Double charge on Membership posted on my PayPal

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Posted 1/4/10 , edited 1/4/10
Order no: A695344115 ($50 -Otakon Special)
Order no: A071781879 ($69.95 - All access membership)

I am a premium all access member of Crunchyroll. I just got notice from Paypal that I have been charged by Cruncyhroll "twice".I signed on to the Otakon 2009 special for $50 but Crunchyroll posted another special, the All-Access Membership Upgrade - 12 Month Recurring Holiday Pricing- this December 2009 for $69.95, which should automatically cancel the previous order for $50 as this would be redundant and in a way double billing for the exact same service. Of course, I signed on for the $69.95 because I felt it's a better membership.

I tried calling your customer service but there is no customer service rep at all, just an answering machine asking me to leave a message which I did. I also tried the support email. This is the first time I have to use the contact portion of Crunchyroll since I joined as a premium member in 2008 and I find it very hard to get any help and this is why I resorted to use this forum. I hope someone will listen and address this error so I can get a refund. This sure isn't a good start as a premium all access crunchyroll member.
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