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-The Caledonia Story-


The legend say that in the heart of Caledonia there's an island floating in the air.
On the island the people of the dragon live.
An island were humans still bound with the most beautiful and frightening bests in history,Dragons.

It's said that the people of the dragon don't age.
They're frozen around the time when they are 17-25 years old.
And remains that way.

Of course that is only for the people who bound with a dragon.
Only a human who is a person of the dragon people can bound with a dragon,
and only the persons among the dragon people who actually bounds with a dragon is frozen in time.

Because the moment you bound with a dragon your dragons lifetime is cut in half,
and the cut of half goes to the person whom the dragon bounded with.
A person cant choose to bound with a dragon.
It's the dragon who makes the choice.

And dragons is almost immortal.
They live for many thousands of years..
The shortest life time heard of for a dragon is 10 000 years..
meaning that after the dragon bounded both the dragon and the human he choose,
lived for 5000 years together.

If you happened to get chosen by more then one dragon,
then the new dragons life cut in half would be added to the humans lifespan.
And it affects the dragon that already is bounded to.
A dragon never dies before it's bounder even if it's supposed to.
And when they bounder is dead,
the dragons heart stops beating and the dragon turns to asches.

No one have ever seen the dragon island that floats in the air.
some people say it's just a myth..

The older generation always believes it must exist somewhere,
and the children does to..but the people who are grown ups don't believe.

The people of the dragons are supposed to protect and look after the rest of the living creatures on Caledonia.
But were are they when needed?

I know the truth..
and so does the two men who walks with me.
Because we are the last people of the dragons..

The 3 last surviving humans that bounded with the beautiful and mighty beasts.
And this is our story,
as we travel in a world were people used to welcome us with open arms..
in a world were people lost hope for us and believe in us.

In this new world of Caledonia were people of the dragon and the dragon island in the sky is merly forgotten memories,
and long lost dreams.....

(chapter one will be up on sunday!)

The caledonia story a story by Bara_Hime
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-chapter 1-

-part 1-

5000 years later, the 1/10 year of the golden sun..

Melina De Claire and Rory Bellóver were as well as the rest of the village exited!
Once every year old grandpa Bellóver had a story night.

As soon as the sun set he would start and tell stories from thousends of years ago,
to stories from now.

He was a well known and respected storyteller among the Bellóver clan,
who were famous for their ability to make stories so good that they seemed real.

Damin Bellóver had even told his stories for kings and queens
and other nobel people who asked for him.

But tonight anyone who wanted could come
and families had been hoggin places for houers
just so they would be able to see as much as possible.

Because when Damin Bellóver throw the black story dust in the fire
and started to show a story in the air,
noone wanted to miss it.
Not even people who said they were silly.
They came to listen and watch every year just like everyone else...

Rory called and Damin turned to see his grandson
and his best friend Melina.
"oh Rory and Mellie too.."
he said and the people let them through and soon they were standing beside the old man.
"sit down now..I'm about to begin"
he said and they nodded.

In the back a group were standing.
It was 5 people dressed in black hooded capes.
Damin noticed them and felt curious about them for some reason.
When he noticed he had a hard time to see them,
he realized that it was dark enough and about time for him to begin..

"Ladies and gentle men,young men and woman,children of all ages,
familiar faces of friends,and curious strangers,
all of you, welcome!
you are about to hear stories so fantastic that you cant imagen them in your wildest dreams,
stories that will make you scream in fear,shiver of exitment and that will make your heart beat faster, like it never has before..."
he said and moved his hands forming figures in the sky.

There were fairies dancing and laughing,
mermaids brushing their hair and jumping in the sea,
flying horses that were neighing throwing their heads,
ogers fightings with gigantic spears,
spirits singing with voices you only hear in your imagination,
magicians fighting and showing off their magic..

and then they all dissapeard and a huge dragon appeard from the black glittering smoke.
It was about the same size as 3 big horses and had glowing eyes.
The people around gasped of surprise and fear.
It was frightening and absolutly amazingly beautiful.
Then it roared swining it's tail,
then it flapped its wings and flow around before it dissapeard into the fire.

Damin knowed that he had everyones attention by now and smiled.
It was time to begin the first story.
He took a deep breath and let his voice get into story mode..

"This is the story about an island in the sky,
an island were the people of the dragon once lived,
and the mighty and beautiful beasts lived,
a magical place
were the people bounded with dragons
and they lived together side by side...."

