a NiCe KiSs /
I had no doubt in my mind she would do her best from now on. Well, it was only because I encouraged her to. I liked to be competitive, and I liked to win. Of course, I knew from the start she wouldn't give into my words alone.

By that look in her eyes, I know this'll be fun.

And then it got me thinking about the girl on my way back to Midnight Studio's.

She was, well, in one word: Cute.

And that kiss... not that I minded it, but I had to hide the fact I liked it and show her my ugly side so she wouldn't fall for me. Or maybe she already has? Some girls were just so predictable, they'll follow you even if you treat them unfairly. They were all really masochists deep down inside...

No stopping a girls feelings I guess...

But I knew these thoughts were forbidden, we were rivals after all.

/ MaKiNg FriEnDs \
My crew members walked in just then, catching me a bit off guard. But I put on my normal face and looked at all of them.

The tense air was suddenly gone.

“We saw that jerk walk out, did he bother you?” Asked the girl with small black pig-tails on both sides, she must have been the youngest. She looked up at me and waited for my answer. I realized the others were waiting, too.

“Y-yeah...but it wasn't a big deal or anything.” I made sure to maintain eye contact when I spoke to them.

The one who had announced they were all going to lunch back then spoke up, furrowing his eyebrows. “Whatever he said to you, don’t listen to him. He’s just a stuck up guy who thinks nothing of this studio and wants nothing but to ruin us.”

I registered his words, nodding.

“I’m sure someone spoke to you about a bad blood between us and them, their studio, Star’s. The Midnight Studios. We’re rivals, don’t forget who's side you're on.” The female with the orange curls and hourglass figure stated, her green orbs looking at me intently.

I only nodded once more.

So, I had locked lips with the enemy... that just made my stomach upset. And that was my first kiss too... it wasn't like I wanted a comment about it... and I'm sure he wouldn't have given me one anyways... it was probably bad. He probably hated it...he couldn't even remember my name. He called me Lisa and just left.

The chubby looking one in the bunch came up to me and patted my shoulder twice, a grin on his face revealing braces. “You look annoyed just now, haha. Don’t worry, the next time he shows his stupid face, we’ll shoot him.”

I gasped.

They all laughed jokingly in unison with each other then, I looked at each of them for a long moment, my worried expression turning gentler as I giggled softly.

Sophiya, Ava, Logan, and Nathan.

The new friends I made today. My co-workers.

\ NeW iDeAs /
“Really, Leyla? You have new ideas? Let’s hear em!” Sophiya, the energetic little girl encouraged me while we all indulged ourselves with things around the prop room. Ava, the pretty one with orange curls was lounging on one of the couches, flipping through a magazine.

Logan, (the one who first talked to me) was checking himself out in the mirror, applying more hairspray in his spiky chocolate brunette hair. The scent carried to me and Sophiya, who stood a few meters from him.

Nathan, the chubby one was sitting in the center of the room on the floor, heavy finger bashing the controls of his gaming system, screaming out things that Ava got annoyed at and un-plugged the TV.

Nathan brooded and sighed, as Ava went back to her couch.

“Why do you always have to be like that Ava!?” Nathan blasted, it seemed like he was letting it all out.

Ava replied with nothing but a 'hmph'. I had to make sure not to get on her bad side...

But still, I couldn't help but to watch how they all acted. I looked back at Sophiya. “W-well... It’s really embarrassing to say...I thought of it when Nathan mentioned a gun.....”

Everyone's eyes were now on me.

They all listened to my idea with good ears, after I was finished explaining, they all burst into a laugh.

\ SpEnDiNg TiMe /
It was a good kind of laugh. They absolutely loved my idea. They like my company, I think. I had to excuse myself to find Mother, who was probably still roaming about. She gave me her spare keys for our apartment we'll staying at while in Hollywood. She kissed me and left, then I went back to the prop room.

./ More later :p
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