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All seemed cold and dark. Shadows stretched across the stiff grassy ground. The dead grass crunched under heavy paws. Blood leaked from the corpses of dead dogs and bad prey. The enemies that had slaughtered stood, stained in blood. Only one voice sounded a loud triumphant laugh. Suddenly, a cocker spaniel dog tripped form the bushes, a worried looks spread across his face. "A runaway eh? too bad. a few may have gotten away, but they were gone before i started killing. Unfortunate mutt" The beast shown its self. It was large and a deep brown color, it look like a lion/dog with bright red eyes and an evil grin. "P-please sir! don't kill me! i'll run away! i'll leave forever, i-i'll" he was cut off as the beast jumped at him, landing on his chest. "i'm sorry, bob, but your one of ikari's leaders, ican't let you live, this is my followers and my territory now. you were once powerful, but you denied to join my pack, pathetic weakling!" the beast laughed. Bob Felt tears fall from his face. "i'm pinned so i'm to die anyway! but you-your a beast! a heartless cold beast with no emotion but anger and agony! your not even a dog fully!" Bob spat shakily. " grrr, it seems that i'll kill you quickly so i can stop that snout of yours from talking bastard!!!!!"the beast shotback, spit flying itno the leaders face. "you, akaibutsuko, killed many of my fighters, pups, and about half the land!!!! Ikari survivors will defeat you!!!" bob spat hatefully. "little shit, their no match against me, and to pick up random strays? and i'm betting females that rushed away were worthless! only males like i can fight!" akaibutsuko laughed. "no! your wrong! you bastard! ingrateful fu-" "shut your damn mouth mutt! and die! go to hell!" akaibutsuko shoved his face through bob's throat. Fresh red blood flowed across the grass and around pebbles and stones. "Followers, let kuro thru, i need to speak with him." Teh dogs bowed and let a hiyena like dog through. "you'll catch up with the escapees and spy, and report to one of our dogs at every city and/ or forest," akaibutsuko explained. Kuro nodded and dashed off into the woods, following the escaped dogs scent.
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chapter one: a new fighter is joined

Shadow gazed out the dusty windows of the barn. A goat bleated form the stables. Shadow was a stray, living in the barn since she was born and her mother was killed. She had witnessed it wiht her own eyes. A large dark brownish beast had devoured her mother and her siblings ryou and reika. Ever since, she'd trained till she fell into sleep on the soft ground every day. Now all she needed to do was find the beast and kill it. A sudden bark sounded form outside, Shadow pulled herself up, even though her limbs were aching and tired. She poked her head out the slightly opened barn door, the summer heat making the wood warm. "I'm sure we can shelter here for a while Star, after all, we've only recruited one person, admit it, its dead around the forest because of akaibutsuko!" a fox like puppy snapped at a pure silver-gray dog . Shadow stepped out infront of the small pack of dogs. " so you wish to rest here at my home? why?" She protested. "sheesh, i may be new girl, not dumb, we've travled far enough to rest and eat right?" the hyena like dog asked. "kuro....careful, she looks tired but her fighting spirit is strong!" star warned. "If it is then take me on! if i win you let us rest here instead of waling 3 more miles to the next farm!!! Kuro snappedplayfully. Shadow smiled happily. "kay..i warned u though! i am powerful!" she only hear kuro snuff. The two circled until a raven cawed form the roof top. Suddenly, the two rushed at eachother, fangs bared, and eyes fixed on one another. "eat my dust!" kuro shouted. He lunged for her neck, and by surprise Shadow ducked and grasped kuro's back leg, throwing him to his back. "i'm faster thank i look idiot!" shadow laughed. Her jet black fur was like a shadow upon the pale green grass. Kuro's topaz yellow eyes glinted with determination. He rushed carelessly at shadow, suddenly fangs came down on kuros forehead, and he was thrust into the side of the barn. Before he could pull himself up, a large light flared form shadow, and like super speed, she ran in circles and rushed into kuro, spit flew form his mouth and she had to throw herself into the ground to stop herself. Kuro went to get up, but fell. "woh, he was one of our strongest too, i guess we shoudl keep walking now, she won." the fox liek one sadly sighed. "wait, my name is shadow, and for the effort you can rest here," Seh smiled. Kuro raised his head to object, but fell onto his front paws. "wait..shadow, i think you, should, join the ikari army, or whats left, of, it," kuro gasped. Star looked at the other 5 other dogs and then turned, nodding. "i agree shadow, would you mind joining? it will be long and hard, but that beast has to die," star waited for a reply. shadow hesitated thinking. "okay, tah beast, is he dark brown colored and vicious?" she asked siletnly. Kuro raised his head slowly and nodded. Shadow smiled with fire in her eye. "i'll join, to kill that damn bastard!" Kuro felt a smile upon his face, somehting about shadow kept him awake and not asleep. something. And shadow was now a soldier of the ikari army. More news for akaibutsuko. kuro thought half sad half stressed.
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Kuro returned sometime in the rise of dawn. Wet droplets of dew glimmered from the grass. "where were you!?" kuro stiffened to see that shadow was otu hunting, this early. "eeeeeeeeeeeeeerr.....i had to pee?" he silently yiped. shadow sighed and carried on hunting. She had 5 birds so far and a rabbit."is that all you can catch? there are deer aroundher you know." kuro laughed. Shadow looked embarassed. "i'm strong, not a good hunter thouh," she admitted. kuro laughed. "i'll show u then," he said. like magic a deer sprinted out infornt of them, kuro instantly grabbing its neck and throwing it to the gorund making a swift kill. shadow stood shocked. "woh, cool" she just stood her limbs heavy. "here, you take it," he said. shadow blinked. "why? you caught it its your emal.." she replied. kuro smiled. "dont worry botu it, theres plently more, you go eat now kay?" he felt happy until shadow dissapeared behind the mist beyond the trees, near the farm house,abandoned with only animals and dust.
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