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F / In The Meawdow of...
Posted 1/5/10 , edited 1/5/10
This is for our dearest Eugene the playboy the one who protects Kajika equally and would die for her this is why I made this couple game and it's the ORGINAL etc, meaing the The very first.. I'll lay down some rules first so follow them or get out.

1. No,You know what. Well it can go far with the kissing and stuff just don't go to the three letter word if you do atleast block out the scene until there done okay?
2. They can cuss just( Characters)) don't cuss at eachother(( Meaning Users who type participating in the story)) when getting angry about the couple.
3. No Bashing!
4. Have Fun!

I'll start out okay!

Kajika was waiting on the porch of Eugene's apartment waiting to see him.
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