Damin painted dragons in different colors playing with children,
other dragons fighting to prove themselfs as the strongest
and some dragons that were flying in the sky with a rider..

"-And they lived peacefully for thousends of years..then something changed.
A secret,so dangerous and feard
a secret drained in sin and mystery,
a secret promised to be kept hidden forever was let out,
and the people of the dragons slowly died."

Damin let the dragons fall to the ground roaring
so even his ears hurt from the sound.
And he let the people who had been smiling cry and run,
and one by one dissapear into the flames.

"-Noone knows for sure what horrable secret was let out,
but we do know that it killed them all..or did it?!"

Damin saw all faces around him.
Everyone were captured by his voice and the story.
Eyes were widen and the people didnt dare to speak,
they almost stopped breathing
just to be sure they didnt miss a word..

"There is said that the youngest and most loved couple
among the people of the dragon had 3 children.
3 children that were unknowing about the secret
that shouldnt have been told."

Damin and the people waited exited for him to continue.
as he told the story he continued to show it
with the most amazing pictures in the sky.
And at the moment he created 2 beautiful people,
a man and a woman,
and 3 children playing around with each other.
Everyone waited to hear about the family ..
Damin took a deep breath and repeted a bit as he continued the story..

"The people of the dragon.
a dead people now,

but once they were the biggest
and most respected people alive.

Proud and honest,
with a status equal to a god.

living with proud and majestic beasts.
One day it all changed..

A terrible secret destroyed them all..
except one man and one woman.

Two lovers with 3 children.

But the man and the woman had little time left.
Unilke their innocent children they know the secret,
they were doomed to die.

6 eggs were all that was left of all the once mighty dragons.
and the man and woman prayed
that they would hatch before they were gone.

A miracle arrived.
The eggs hatched."

Damin noticed that repeting the story was a good thing to do,
people seemed to follow the story better and that was what he wanted.
He painted 6 eggs and took a sip water while he painted them.
His mouth were getting dry after talkiing for so long..
He looked around again and took a deep breath:

"When a dragon is born it choose its partner.
It's not like with birds..that the first person they see is the mother.
Dragons know who their mother or father is
the second it takes its first breath.
The two parents knowed this
and hoped that all 6 dragons who hatched would choose the 3 children.
If not,the world were without help.
Because it's well known that a dragon without a bounder
is not only a danger for other living beeings..but also for itself!"

Damin said and some people nodded without realising it.
He looked over to were the group had been standing
and realised that it was so dark now that all he could see was there eyes..
He shook his head and returned to the story again.

"The first egg hatched.
But the children were not scared,
their mother and father had told them exactly what was to happen,
and what they were suppost to do!

A tiny black dragon spred it's tiny wings and looked around.
And it only had too look at the sibilings once before it made it's way to the daughter.
To Caledonia.
She picked up the tiny black dragon and held him in her hand.
She kissed him on the head and whisperd his name close to his head.
then she laughed when he licked her hand and made a baby sound "uuuuun uuuuun"
and she patted his head with the top of her finger.
He was so small!

Then the two more eggs hatched.
A white and a blue dragon looked at the children.
The blue dragon went to the youngest brother.
And the white dragon went to Caledonia.
She was surprised but happy and picked up the small white dragon to.
She kissed it on the head and whisperd his name,
and then both her dragons greeted each other.

the 4th egg hatched and a golden dragon looked around.
He started to walk towards Caledonia,but changed direction and went to the oldest brother.

The 5th egg hatched and a red dragon looked around fast and hurried over to Caledonia.
The last egg hatched as she kissed the red dragon and let her meet the other 2 dragons.
It was a green dragon, and it went stright to Caledonia squeeing "un un un "
and she laughed and picked it up.

The brothers were a bit jelous of their sister
who bounded with 4 dragons while they only bounded with one..
but they let it go fast!
they were happy that they accually got to bound with a dragon,
since it was the dragon who choose and not the human.
And once the draogn had choosen the person to bound with,
they were loyal to that one person and never left his or her side."

The people looked at the small dragons
and some made sounds like "awwww" it's so cute" look how tiny"
When they quiet down a bit Damin let his voice capture them again!

"Now that the dragons were hatched
the childrens mother and father walked out from their hiding place,
happy that everyone of the dragons had choose to bound with their children.
The parents walked over to them and their children waited.

"the dragons have bounded,a new era of dragons is here.
live with love and may you never need to find out what happend to your people"
the woman said and started to cry.

