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Vampire name:
Human Age:
Vampire Age:
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Mine is...

Username: VampireAngell
Vampire Name: Sukairaa (call me Suki)
Human age: 16
Vampire age: 350
Personality I am very inelligent, I dont often talk about myself but I love to listen to other people. I hate to make people feel uncomfortable, I am quiet but I can be pretty outgoing if my quiet act is making you uncomfortable. I am secertive and selfless, I wont talk about my problems and im likely to ask lots of questions. I enjoy playing and talking to little kids.
Your Vampiric Gift: Summons Weapons, Animals, Etc
History: my mother died when I was born so my father took care of me very well and treated me like a princess. He was rich by the time I was six so we lived in this mansion. He worked as a bank owner so he usually got home really late and he knew I was very smart so from 7 til I was 16 he would let me be home alone and he would come home at midnight. But one night he never came home at his usual time. So I waited a little while long be he never came back. I walked out the door to the mansion and walked threw the forest because we live on top of a giant hill. I saw a lake and by it I saw my father lying motionless by it. I was scared, I ran toward him he couldn't possibly be...well gone. Than I saw a man he had blood on the side of his lip. "Well, well..." he smiled I couldn't see his face it was to dark out. Than he started etting closer, I couldn't move, couldn't speak. His unnaturaly red eyes stared back at me with a grin on his face showing his teeth and I notice that he had sharp fangs. He was next to me in a flash and he whispered "Your scared aren't you? Your a pretty little thing." I got up and ran as fast as I could to get away but he ran faster and in no sweat he was next to me. He tripped me and bit me then ran.
When I became a vampire I got really hungrey, I seen the vampire movies and they bit other humans it looked so easy, painless I forgot how my own pain felt so I went for the weakest one. A lost 6 year old girl came up to me and said "I lost my mommy, will you help me?" So we walked far of in the distance and I bit her, which killed her, i drunk to much blood. Her mother saw me and she cried, "You monster!!" I ran to my mansion and cried I went in a giant deperssion because she was right I am a monster...after a while I realized I am not alone I need to be strong. Thats when I created The Vampire Mansion.
Crush: Open

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