AnimeOXOFan/Shugo chara fanfic:A slave to you

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~ Slave to you~

Amu's POV

...If this is how to I'll remember I can remember it...I don't know how it feels to die like this...But I guess you feel weak...unloved...and lost.

But I want to feel loved if I die.I want to be hold tightly by my love...My blue haired love...The last words I want to say to him are...I love you....

Chapter 1

When life hands you lemons you make lemonade

Ikuto's POV

It's a long drive.All I have been seeing are are tree's and grass.I don't even know where Yakushima is!

"Excuse me,are we there yet?"I asked the driver,even though I knew we were no where close.

"Not yet Tsukiyomi-San,"he replied.

I'm fed up with everybody treating me like a king, even my own sister treats me like one.I've never met anyone who treats me like I'm normal.

I just want someone to understand me and listen to me!But things like this makes me feel weaker.

I'm going to see my Uncle Nikaidou is the Head of this boarding school called Seiyo parents are thinking of sending me and Utau so Utau can 'improve' her do love her singing ,but they think that it would look good for college after we gradute.

None of this is for me though.I've already got into a college.

Oh,we here finnally!Thank you god!
I walked out to go see Uncle's was an old building with stautes and flowers.

"Nikaidou is so weird.."I went to the door to knock,but felt something or should I say someone...pounce on me.

"Utau get off me."I groaned,she can be annoying sometimes.In fact all the time!

"Ikuto-Kun!I was so lonely!Why didn't you ride with me!"She whined.

"Because I would have got out anyway."I simply replied

"Ikuto!That's mean!!"She whined again.

I shrugged her off and noticed people taking my bags.

"Um...what are they doing?"I asked,turning to my parents.

"Didn't you know,Ikuto-san?Your staying here for a while!"My mum answered.

I dropped my jaw,There is no way I'm staying there!I closed my mouth and frowned.I picked up a bag and slumped to the door.

"This is gonna be fun!"Utau squeled.I rolled my eyes and pressed the doorbell.

The door slowly opened revealing a small girl with Strawberry pink coloured hair and golden eyes,she had a dark blue dress on with a white apron over it,she also had a black 'X' clip in her hair , she seemed to be scared of something as she has such a innocent face...She looks really pretty...I mean for a girl...I couldn't stop staring at her and her eyes were looking in mine.

"Were here to see Nikaidou-San"Utau said watching our eyes and had a evil glare on and was fixing it on the Maid girl.

She opened the door without saying a word.

"Thanks,"I said making her blush a dark pink,which was kinda cute.

I smirked after she closed the door, such a shy girl!Maybe she's mute...


Oh god...Welcome to my normal day of hell, Uncle stood there with a huge smile and his arms were wide open.I stepped back,there's no way I'm hugging that freak.

Utau however isn't like me,so she rushed to him and gave him a big hug.

"Uncle-Sensei(A/N she calls him Uncle-Sensei cause he's her uncle and he's a teacher!:3)I haven't seen you in ages!!"

Nikaidou smiled then he frowned...

Is he frowning at me?I noticed he was frowning at the maid was looking at the looks kinda sad...I wanted to ask her what's wrong,but then I heard a shout.

"Himamori!Stop daydreaming and take my Niece and Nephews coats off!Now,Himamori!"He ordered.

How the hell can you talk to her like that!I mean...I know she's a maid but....I felt something tingle on my arm and saw golden eyes staring at me,her hands were so pulled my coat off my shoulder which made me blush a little.

She then went over to Utau and pulled her jacket off Utau gave another evil glare at her,which made "Himamori" get kinda scared.

"Come sit down you two!I haven't seen you in a while!What have you been up to?"Nikaidou asked.

"Oh Uncle-Sensei!I have done so much..."Utau is about to babble will be talking about her singing and places she's gone to and stuff like that.I've heard it all before.I started to stare at the Pink haired girl,she was looking at the floor again,with the same face standing against the wall.

"What about you Ikuto?"I turned to Nikaidou.

"Nothing much..."I said in a I'm-Super-Bored 's was a short silence.

"Who want's some lemon tea?It's made with fresh lemon!"Nikaidou asked smiling at me then turned to Himamori giving an evil rushed to the kitchen then came back with 3 was so neat it looked like someone just bought it!

"Ikuto,you do like lemon tea don't you?"

"Can I have something fizzy?"I asked,

The maid girl was staring her sad eye's at me with such an innocent face like it was disappionted.

"Sure go look in fridge."

Nikaidou pointed over to the kitchen.I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge caught my eyethere was fizzy water,red bull and some sort of blueberry drink.I rolled my eyes then heard some pots being put down.I closed the fridge,and saw the maid girl standing formally and staring at me.I felt my heart beat faster then I don't know why though.

I saw her gulp it was like she was about to speak...

"Do you want some lemoade."

~End of Chapter 1~

Next chapter will be up later
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Chapter 2!

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chapter 3!!

Next chapter will be here when i finish it!
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Chapter 4!

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