Silent tears run for her cheeks and she smiled at them.
Her blue eyes become hidden when her golden hair fell in her face.
She turned around and walked away.

The children turned to their father.
"may these always let you know you're never alone"
he said and touched his oldest sons neck.

He did the same to his other son.
Then he looked at his daughter.
He smiled and kissed her head.
THen he touched her neck as well.
He put down a bag infront of them and walked away.

Without looking back he snapped his fingers and the 3 sibilings
started to scream as a figure started to form on their skin.
they fell to the ground in pain and their dragons squeed beside them.
when they woke up again they had the same symbol on their necks
a key combinded with a dragon,
and they were all alone with the dragons.
The persons who they had called mother and father were gone,
and soon they would be almost forgotten..only small pieces of memories.."

Damin said and he knowed that he was being a bit dramatic
as he draw the pictures of the children falling to the ground
and the parents walking away towards their deaths..
but he couldnt help it..the story was worth every bit of it,
and every single person who were listening
had their eyes and ears fixed on him and his paintings...

"The story of the people of the dragon have been told from generation to generation,
just like I'm telling it to you all now..
so that the people of the dragon will live on in our hearts,
and never become forgotten,
each year we are reminded about the proudest and most holy people in the world,
and they will forever more live ..who knows they might stil be among us"

Damin stopped talking to catch his breath
and to get more black dust for the story
and people whisperd among themselfs exited.

The story of the people of the dragon
had always been a favorite for everyone listening and it was his favorite story to tell..
but it was a long story that took alot of power to perform,
and Damin felt that he wouldnt tell this beautiful ,t
ragic and magical story for many more years.
It was to much for his old body!

Damin continued his story night
and left the people of the dargons to live in their minds,
and continued to tell them about the sea people,mermaids and mermen...
And when he was done he surprised everyone
by throwing up hundreds of fireworks that made them wake up,.

They laughed and clapped their hands.
Seeing the looks on their faces
Damin knowed that this story night was the best he had ever performed,
and that it would be rememberd for years..
and mabye that was good.

He wasnt sure if he would make it to next years story night..
People thanked him and told him how wounderful the night had been
and he smiled and accapted their kind words.

Then he packed his stuff and let Rory and Melina help him home.
Because he was way more tired then he had realised..

He throw a last glance at were he had seen the groupe standing,
but it was pitch black and he coulndt tell if they were there or not.
But he had a feeling that things were about to change....

(so there's part one of chapter one..
I hope you like it!
it might seem a bit slow but it'll change pretty soon!
Part 2 of chapter 1 will be up on Wednesday, thank you for reading!

The caledonia story a story by Bara_Hime
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-part 2-

A few days later Rory had his friends over
and somehow they started to talk about the people of the dragon...
"I bet she's pretty"
Melina saida with a dreamy voice.
Damin smiled when they al llooked at him.
"Grandpa Bellóver.."
she said and Damin smiled."yes Melina.. did yu have something on your mind?"
he asked and she smiled.
"is she pretty?can you draw her for us?"
she asked and Damin saw how they all looked at him hopefull..
" to describe her..."
Damin started to paint in the air infront of his grandson and his friends.
"-a small angelic woman,
with long curly golden hair just like sunshine,
and eyes so blue that the only color worthy of describing them is heavenly blue..."
The boys and girls looked at the angelic woman that slowly appeard in the air,
"her skin like the ivory moon,
and her lips like strawberries ready to be eaten."
the more Damin completed the woman,the more Rory and his friends looked at it blushing.
"This is only a wage picture of her..
she's not like any woman you have ever seen.
I would say that..Caledonia is like a dream..yes a dream...
a woman with beauty you only imagend existed in your wildest dreams."
Damin said and the youngsters nodded
and looked at the angelic woman Damin had drawn in the air.
"I wish I could meet her"
Rory said and Damin laughed.
"I have met her"
he said and his grandson looked at him surprised.
"for real? when?"
"for would I be able to paint her otherwise?"
Damin said and they felt a bit stupid.
Of course he must have met her to be able to make a picture like that!

"I met her once when I was 10 years old.
It was my first visit in the palace,
my father had agreed to take me there,
to assist him while he told stories for the king."
Damin said and started to paint again as he talked.

"After the storys were over the king asked to see my father in private
and I was not allowed to come with him,
so I walked around and found myself in the rose garden when I saw her.
She was dressed in a white dress and I really thought that she was an angel.
She was dancing alone
while a man with long black hair played flute for her.
when the man saw me he stopped playing and she walked over to me."

