Celebrities look alike~~90%
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people who look alike Celebrities ~~90%

look alike

david beckham britain

jay chou twn

andy lau hk

Nicholas Tse hk

edison chan hk

William So hk

Stephen Chow hk

Wong Chi Wah/Dayo Wong hk

Dōmoto Tsuyoshi jpn

are they look alike...??
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Wow that guy seriously looks like Andy Lau, and I agree with the lookalike for Nicholas Tse and to some point, Edison (guys 2 and 5). For Stephen Chow, he looks like a younger version, maybe from the good old days God of Gamblers or Royal Tramp, before he became washed up. I don't agree with William So, I think William's much cuter than that guy. Jay Chou... yeah I can see the resemblance but this guy's fatter looking.
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oooh!!! cool im 2nd!!!!

can i post models?!! ok ill post super models!!!!! so in the model industry charo ranquillo is said to be a kate moss asian look alike!!!!

charo ranquillo

kate moss

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Seriously, your threads are...

Please just use this:

What actors/actresses look alike?
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