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W e l c o m e . . .

Title: The MHC Mafia
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Comedy, Romance, Drama
Format: Paragraph form! Examples are here and here.
Summary: Welcome to Mist Haven. A large, peaceful city, where all is well. Or so the people believe. Under this calm, happy facade, lies blood and death. Who else can cause this but... the mafia? Yes, the mafia. They secretly rule this city, making sure their precious home is safe. Alliances and enemies. Trust and betrayal. Love and hate. Yes, the mafia. Out of the many families, there are only four who stand out from all. These four families have formed an alliance, in order to defeat a new family- who seems to have plans to destroy the happiness of their beloved city.


This takes place in the present day. So, don't go around saying you have a time machine. Because you don't.
Mist Haven is pretty much like New York, so feel free to imagine it that way.

The Four Families

Even with the alliance, the four families don't really trust each other. After all, each family has killed others from the other three families. Hate and grudges have not been pushed aside. But, the alliance states that between the four families, there shall be no more of killing each other. Break that alliance, and you will most definitely be punished. Take in mind, these families are no normal humans...

The Valencia Family

The Valencia Family are a violent bunch. They're usually short tempered, and definitely the wrong people to mess with. They have been allies with the Castillo family since forever, and have an undying hatred towards the Achlys Family (nobody knows why. Rumors say, it has to do with a slice of pizza...) Members of this family usually have the power to control one of the four elements: wind, fire, water, and earth and the ability to communicate with animals.

Positions: Member with powers, regular member.
Taken: Boss (Danni), Right Hand Woman (Ava)

The Castillo Family

The Castillo Family are the cool ones. They go with the flow, and take life at a leisurely pace. They're calm and collected, and have a sense of good / bad humor. Compared to their ally, the Valencia Family, nothing usually fazes them. Unless, you mention their enemy... the Tae Family (well, now ex-enemy thanks to the alliance). Talk about them, and you just might get killed. Members of this family usually have the power of telepathy and a very strong photographic memory.

Positions: Boss, member with powers, regular member.
Taken: Right Hand Woman (Olive)

The Achlys Family

The Achlys family are the ones with the greatest skills in weapons. They are the masterminds who create the best weapons, and use them perfectly like no other person could. They have had an alliance with the Tae family since the beginning of time, and contain furious rage towards the Valencia Family (something to do with a slice of pizza). Members of this family usually have superhuman senses and strength.

Positions: Member with powers, regular member.
Taken: Boss (Zakrina), Right Hand Woman (Melody)

The Tae Family

Not much is known about the Tae Family. Most members are of Asian decent, and look quite charming. They don't talk much to others, with the exception of the Achlys Family. But they have gained the hatred of the Castillo Family, after accidentally running over their favorite pet cat. In return the Castillo Family ran over their dog, and now, they absolutely loathe each other. Members in this family usually have the power of telekinesis and shapeshifting.

Positions: Member with powers, regular member.
Taken: Boss (Danni), Right Hand Woman (Sabre)

The Enemy

There is very little information about the enemy, but their name: The Dragon Family. The four families of the alliance are constantly making fun of their name. Anyways, they've been quietly killing innocent people, making it look like a suicide or accident. Many smaller mafia groups have merged with them, so the family is constantly growing. They are slowly influencing the city. It is said that their members have the ability to control and travel through dreams.

Positions: Member with power, member.
Taken: Boss (Melody), Right Hand Man (Olive)

Character Form

Basic Character Information

Character Name / Nicknames:
Birth Date:
Best Qualities:
Worst Qualities:

Basic Appearance Information / Other

Clothing Styles:
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Eye Color:
Tattoos / Scars:
General Appearance:
Picture (optional):
Other Information:

Family Information / Abilities

Name of Family:
Position in the Family:
Close Friends / Enemies:
Weapon of Choice:
Abilities with their Family's power:

You may create up to 2 characters,
but only if you can handle it.
Please wait to be accepted before roleplaying.

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The Boss Lady of the Taes

The Boss Man of the Valencias

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in your eyes . .?

H Y E . N A - a wildcard?

J I . Y O N G - explosive?


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Bennett Castillo

Valentine WhatHisName?

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melody's joining the mafia..!?

Basic Character Information

Character Name / Nicknames: Simone Fiorella Achyls (pronounced "SEE-MOAN FEE-OH-RELLA AH-KEE-LIS ; AKA Mony (pronounced "MOH-NEE")
Birth Date: August 6th
Age: 18
History: Trained in the art of Capoeira and Kendo, Simone was definitely taught to uphold her reputation and also her family's. Her entire "blood" family, for generations, have been a part of the Achyls Family. It was only natural for her to attain the rank of Boss in the family.
Best Qualities: VERY RESPECTFUL; since it was beaten into her mind from all the years of kendo. She's generous for some reason always thinking that 'what goes around, comes around.' which is basically her motto.
Worst Qualities: Don't talk about her family. BAD things will happen. She's a "pack-rat". She keeps EVERYTHING.
Personality: basically her qualities.

