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22 / F / In Millefiore Qua...
Posted 2/2/10 , edited 2/2/10
Username: CessyChan
Name: Mitsuko Hikaru
Race: Angel/Demon
Crush(If you have one):none
Personality: Caring, kind-hearted, cheerful , sometimes get naive/gets mischievous
Powers: she uses a scythe as weapon and uses light/dark magic,can see the future(limited to 2 per day),uses the element wind
Bio: First when you see her, she looks like a very innocent girl but if u try to make her angry, she will show her "demon" side and be sadistic to other people. She is a prefect so watches if anybody's breaking the law.
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Posted 2/3/10 , edited 2/3/10
Username: AmuTsuki

Name: Kiribara Kuro

Age: 14... well looks 14 actually few 100 years old (shinigamis live long xP)

Gender: Female

Race: Shinigami

Crush(If you have one): none... except 4 anime xD

Personality: Stubborn at times and is kinda smart. She cares for her friends, no matter what the situation is. She is quiet and shy on the outside; on the inside is an anime crazy freak and is out going. she usually is sensitive and emotional too.

Powers: has a sword that can control the elements (fire, water/ice, earth, air, dark, light, lightning, etc.)

Bio: not really know because one day, she woke up, not knowing who she was, but knew that she was a shinigami so started to do her job. her name was given by a shinigami that took care of her but passed away while she was going on a walk due to an unknown illness.

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22 / F / who knows?
Posted 2/4/10 , edited 2/4/10
Name: Len Kagamine
Age:16 though she looks like a 13 year old
Gender: Female <-- with a guy name ;]
Crush(If you have one):none so far
Personality: People mistaken Len for a lil girl and tend to misjudge her becuase of her height. She gloweres [[or in other words glare ]] alot at people and becomes rather aggorant when they treat her like a little child. Len is like a perfect doll but has a nasty temper. She is of a Demon race and is very powerful. Highly Dangerous
Powers: Complete Control over the Element Fire and Has Quick movement and great fighting abilities unleashing flames from her weapon which is only two short meer fans.
Bio: --Unknown. The person who cares Herself Len Kagamine has seemed to destroyed all previous pages about herself
Posted 2/20/10 , edited 2/20/10
Username: -cheshire.
Name: Okami Aizawa.
Age: 17.
Gender: Female.
Race: Werwolf
Crush: I'm dating my crush ( in real life people. )
Personality: Weird,hyper, but yet adorable.
Powers: She can change into a wolf and rip her enemies to shreds.
Bio: Her only brother died and has two other twin sisters Kira and Kokoa, her parents died when she was young and now she is lost in the world with her sisters.
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F / Somewhere
Posted 3/6/10 , edited 3/6/10
Username: AmuletMidnight
Name: Mizu and Miyu
Age: Both are 13
Gender: Female (both)
Race: Demons
Crush(If you have one): nope

Mizu is outgoing and hyper. She may seem pushy and demanding, but she really is nice once you get to know her.

Miyu is the opposite of Mizu. Miyu is shy and quiet. She doesn't talk much, and is always with her sister.
Powers: Mizu throws knives. She can also open dark portals and send others to different dimensions. Miyu sings, and her song can put others in a trance, hypnotizing her prey. She can also shape shift.
Bio: Both girls where found unconscious in the forest. They both lost their memories, so they don't know their parents. They were taken in by a passerby in the forest.

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22 / F / Im at Howls Castle!!
Posted 4/20/10 , edited 4/21/10
Name:Kuro Tanakada
Race: Half fallen angel and half vampire
Crush(If you have one):none yet.
Personality:She has a dark and quite personality.
Powers:Can see somewhat into the future and her necklace gives her some powers.
Bio:Her mother and father were murdered in fron of her. She workd to avange their death

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F / At the end of the...
Posted 4/24/10 , edited 4/25/10

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Posted 4/28/10 , edited 4/29/10
Username: Senrei
Name: MRX-001 [Sen]
Age: ??
Gender: none
Race: Unknown
Crush(If you have one): none
Personality: Sen is quiet but surprisingly sensitive to what people say about him. His mind is very fragile from his sensitivity which makes him a dangerous person or a great friend.
Powers: Shape Shifting, Mass Regeneration
Bio: MRX-001 was created by military scientists in the human world. He is a body made of nanobots that was soon after being created scheduled to be scraped, however something went wrong with sen and he gained a collective consciousness and a higher intelligence. Sen escaped and while doing so somehow ended up here to live out the rest of his very long life hoping to find someone to serve happily.

