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Yaya:"Amu-Chiii! why are we not being guardians anymore?!" * *
Amu:"Yaya,we're not because other people are going to take our place"
Yaya:"oh...sorry Amu.."
Ami:*walking* "this is going to be one heck of a day"
Lea:"You said it!"
Amu:*notices Ami* "See u after.." *walks up to Ami* "Hi,you're Ami,right?"
Ami:"Yeh thats me"
Zoe:"Whats it to you?!" * *
Ami:* * "Zoe!"
Amu:"Zoe eh,nice name"
Zoe:* * "you can see me?"
Amu:"Yeh..cause im the joker chair...and now Ami is"
Ami:"Oh...sorry about that" * *
Amu:"shall we?"
Ami:*nods head*
Amu:*walks off*
Ami:*follows Amu*
Yaya:"well that was easy..."
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Nii:Im bored Nyah! Do we have to have school!!
Azusa:It's either school or taught by one of those mental embroyo searchers
Nii:Ewww....I don't wanna be taught by them!
Aii:I think school helps a lot you get to learn things that adults know and don't know.You learn new things everyday* *
Azusa:Yea then I can show whos the adult when im infront of that stupid director
Nii:Hehehe id loved to tak revenge!
Aii:* *Thats not exaclty what i meant by that....
Azusa:*walks past Ami's school and looks up*
Aii:Do you feel that?
Nii;Yeah! Theres guardians charas here
Azusa:So this is the school he meant....
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