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The Doll Master

The Doll Master begins in the past in a countryside during the Japanese occupation of Korea, some 70 years ago. A narrator tells us the tale of a doll maker who fell in love with a woman in red. He makes a doll as a gesture of his love. It works and the woman falls in love with him as well. Later in a tragic set of circumstances, the woman is found murdered. All the people blame the doll master. He is eventually arrested and killed by vigilantes in the woods. The doll, not content to be without her maker, sits by his grave for all time, apparently mourning his loss as if alive. Fast-forward to the present, where a group of strangers from the city have arrived at an isolated art museum in the middle of nowhere, with the promise of dolls to be made in their image. Of the group, there is Hae-mi, a sculptor; Tae-seong, a male model looking for work, Yeong-ha, a woman who claims she talks to her doll Damian, with a photographer and a ditzy high school student rounding out the final two. The group is greeted by the museum’s curator, who introduces them to the museum’s dolls, as well as a doll maker, who happens to be confined to a wheelchair. After Yeong-ha's doll has its head separated from its body, the guest list starts slimming down fast. All the clues point to a mysterious, young woman, Mi-na from the nearby village.

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