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20 / F / Sakurami City?
Posted 5/6/11 , edited 5/7/11

Username:HeartBreakerLuna(Angela210's new account)





Crush(if you had one):Giichi

Persoanlity:Nice,Kind,Sweet,Caring,Friendly,Evil sometimes,Love to sing and dance

Power:Contorl Light, Darkness and Shadow,Healing,She can take away Darkness away form creature and human(update later)

Bio:Haruhi is Angel Princess of Light and Demon Princess of Darkness also Shadow Clan too....Her Mother is Angel Queen of Light and Her Father is the Demon King of Darkness but when she was 9 year old Her Father was killed by his brother, She also have 2 sister and 5 older and younger brothers There are 2 girls and They are Her Friends....More about her past and Secert and Power are still unkown??


Angel Form:

Demon Form:

Human Form:

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