Basic Appearance Information / Other

Clothing Styles:
Hair Color: BLACK
Hair Length: pic
Eye Color: BLACK
Tattoos / Scars: none X)
General Appearance: pic
Picture (optional):
Other Information: gaaahh. sorry for my laziness in explaining.

Family Information / Abilities

Name of Family: The Achlys Family
Position in the Family: SIMONE IS RIGHTHAND CHICK ;D
Close Friends / Enemies: The Tae Family is like her brothers and sisters. Valencia is the enemy in her book... for now.
Weapon of Choice: Give the girl a sword please. If not, she'll do fine with just her fists and legs.
Abilities with their Family's power: She has superhuman smell and her hearing abilities are top-notch.
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Still scared. But I might as well, I guess...

Basic Character Information

Character Name / Nicknames: Dimitris Achlys
Birth Date: December 31st
Age: 18
History: Unlike the rest of the families, the Achlys family chooses the next Boss of a family by a tournament that they have where all people who want to try face off against each other in combat and difficult tasks. Only thirteen at the time, Dimitris was one of the lesser-known members, and even those who knew him didn't think he could win. He shocked everyone when, of all the competitors, stood at top. Even after that, people doubted him. It was only when he killed off the head and right-hand man of one of the smaller families and took them over without anyone outside realizing it did they realize his talents and started to respect him. Outside mafias didn't even realize that the Achlys family had a new Boss until ater Coffee made people realize that teenagers can be good mafia leaders.
Best Qualities: He acts very respectfully to everyone he meets, and is a master strategist.
Worst Qualities: He only trusts once, and is even more ruthless to those who betray his trust that to rival mafias. Also, if you know the right buttons to push (almost nobody does), he'll explode easily.
Personality: Dimitris is the type who is calm, polite, kind, and respectful on the outside, but on the inside is always strategizing and thinking "how can I use this to my advantage?" Evene though he's a manipulator, he's not a bad guy and will trust almost anyone at least once, and doesn't kill off rival mafia members all the time, instead interrogating them for information and then letting have a relatively nice part as a spy for his family or face death. However, you DON'T want to get on his bad side because a lot of the time he can figure out a way to make someone life a living without killing or even injuring them. He can also be quite secretive and only tells people what they absolutely need to know, even if he trusts them.

Basic Appearance Information / Other

Clothing Styles:He's somewhat traditional when it comes to his normal clothing, and enjoys wearing pressed button-up shirts and vests while others like to wear the latest trends.
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: short in the back, chin-length in the front.
Eye Color: Dark brown
Tattoos / Scars: He has one on his back that he hasn't talked to anyone about. You may learn about it if it come important to the roleplay.
General Appearance: He looks like an old-fashioned gentleman. ^-^
Picture (optional):

Other Information: He's ambidextrous, and can use weapons with both.

Family Information / Abilities

Name of Family: Achlys
Position in the Family: Boss
Close Friends / Enemies: He's a close ally and friend the to the Taes, and gives them frequent updates on the stuuf they neec to know that's found out or his happening in his family, even if they don't do the same thing back. He has a bitter grudge against the Valencia Family, and usually gives information to them last of all.
Weapon of Choice: Too many to count. Let's just say that suits leave plenty of room for weapons, and people rarely ever trace deaths back to him because of the variety of weapons he uses.
Abilities with their Family's power: Dimitris lacks some in his family's super strength, but by far makes up for his with his inhuman senses and clever strategies in combat. When he focuses, he can hear someone coming in loud crowd ten meters away, can smell things with the skill and expertise of a dog, and has perfect vision in nighttime while retaining a detail-noticing ability like a hawk.
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Basic Character Information

Character Name / Nicknames: Natalia Castillo
Birth Date: February 13
Age: 17
History: Being the first daughter of the side of her family in the Castillos, Natalia was treated indifferently. She was, however, trained and taught the same way all of the Castillo sons were. Unexpectedly being quite a natural at what she does, she was compared to her brothers and had been the subject of envy amongst her family. As the only daughter she had no one to talk to, therefore she spent most of her childhood life wandering around. She was 6 years old when she first killed someone. She was not affected by seeing the man's gross, dead body, and had acted the same even after. Her realtionship with her family is strained, and because of pride she prefers not to talk to them, until they apologize for how they had treated her.
Best Qualities: She is hard-working, persistent and is a natural at what she does.
Worst Qualities: Her rather emotionless face, leads people to think that she is cold-hearted.
Personality: Nataliagrew up rather violent, introverted, mischievous and sly. She is a generally quiet person, and prefers to be alone. She has an almost permanent emotionless face. She is kind-hearted and hard-working.

