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Ask iMonster any questions

Because of all the people who ask many questions in other forums, i thought it would be a good idea to have a question box where you can ask help with anything.

Turiols // Download links // Help // General Questions // Picture help // Reccomendations/

1. Dont know how to use gimp/Photoshop/Photofiltre/Photoscape? Need a certain turiol, request one here.
2. Dont know where to download photoshop, gimp, photoscape, photofiltre for free?!! (yes free photoshop!!) ask here~
3.Need help with general questions? why is this like that? how do i do this & that? How do i get color on my profile, how do i make my text go in the center? Ask here (:
4.I cant find some good and high quality pictures~ I dont know where people found this + that? ASK HERE!
5. How do i download fonts onto my computer? how do i get textures, brushes etc?
6.Do you have any good manga or anime reccomendations?

Ask anything here~ I'll try my hardest to answer them :'D
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where can i download /Photoshop/Photofiltre/Photoscape ?? FOR FREE!~!
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Hii. Sorry for the late reply.
Well there is loads of programs you can use to make profiles.
Photoshop is one.
But to download that you need to pay alot of money, sooo you could use
Photofiltre- Its a good program and dosent lag your computer but it dosent have as many effects as photoshop
and rendering is kinda harder on here. But its alot easier to use, like 100% more easier + you can make really good avis+banners+profiles on here.
Gimp- Its just like photoshop but it lags your computer more, you can use glow effects, beams, textures and everything.
Photoscape- this is best for editing pics and making text animations and doing cute animations, but not so good for professional looking ones.
These are all free~ You can download them from here. ^ ^


Hope that helped ^-^ You can also download photoshop for free but its really hard and you have to follow the turiol step by step. If you want photoshop then you can find it in the group "Photoshop school" the turiol to help you download it + the link, its quite difficult, i remember i had a bit of trouble with it lol xD but it worked out in the end. I advise you start of with photofiltre, then move onto photoshop, but its ur choice (: i still dunno how to use ps bymyself xD
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