Damin saw that everyone were listening so hard that there ears might start to bleed.
He smiled and continued..

"She looked at me and gave me a smile,
it was an angels smile,
so bright,warm and pure.
Then the man with midnightblack hair stepped up and escorted her away"

he painted the two walking away and then the story dust dissapeard as the story was over.
"that's amazing! then she really is real.
The last lady of the people of the dragon"
Melina said and looked at him,
her eyes were filled with romantic thoughts and she was in her own world.
"sweet..but it was like..70 years ago..
and noone have seen her since,
are you sure it's not just a dream gramps?"
Rory asked and Damin looked at his grandson.
"If it was just a dream I wouldnt have rememberd it for all these years.."
he said and Rory nodded.
his grandfather might be right about that...
They admired the picture Damin had drawn until it dissapeard into thin air.
"if I ever meet her I will kiss her"
Rory said and Melina glared at him.
"oh kissing an old hag over 70 how lovely Rory"
she said and Rory made a face at her that she ignored.
"yea..but think about it Rory..she has to be more then 70..
I mean,your grandfather said that this was a story passed down for generations right"
Rory nodded and looked disapointed.
"face it,if she still were alive she would be like...
well I dont know but atlest a few thousand years old"
Damin smiled Rorys friend was right,
but on the other side he had no idea how old she was when he met her as a boy.
"If she is alive..I wounder were she is now"
Melina said to change the subject from the kiss.
Damin looked at her and shook his head.
"No idea.. she hasnt been seen for so many years it feels like a dream"
he said and rememberd her angelic face in his head.

A few days later when Damin had told stories for many school classes,
the awaited storm that everyone had been talking about came.

The rain fell from the sky pouring down,and the wind changed.
It blow chilly winds that seemed to sing about a big change.

Damin knowed that Rory were making dinner and lay down for a minute,
he hated to admitt it but he started to feel that his body were getting old.
His movements were beginning to get slower,
and his hands and fingers didnt move as he wanted them as much as before.
even if he was getting older and he started to feel it..
he had no regretts in life,
and if he had a wish before he would be to see the angelic woman again..
Damin closed his eyes eand drifted into a light sleep.
He hadnt slept for many minutes when it knocked on the door...

(Chapter 2 will be up on friday. thanx for reading)

The caledonia story a story by Bara_Hime

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-Chapter 2-

-part 1-

"Rory there's someone at the door"
Rory heard how tired his grandfather sounded and went to the door.
he asked without opening the door.
"I seek Damin Bellóver"
a womans voice said and Rory looked at his grandfather.
"is she alone?"
Damin mouthed and Rory nodded and turned to the door again.
"are you alone?"
he asked and waited for her answer.
"No..I have 4 companions..3 men and one woman"
she said and Rory looked at his grandfather,
and saw that the old man were helping himself to sit up in his sofabed.
"State your name and buizness"
Damin called himself with and it was silent for a minute.
"I am no foe,and I seek answers from your wisdom"
the woman said and Damin frowned and decided to take the risk and let them in.
"open the door for them Rory"
he said and Rory opend the door and backed away so they could enter.
Damin just stared when he saw them..and saw her!
He had to pinch himself to make sure it wasnt a dream..

"You are Damin Bellóver"
she said and it wasnt a question.
"I am Damin BEllóver"
he assured her and she gave him a small smile.
An angels smile.
"I'm sorry for disturbing you at this houer,
but my arrend is urgent"
she said and Damin were surprised over how formal she was.
He almost jumped high when Rory put his hand on his shoulder.
"You want answers from my wisdom..I'm a storyteller Milady..what could you want from me?"
he asked not sure why he assumed she was of such a high status that he had to adress her as a lady.

"A storyteller have wisdom that many man have forgotten mr Bellóver..
and I seek the answer to a mystery long forgotten"
she said and Damin became curious.
"And what story is it that you are intrested in?"
he asked and she smiled pleased.
"The story of the people of the dragon"
she said and saw how surprise passed over the old mans face
and how the younger boy beside him looked curious as well.

"ahh..It's a great story"
Damin said and when neither of the visitors said anything he cleared his throat..