Basic Appearance Information / Other

Clothing Styles: Natalia has a simple yet elegant style. White silk buttoned up shirts, peach ruffled skirts, short velvet dresses and the like. Most of which are neutral colors like black, white and peach. Most of her clothes are revaling, being either very short or transparent.
Hair Color: Auburn.
Hair Length: Mid-back length, with curls at the ends.
Eye Color: Misty blue.
Tattoos / Scars: She has a tattoo of a butterfly located at the bottom of her back, on her spinal cord. And she has a tattoo of a rose on her right wrist. She has many scars and bruises all over her body, which are the causes of her fighting and training.
General Appearance: She is fit and rather short. She has very pale skin, which makes her bruises very visible. She is described as an exotic beauty, with her pale and misty features.
Picture (optional):

Other Information: Both men and boys fawn over her, but their efforts are barely noticed by her. She is a deep hatred for men, which is caused by how she is treated indifferently in her family.

Family Information / Abilities

Name of Family: Castillo Family
Position in the Family: Members with powers
Close Friends / Enemies: She is friends with most of the Valencia Family, and is enemies with the Taes and the Achlys.
Weapon of Choice: Guns and shurikens. She knows how to use other weapons as well. And is good in hand to hand combat.
Abilities with their Family's power: She has the power of telepathy and photographic memory.
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Basic Character Information

Character Name / Nicknames: Marco Calogero Dragon
Birth Date: August 9th
Age: 19
History: college drop-out // unaccepted into other families because he was an illegitmate child //
only real family was his master in Taekwando and Judo // also trained a bit of Kendo with Simone!
Best Qualities: persuasive // goood speaker
Worst Qualities: Sadist, tricks people easily
Personality: COMPLETE sadist, kills the people that cross him or make him angry if he doesn't get his way.
Acts innocent when "murder" or "suicide" incident happens.
Would even kill or have an assassin destroy own members of his family if they weren't loyal
The authorities visit him often but they always leave without any proof that it was him or his family.

Basic Appearance Information / Other

Clothing Styles: Cardigan, loose collared shirt, tie, pants
Hair Color: BLACK
Hair Length: pic
Eye Color: Brown
Tattoos / Scars: Dragon tatt to show undying loyalty for family
General Appearance: pic
Picture (optional):

Other Information: has a pet iguana named, Nero

Family Information / Abilities

Name of Family: The Dragon Family
Position in the Family: BOSS
Close Friends / Enemies: The 4 Families in the Alliance because they wouldn't let him into their families.
it's revenge-related.
Weapon of Choice: Knives/daggers, FISTS & some clean footwork
Abilities with their Family's power: Taking over people's dreams comes naturally to Marco.
He usually does this to the authorities and the bosses of enemy families. He searches in the dream for what is most dear
to the person and then goes and destroys it in real life.
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Newbie ALERT.

Basic Character Information

Character Name / Nicknames: Tae Mi Young // Minnie - only said by Daisy and Hye Na. Everyone else - Mi Young
Birth Date: 29th June
Age: 17
History: Her father- a Tae- had an affair with her mother- a Valencia, which is how she came about. The Tae and Valencia family at the time of Mi Young’s birth hated each other as the result of the Tae family attacking and killing over a 100 Valencia family members, when the Valencia’s got into a row with the Tae’s over who’s territory the Tae’s were in- this was obviously before the alliance. A few months after her birth, in a moment of rage the Valencia boss who was having a hard time with the other mafia families especially the Tae’s killed Mi Young’s mother for being a “traitor” was killed for being a “traitor” when the Valencia’s found out Mi Young was half-Tae.
After the killing of her mother Mi Young was quickly taken by her father and she moved into the Tae mansion where she lived with her father who had “decided” to marry some stranger. This “marriage” resulted in Daisy being born, however like Mi Young, Daisy’s mother as well as their father died in a car crash a few months after she was born- apparently her dad was driving away from brawl between the Valencia’s and Tae’s when a huge truck swerved straight into them. From then on she became the only carer of Daisy. Daisy was and is the only light in her life. After the death of her parents the other Tae members isolated themselves from her in fear of losing their lives because of her quick temper which she definitely got from the Valencia’s. Her childhood had been hard with no mother and living around people who despised her- for being a Valencia.
Mi Young was known to be a cold person by everyone except Daisy and Hye Na. Her strong bond with Hye Na grew from when she was 4 and Hye Na had stopped the other kids from beating her up for being “rude” to them. She trusted and respected Hye Na. However life as a Tae was slowly destroying her because she never felt that she belonged. At the age of 14 she left the Tae mansion leaving daisy behind. She wouldn’t have left daisy unless she knew she was safe and so Hye Na and her had made a packed- Hye Na promised to look after her and Mi Young KNEW if Hye Na promised o do something she would no matter what...
Best Qualities: Her love for Daisy and her truthfulness-even though it can get her into trouble with other Tae’s
Worst Qualities: Her anger can sometimes take over and make her become very reckless.
Personality: She is as hard as a rock and has never cried even when she was tortured to the point of death by the Castillo family at the age of 6. Her cold attitude makes people ignore her and keep out of her way but if you know her properly- i.e Daisy and Hye Na- then you can see the coldness is her own protective charm.

