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Posted 1/6/10 , edited 1/8/10
1)Be nice to each other.
Extra Info~
You can create your own character.But you have to leave AT LEAST a profile page of them or you can take
them from an anime / manga / video game / ect. Also you can pick to be a hero or villan.
This will also be something like a story we all do.
The Topic~
We all have our own goal and want to achieve it.Weather your a hero or villan you have a goal to achieve.And we are all in the same world.
Some of us will have to fight against each other or we can create alliances...ect.
This is pretty random, but...
If you have any Questions just ask and hopefully I will be able to answer them.
(All the pics I used are from Deviantart or Photobucket)

The creator xXxMidnightMoonxXx
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