"you would have seen it if you had been at the story night"
he said and the woman nodded.
"We did see and listen to it"
she said and after hearing that Damin got curious.
the way she talked..and the way she moved..somehow he felt that he had seen it before...
"So what is it you wish to ask me?"
he asked and she looked him in the eyes.
"I want to know if you know the story of the sibilings after they bounded with their dragons"
she said and he frowned and took a closer look at her.
"Why do you want to know? you seem...familiar have we met before?"
Damin asked and the woman looked away.
"If you dont have the story we'll leave"
she said and started to turn around.
"NO wait.. "
Damin said and they all stopped and the woman turned around.

"I'll tell you the story for as far as I know"
he said and the woman nodded.
when she came closer both Damin and Rory noticed that she was a small woman.
But somehow it seemed to fit her..they didnt know why they thought that..
And they had no idea they were thinking the same thought.
Damin took a deep breath and started to tell the story..

"After the dragons had grown to the size of a horse,
the children started to ride them,
and they started to explore the world outside and under the dragon island.
But the world wasnt as they had imagend,
it was caous...and the sibilings decided that they needed to do something about it.
They made order in the world..
they wrote laws to keep order,
they helped to build homes to let families be together,
they become guardians over the people,
with a status ranked over any king or other ruler"

Damin stopped talking and they all looked at him..
the strangers saw that he was trying hard to remember.
"please tell me why you want to know this"
Damin said when he had a hard time remembering this part of the story.
"I need to know to find someone "
the angelic woman said and Damin looked at her longer now.
After a few minutes his eyes were windening.
"It cant be.. you're one of the 3 sibilings.."
he said and she looked at him surprised.
"what makes you think that?"
she asked and he heard that she was curios.
"well.. because.. I think I've met you before.. over 70 years ago"
"you must have made a misstake! do you know how old that would make me?"
she asked and Damin shook his head.
"I'm sure it was you..look at me and try to remember"
Damin said and his grandson looked at him.
Was his grandfather really serious?
noone could stay the same for 70 years..
the only perons who would look the same were the people of the dragon and they were dead..
Rory looked at the woman and her companions.
Could she really be??
Rory watched as the woman walked over to his grandfather .
And took a closer look at his face.
her small hand hold his face and she studied him.
Damin hold his breath and hoped she would remember him...

(i'm sorry it's a bit short,part 2 will be up on sunday)

The caledonia story a story by Bara_Hime
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-Part 2-

Damin waited with her small hand on his face.
She looked at him for a long time and he thought he saw something in her eyes
as if she recognised him, but she shook her head and took back her hand.

"thank you for the story"
she said and started to walk towards the door.
Rory hurried over to the door and made her stop.
But now that he had stopped her he had no idea what to say or do..
why did he even stop her?
she asked and he looked at his grandfather for help.
But Damin Bellóver didnt even look their way.
"stay over the's late and dark already"
he said and she smiled.
"I dont fear the darkness,
but it is late.."
she said and Rory knowed he had won!

They ate dinner together and they found out that the woman were called Callie,
and her companions were Shadon,Emerald,Junipei and Ruby.
Damin didnt say much but kept his eyes on Callie,
and Rorys eyes were watching them.

When Rory had gone to sleep
Damin and Callie sat down together and he looked at her.
"did you really forget me?"
he asked and she smiled.
"of course I didnt forget the storytellers boy, little Bell"
she said and he started to cry.
She rememberd him!
She even rememberd what he used to be called when he was young!!
"But why pretend that you didnt recognise me?"
he asked and she looked at him,
"You've shanged so much I hardly recognised you,so dont be so surprised"
she said and Damin dried a tear from his eye.
"I've grown old..but you.. you havnt changed a bit"
he whisperd and looked at her face.
"oh I have to let Rory know"
damin started to rise from the chair but Callie put a hand on his arm and shook her head.
she said and Damin sat down again.
He didnt understand why but he guessed she had her reasons for not
letting him tell his grandson about her.
"I came here to ask for help,not today but sooner then you know..
will you help me?"
she asked and the old man nodded.
"I'd do anything and everything if I could help you"
he said honest and she nodded.
She told him the plan and he when she stopped talking he nodded
and she was pleased.
"I will leave you home now before it gets to dangerous,
follow what we have said and I'll meet you in 10 days"
she said and Damin nodded and looked after them when they left his house.
"Finally! I never thought this day would come while I was still alive..
rory is going to hate me..."
He said to himself and sat up and watched the fire until it died.
Then he went to sleep,
when he woke up there was no time to lose and alot to do!!!

(chapter 3 part 1 will be up on friday or sunday
(it depends how much time I get to write on the story

The caledonia story a story by Bara_Hime
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