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23 / F / Love Land's Enemy
Posted 5/8/10 , edited 12/14/10
Name:Manami Kitano
Birthday: May 2
Favorite Color: Blue
Crush(If you have one): Kirako
Personality:Happy,Outgoing,Devilish,Protective,and Loving
Powers:Can influnice others decisions, Can cuntrol Crows who lisen to her orders(vampire form), helps heal(in her angel form)
Bio:Was born into the royal Kitano Vampire Clan as vampire princess.Her father was the clan head and a pureblood but her mother was an angel who was the sworn enemy.Her father was able to keep Manami's mother a secret until she one day at a festival her angel wings apear. Instantly everyone in the croud started to go after her attempting to kill her. Kirako, Manami's sworn guardian and childhood best friend, rescured her and escapes with her to the academy.



Name:Kirako Kitano
Birthday: December 7
Favorite Color: Red
Gender: Male
Crush(If you have one):Manami
Powers:Can fight very well to protect his freinds and can help control power....
Bio:Parents were killed by vampire hunters when he was very young and Manami found him and took him in. As repayment he promised to always look over her and wound up taking the Kitano name to be apart of the clan.

Name:Giichi Takami
Birthday: June 26
Favorite Color: Green
Gender: Male
Crush(If you have one):Haruhi
Powers:Contols Dark Energy Balls,Can fight to protect, Teliport
Bio:Father is a demon and his mother is a human and he was raised my him mother and his father never was around when he grew up.Was invited to join the academy this year.....

Name:Riku Kimura
Birthday: April 20
Grade: Already Graduated
Favorite Color: Black and Blue
Crush(If you have one):Manami
Personality:Michevious,Protective,Mean until you know him,Sarcastic
Powers:Teliports,Energy Balls,Can Fight
Bio:Grew up in the underworld/demon world....Raised to be evil and works for Arashi and Bella

Name: Yuka Ota
Birthday: February 4
Favoirte Color: Green
Crush(If you have one):none yet
Personality:trouble causeing, evil, sarcastic,protective
Powers: moves objects, mind contorl/cumpulsion, energy balls, teliportaion
Bio: raised in the underworld and is one of several children in her very rich well know family but is quite well know herself for causing trouble in the underworld.....

Name:Eita Ota
Birthday: August 25
Grade: 11
Favorite Color: Orange
Gender: Male
Crush(If you have one):Shana
Powers: very storng,teliport,heal,energy ball
Bio: When he was young he would often be with Yuka who was his first cousine and they would often get into trouble together.Transfered to the Academy with Yuka this year.



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25 / F / Canada
Posted 5/26/10 , edited 5/26/10

DaughterOfEvil wrote:

Please fill this out~(Races are down Below)

Crush(If you have one):


~ Vampire

~ Ghost

~ Demon

~ Angel

~ Werewolf

~ Dragon

~ Witch

~ Fox

~ Shinigami

~ Devil

~ Fallen Angels

Kuromi Akamiya(xXMoonlight_VoicexX)

~ Half Breed


Name:Artemis Fiamatte Astrea Sy Seraphim
Age: `15/18
Gender: female
Race: Shinigami
Crush(If you have one): none
Personality: Aggressive (once being insulted and easily driven by madness). Hyper, full spirited and smiling always. (graceful and always princess like once her grandmother is infront of her)
Powers: can easily know who will die next, Fire, with one blink/clap she can kill people
artemis grew with a family of Vampires. Eventually a couple of Vampires adopted her when she was little. However, when she turned 8 yrs old, the couple feared her. They discovered she was the Daughter of the King and Queen of the shinigamis. When they discovered this they kept this from Artemis. So they tried to kill her. When Artemis sensed and dreamed about her own death she knew that she will be dead next. that night, when they tried to kill Artemis, She attacked them first then the couple died. When the News about the dead couple was received to the king and queen of Vampires. They wanted to kill Artemis. She ran away from the kingdom filled with vampires and met her five teachers. Sensei Marie Mjolnir, Yumi Azusa, Tezca Tlipoca, Franken Stein and Death Scythe. She was taught how to use her clairvoyance, to pray to the gods, to use Magic and even to dissect things. XD
When she turned 15 years old she decided to enter this school with Skills and talent and she is still in search for her family. She realizes that she wasnt able to fit in more and discovers that she was not the only shinigami

