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Ben and his new bride Jane leave New York for Tokyo, Japan, where Ben has a job as a photographer. While traveling, Jane hits a girl wearing a thin dress in the middle of the wilderness (despite the cold and snow), running over her with both wheels and running into a ditch. After regaining consciousness, they find there was no body or even a trace of blood on either the car or the road, and they decide to leave, thinking the victim was alright. They later start to find mysterious lights in their photos, which are later identified as spirit photography by Ben's assistant Seiko Nakamura. Jane begins to have eerie dreams and visions as if they are trying to tell her something, and senses a mysterious haunting presence stalking them. Ben begins to complain of severe shoulder pain, and his friends begin to comment he's looking bent and hunched over, though the doctor he goes to see can find no cause. Seiko takes Jane to her ex-boyfriend, Ritsuo, whose career is to investigate paranormal activities, and he tells them that the lights are spirits, manifestations of intense emotions trying to communicate. At a subway station, Jane spots the ghostly presence of the girl she hit, causing her to believe that she killed someone. Ben later also has a similar terrifying encounter in his dark room. They then go to a medium, Murase; however, Ben refuses to translate what Murase says, claiming he is a fraud.

Later on Jane decides to visit the office building in one of the photos. When she gets there, she goes to the floor where the light has gathered, and takes pictures in the empty office. She encounters the yūrei, and learns that the girl's name was Megumi Tanaka and that Ben knew her. When she confronts Ben about it, he admits that he and Megumi were once involved in a relationship, but that after the death of her father, she became very obsessive and clingy, and eventually he dumped her, with help from his two friends.
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