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When starting the game, players can choose between two characters.

*The Yin phase revolves around a girl named Utsuki. She and her sister go to the manor in search of her father, a once renowned, now renegade exorcist named Doman.

*The Yang phase centers on Sakuya, one of Doman's disciples and one of the rare female exorcists. She and her fellow apprentices (including her brother) are sent to the manor to investigate the strange occurrences there.

After finishing both phases, players can play a third summarizing chapter as a master exorcist named Abe no Seimei. This phase is called the Kuon phase.

During all three phases, the characters have encounters with a pair of unnamed twins. They are later revealed to be manifestations of evil mulberry trees and they consistently appear when you are on the right path; They utter cryptic phrases to explain themselves to the character. They also sing the theme song called Hashi Zoroe, this song can be heard many times during the game.

In the third summarizing chapter, or the Kuon Phase, the first two phases are tied together. By this time you will have discovered that Doman is the real enemy. Angry at his rejection by the emperor's court (and, as documents within the game hint at, the master exorcist Abe no Seimei herself), he sets out to gain the 'ultimate power' to both prove himself and to control Seimei. He planned everything, including the sacrifice of his daughters and disciples (as well as other innocent people) through a forbidden ritual. In the Kuon Phase, the player will take the role of Seimei and solve the final mysteries, defeat Doman once and for all, and finally reach the true ending.

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Platform : PlayStation 2

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