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WOOOT MY SIXTEEN YEAR OLD BABY♥ xD So, here is the first part of a kinda birthday fic! I'm a bit behind, gomen world >o<!!! Part one is set like, last friday I guess? Idk xD

Happy Birthday Part One - In The Cold
Why do I have to be who they want me to be? This just isn't me - I don't want to be best all the time. None of it matters when you're on your own.
Matsuo Azumi thought, as she walked along, oblivious to the world, and the snowball flying towards her head at full speed.
"Oww!" She yelped, dropping her school bag into the snow and clutching at her forehead. She felt blood on her fingers. Her eyes began to water.
"Waaah! I'm so sorry! So so sorry!" The voice of a little girl came.
"Are you injured?" Came another voice. Azumi lowered her hands and looked at the blood. Not too bad... "Aika, there must have been a stone in that... be more careful!" Azumi looked up to the source of the voices. Two girls and a boy stood watching her, motionless.
But they weren't just anybody. Azumi recognised their faces - well, two of their faces. The older girl: 18 year old Nakayama Nana, and the boy: 15 year old Nakayama Yuma. They were popular idols - well, Nana used to be. The other girl must have been their 7 year old sister that Yuma had mentioned in his radio show. So... Aika was her name?
Azumi's breath caught. For a while now she had been keeping a secret hidden way down inside her... her darkest secret of all.... she was a fangirl of them! Eventually her brain clicked into focus, and she composed herself, gaze flicking back to her bloody fingertips.
"I'll be okay." She answered coldly.
"I didn't see you, I'm really sorry." Aika said, guiltily.
"It's nothing. I have to leave now... Azumi said, carefully pulling a tissue out of her coat pocket, cleaning her fingers then pressing it to the wound.
"Come inside, I'll fix you up. It's the least we can do." Nana smiled, walking over to Azumi and picking up her bag. Azumi crumpled momentarily... [[getting fixed up by Nana sounded like a fabulous idea.]] <_<;
"I have to get to school." She said.
"So early?" Nana asked and looked at the bag in her hands. "L-L-L'Académie De La Rose?! Amazing!"
Aika came rushing over.
"No way!" She said, stretching up to look at the bag too.
In the center was the infamous rose signet, emroidered by each girl in their first week a the private, top of the league school.
"It's beautiful work." Nana said. "That's your name?" She stared at a tiny detail on one of the petals. "Matsuo... Azu...umi? Matsuo Azuumi?"
"Yup." Azumi replied.
"No way! You're the top of the school!" Aika shouted exitedly.
"You know me?" Azumi mumbled, eyes wide.
"Of course. Aika wants to be like you when she grows up. You're kind of like, her role model. Right, Aika-chan?" Nana grinned, and Aika nodded. "You're walking all the way there? That's so hard working! Don't worry about it, come inside. Mother can drive you there.... she's always wanted to go." Nana gabbed Azumi's free arm and started walking to the house, Yuma and Aika behind.
"Waiit~" Aika whined. "Can you show me your uniform inside?"
"Aika, what kind of a question is that?!" Nana laughed.


Later that day, Azumi sat at her school desk, staring blankly out the window at the snow. Lately she hadn't been able to focus, but today was worse than ever. For the umpteenth time time her fingers brushed the plaster on her head unknowingly.
"Mastuo-san. Would you kindly care to pay attention to the lesson?" Came the voice of her teacher. "If you had been listening t all, you wuld have hard that the headmistress requires audience with you in her office right about now. Go."
Azumi stood up silently, grabbed her bag and headed off to the head's office. She knocked gingerly on the door.
"Come in." The headmistress said, and Azumi crept inside. "Sit down." Azumi did as she was told. The head looked at her, hands clasped. "Recently, your work has been deteriorating greatly. You spend all your lessons daydreaming. It simply isn't good enough. I'm telling you now, child, if our grades ad concentration do not improve - you're out of here."
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