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I cried for CR
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30 / F / beaverditch
Posted 1/12/10 , edited 1/13/10
Yeah, the old CR was great, but we can't waste our time lamenting over it. I wish they would have more of the dramas that I liked to watch on here back in the day, but like another poster here said, it's better this way than having Shinji sued. If you don't like or are not looking for whatever they have on here, just go look somewhere else. That's what I do. I usually don't do much on this site anyways, except for meeting new people and talking to my overseas friends...
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28 / Norway
Posted 1/12/10 , edited 1/13/10
CR is what you make out of it.

For me, it wasn't really about the anime (Well, in the beginning obviously). No, it was about the people I've met here, and got to know better. Sure, the community was more active before. Some users who had a rather strong presence on the forum have disappeared from here. But you know, that's life. It moves on, keeps on progressing and changing (For better or worse). If you feel the community lacks a strong presence, become a strong presence. If you feel there is little activity, bring more activity. If you feel there aren't enough users here (Here: Forum, group, chat, whatever), then bring more users there.

It's like Shroom or whoever it was said, going the legal way takes time. There is a lot of issues you have to overcome, find an agreement on, temporary plans and whatnot. The important thing is that right now, Crunchyroll is evolving into something better, something more reliable and powerful.

It's true, we don't really have much content like we used to do, but at least now the content won't be removed due to some licence company getting their pants on fire. We're on a legal streaming site of anime and Asian drama, and that says a lot. How many other sites can you mention, that streams anime and Asian drama legally - with western administrators? I don't know how it is with legal streaming sites in Asia, but I doubt there are so many in Europe or America, IF any at all.

Complaining and moaning about the old days won't change anything. It's all nostalgia and frozen time. You can't change that. You can however change how the present and the future is and will be. You can send suggestions, you create... I think you realise where I'm going with this.

Bottom line is, this is something positive, and we better keep it so.

Be active, be great.
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