moderator rules :
Posted 1/11/10 , edited 3/6/10
1. If your going to make an avii to put in our photos~you cannot write/put any wordings on the image (but you can put your copyright on it, but remember, people TAKE gfx from this group sp ''stealing'' (as some of you call it) is allowed)(but writing who made the image in the caption is allowed~whether it's you or not)

2. Moderators have to be active (missing a day or two is not a problem)~

3. Mods have to check the forums every time (you) enter this group~(reply to forum(s) if necessary e.g. for avii requests)

4. Mods need to invite as many of (your) buddies ASAP~(as soon as possible)

5. Mods can advertise this group by making aviis/banners etc. with ''avii taker! join now!'' written on it ~e.g. go to the group's profile and see in the bottom most~

6. Mods MUST support this group by placing the support banner on their profile/group

~~~~~THANK YOU~~~~~
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