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Posted 1/7/10 , edited 1/7/10
[Explanation!]Positions in SBW

As everybody in CR knows, there are postions for each member in crunchyroll groups! The information below will tell u about the postions, how u can go up a rank in the postion, and what u need to do! all people in this group should read this before applying for a mod!

Postion 1:Creator

i, DramaLover519, is permanently Creator until i quit cr, or i quit this group. But guess wat?? im pretty new here, so probably all my graphic mods know more about graphics, and cr! (e.g how to do headers in forums, etc.) Well, anyway, no one can become creator unless u joined this group at the 1st week this group was made, or if i know u soooo well!!!!! well, the percentage u can become creator in this group is 1%!!! why??? its because i MADE this group, and creator means who made this group!!! lolz! but dont worry!!!! theres co-creator, and tats the second best postion on earth!!!!

Postion 2:Co-Creator

this postion is the postion DreamAngelmist thought of, when i thought of her becoming creator with me because she is awesome at making graphics!!!!!!! shes great! seriously!!!! well anyway, co-creator is the postion under the creator, (obvious, huh???lolz) and they are the special people who are the ones who help this GREAT group the most!!! u dont fill a form to get into this postion, i scout u and pm u about this subject! well anyway, people who are Co-Creator are the special people to this group (and me of course!) and they make graphics!!!

Postion 3:Specials

Specials is the thrid best postion, and are technically the graphic makers!!!! its the same thing as mods, but they are the ones who take their time and make GRAPHICS for our wonderful wonders (customers)!!!!!!!!! these people are the ones who do things for u!!! u should appericiate them!!!

Postion 4:Mods

the mods are special!!! SPECIAL!!!!! they are like the thinkers, they think of games and ideas to help this fantastic group!!!! the mods are the ones who also organize this group, and keep it "clean"!!!!!! lolz well anyway, u can become a mod if u fill out the mod application!!!!! and if ur active and try to help the group, u can become the postions above!!!!!!!! (p.s. one way to go up a postion (rank) is by putting the support banner on ur profile, or to tell me ideas and characters for graphics!!!!!) i have only wrote this hint here, so if u tell me about this tat means tat u read my post and tat u really wanna try and help this group!!!!

Postion 5:Wonderers

u guys are the customers, and shop amd rock at this place!!!!! each one of u are very special to me, and please invite all ur buddies to Star Berry Wonders! if u can, u guys will make me smile if u put the support banner on ur profile, or if u guys request!!!!!! u guys can totally help this group by becoming a mod!!!! thanx to all of u who do this and plz tell me tat u did this on my guestbook, pms, or writing on the guestbook here!

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