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Posted 1/8/10 , edited 1/8/10

Information For The Activities

Roleplay (RP)

This is for people who wants to RP. Its a very fun thing to do. Its all about your imagination! This is mostly for people who likes anime. For this particular RP, its all about school life, romance, and action. I have been RPing for almost a year, and its fun! So if its your first time, try it out! I'll help you out if ya having troubles.

Here are some examples how you can RP:
1) Ren: *walks around school holding a book in his hand* *sigh* I'm tired..

2) When the bell rang, Ren was running to class hoping that the teacher didn't come in. As he was running he thought "Oh man! Oh man! Gotta make it!" He kept running to class.

Fun Games

There will be games! Trust me! There will be about 5 games and it will change every month! So keep it active!

Here are some games that will be on for this month:
1) Count 1 to 1,000,000,000
2) Rate Avii Above You
3) Kick, Kiss, Tackle, or Kill
4) 5 Word Story
5) Would You Rather..

Avii Request

This is for people who like to have a creative avii on there profile or group on Crunchyroll. Like me for example, I have some aviis of anime characters. But you can also have a avii with a RL picture of a celebrity! BUT they all have to have to be High Quality and Big!
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