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27 / F / In the shitty wea...
Posted 6/24/10 , edited 6/24/10

Luke and Lira


Posted 8/16/10 , edited 8/16/10
Username: Myloveforanime
Name: Cecilia
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Race: Angel/Shinigami
Crush(If you have one): none yet
Personality: She is smart, nice, caring, loves drawing, loves to play the flute/piano, and is protective of people she cares about
Powers: She can see what people are feeling, always of visions of her past, her mom gave her a charm that can reflect people's powers but it only works at night, she controls light, tries to get along with people but its hard cause her past was difficult.
Bio: When she was young her life was full of happiness then someone killed her sister and she was torn apart about her sister's death and always depressed. At school she would always be happy and smiling but behind the smile was just pure loneliness. she has trouble making friends but who ever she hung out with the most was truly her friend she can kinda depend on. Heart is weak at time because she feels alone and sometimes she can show a true smile to her true friend and be happy at times.



Posted 9/5/10 , edited 10/25/10
Crush(if you one):Giichi
Personality:Sweet, Nice, Kind, Evil sometime and Caring and Friendly, Love to sing and dance also can be shy to sing infornt of people sometime
Power:She can take steal Darkness away form Human and Creatures and Contorl Light, Darkness and Shadow and healing, teleport(update later)
Bio:Haruhi is princess of Light and Darkness and also Shadow Clan too...Her Mother is Angel Queen of Light and Her Father is the Demon King of Darkness but when she was 9 year old Her Father was killed by his brother, She also have 2 sisters and 5 older and younger brothers There 2 girls and They are Her Friends....More about her past and Secert and Power are still unkown??

Angel Form:

Demon Form:

Human Form:
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22 / F / Just around the c...
Posted 11/13/10 , edited 11/22/10
Username: crazyanimefanatic
Name: blaise
Age: 14
Gender: female
Race: vampire
Personality: cold..silent..introvert..calm..eccentric..loves to read and eat sweets
Powers:can read mind..detect energy flow.and fast reflexes
Bio: she is from a family of vampires..but she was not a vampire when she was born..that made her long to be a vampire..while her twin long to be a human..she only became a vampire when her fiance marked her as his partner for eternity..she loves to read and unknown to others..she loves sweets..she is always detached to people around her..



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22 / F / with Dan
Posted 4/6/11 , edited 4/7/11
Race:devil and vampire
Crush(If you have one):
Personality:Evil,quiet, laid back and calm hate to kill
Powers:to control black flame and ice
Bio:\. Diva is one of the dreaded helf devil and vampire who thrive on fighting and bloodshed. One of the fiercest and deadliest of her brethren, she's managed to keep her people out of demon's clutches, but when her alexon gets caught in the middle of a territorial feud, she's dragged into it as well. Forced to bargain with van, She is willing to do anything to keep alexon safe, even kill for it.

:Name- Alexon Nghtray
Age- 16
Gender- male
Spieces- Chiropteran king
Power- to make Chiropteran and to kill them
personality- mean,childinsh,kind, quiet, laid back and calm hate to kill
bio- he live in a tower. His dad thought if he could keep one of his twin from the outside world he would keep him safe
from his older twin who want the human race. when the war between Saya and Diva alexon's dad let him out and alexon
killed his own dad. that when he meet haji saya's Chevalier and now haji help alexon to find Demon
appearance- has black hair and his eye are ice blue color he as bat wings when he fights his bother. he very light skin and can become very weak without blood and he has more bloodlust then the Chiropteran and when fight eyes grow

Name- Demon Nightray
Spieces- Chiropteran king
Power- to make Chiropteran
personality- loud,mean,like it kill
bio- Demon is alexon older bother who want the human world died as dad let live with the human but demon hate them
and found out that he as little bother by his dad chevalier but killed all the peolpe badly hurt his dad that why alexon killed thier
dad. demon is very powerful he love to see blood and drink it.
appearance- has black hair and his eye are yellow and he as bat wing all the time

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