YG, JYP, or SM?
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So..which one has better artists and groups in your opinion?
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definitely JYP.
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Tough one ><
From SM my favourites are: DBSK, Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD
JYP: Wonder Girls, 2PM. 2am and JOO is okay.
YG: 2NE1. Big Bang is alright, but not my style of music.

I guess im gonna go with SM with the better group and artists since i like more artists in that company, and I heard SM artists first then got into kpop. Although SM treats artists bad ><, they did produce very good artists. But then again, SM produces my style of music.

SM Ent - Pop, bubblegum pop, ballads
JYP - Dance, Pop, ballads
YG - Hip-pop, rap, R&B
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SM Ent I tried auditioning in the global audition I only made it at level 3 =.= I wish I could of gone farther oh well ;3 .

JYP , shows repetitive songs over and over.
YG : Really hard to get in too.
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YG JYP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I like JYP the most because I discovered Wonder Girls through Tell Me and they have good artists

Also I like YG.. that entertainment seems nice.. and I LOVE BB and 2NE1.. but I've only heard of 3 people in there..

I only like two artists from SM.. SNSD and f(x).. they know how to make music.. but I hate the people who run it D:<
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