Basic Appearance Information / Other

Clothing Styles: Hoodies, tank tops, jeans/combats, biker boots, or very trendy flats. Hates wearing dresses
Hair Color: Original- dirty blonde. Normally- dyed black with electric blue highlights.
Hair Length: Jagged to the waist hair.
Eye Color: Deep blue- same shade as Daisy
Tattoos / Scars: A tattoo of a daisy in the middle of her lower back- people don’t know about it. Scars all over her body from brutal training and combat.
General Appearance: Erm.. tom boy-ish
Other Information: She has skills in Martial Arts- Taekwondo and Hapikodo- and karate. Unknown talent to others is ballet- she uses ballet to execute her moves with elegance.

Family Information / Abilities

Name of Family: Tae Family
Position in the Family: Special
Close Friends / Enemies: Close friend- Hye Na Enemies- Valencia’s and Castillo’s in general
Weapon of Choice: Sword because she can move quick and swiftly with it. Can use guns.
Abilities with their Family's power: She received powers from both her mother and father’s side of the family. She has the ability of telekinesis, shape shifting- Tae side, she did not inherit any powers from the Valencia's which she is grateful for since she wants nothing to do with them- they killed her mother.

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Violet, The Unliked

Puck, The Unliked's Brother

Charlotte, The New Girl

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Basic Character Information

Character Name / Nicknames
: Jacqueline Elisabeth Takashi / Jack
Birth Date: August 31, 1992
Age: 18
History: 12 years old, her family had gone into debt and had became the target of loan sharks. In their desperation for help, they had pleaded aid from the Tae Family Head, who solemnly agreed, if in return the Tae family would receive Jack. Without a choice, her parents agreed, and as promised Jack was given to the Tae family; as an adoptive daughter. Jack was given food and accommodation, in return she would practice martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, as well as train to be more or less like of an assassin. Her only duty, that had been imprinted on her mind, the day she wastraded was to act as a bodyguard/protector of the Tae family Head.
Best Qualities: Jack holds a perfectly respectful demeanor complete with outstanding manners, even when dealing with the rottenest of city scum. She also has an acute photographic memory, and quick analytical skills to get in and out of any situation, flawlessly.
Worst Qualities: Jack is very cynical, and hard-headed. She has a nasty temper, and is quick to draw her sword, rather than listen for an explanation.
Personality: Jack is generally a quiet observer, she never talks out of place, but never hesitant when she feels the need to input her opinions. Although she comes off as a confident, and strong-willed fighter, she is usually a bundle of worry and stress, always doubting herself in the most comical ways. Jack has a curt humor and a nasty temper, she turns to violence very quickly.

Basic Appearance Information / Other

Clothing Styles: Skinny Jeans, Combat Boots/ Biker Boots, Tank Tops & Long Silk Jackets
Hair Color: Light Brown.
Hair Length: Falls below her chest.
Eye Color: Tawny Brown Eyes
Scars: Her body is marked with scars, but she has a very unique one soaring across her back, in the shape of an "X"
Tattoo: She has a smart tattoo down her wrist. It marks the date she was "traded"
General Appearance: Jack is lanky, too tall and too skinny. She has a slender frame, delicate complexion and blank eyes. Being the daughter of an Japanese and European couple, she looks relatively close to a doll, with almond shaped eyes too dark in color, and light hair, that isn't quite blond. She has creamily sun-kissed skin color, marked in scars from her many fights.
Picture (optional):

Other Information:

Family Information / Abilities

Name of Family: Tae Family
Position in the Family: Normal
Close Friends: Coffee Tae / Enemies: Castillo Family
Weapon of Choice: Jack's weapon of choice is a Sword that she carries around constant. But, she is also trained with guns and daggers, but truth of the matter is, she likes to use her fist periodically.
Abilities with their Family's power: Since she was not born in the family, she has not gain any 'power' but nonetheless, she is a very capable and strong fighter, with intellect and protect herself against those who have powers.
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