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Posted 1/11/10 , edited 1/11/10
i'll go over the rules just in case

~ first person thinks of a word(s) rather anime related or not but keep it appropriate
~ next person guess a letter
~ like the hangman game, only 6 mistakes and if the word is not guessed by then, then a new word can be made
~ if you're the person who is making the word(s) please edit your post with the letter(s) that are already said so that it won't be repeated
~ and whoever finds the last letter will think of the next word (not sure if i should apply this rule..)
~ if the person who is in charge of the current word haven't respond in a while then please continue with a different word
~ when making a word please give a clue like the category that the word belongs to so it'll be easier for those who are guessing ^^

category: Lucky Star

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