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1. Shinhwa
-Jun Jin
SNSD appeared at Sungmin’s DMB radio program as guests and they made fun of Shinhwa member JunJin. They called him “Justin Jinberlake” and Tiffany made a mockery of JunJin’s “Wa” dance from his solo performance, while other members were laughing and giggling.

Here is the video with the translation if you need it

Shinhwa fans were enraged that SNSD could be so disrespectful of their seniors, especially to Shinhwa, a legendary idol group that has amassed immense popularity for the past 10 years in the industry.
SNSD members were forced to personally apologize to Junjin.

-Shin Hye Sung
SNSD Tiffany also made rude comments, such as “Shin Hye Sung’s voice sounds like a goat” and “Look at Shin Hye Sung’s hair”.

-Lee Minwoo

When Lee Minwoo, in a playful manner, bowed and greeted SNSD first, what happened was that while the rest of SNSD were bowing, Hyoyeon (towards the right end) was the only one who didn’t and just stood there holding the hands of her members and preventing them from bowing too!
Here’s the clip(starts at 2:11):

(For those who have been reading this, it may seem absurd that we are arguing over these “simple” matters. But you don’t understand because this is Korea and there is a big cultural gap. Comparing this to American standards is not fair or reasonable because Korea is not the U.S. and Korean customs must be respected. In Korea, age is a big deal and in the entertainment industry, when you debuted is also a big deal. That means young kids must bow first to adults at 90 degrees. New artists must also call senior artists “sonbae” (senior) and use formal dialogue when conversing. These are Korean customs that must be followed, regardless if you’re a top public figure or not. In Korean society, respecting your elders is of utmost importance and I hope all the readers will understand why small slips of tongue can be a big deal in Korea. And if you’re Korean or Korean-American (living in a bicultural society) and you don’t understand this and think this is “petty”, then you should know better because you are Korean.)

- Using the word “garbage” for other groups on TV

On Happy Sunday program, there was a corner where two contenders tried to force each other to say “garbage” in order to win the game. On this day, SNSD’s Taeyeon sat across trot singer Park Hyun Bin and asked “What do you think of Shinhwa in Korea’s music industry?” In response, Park Hyun Bin said, “Garbage” in order to not lose to Taeyeon. However, SHinhwa member Kim Dong Wan was sitting next to them as a guest on the program. Both Taeyeon and Park Hyunbin were at fault. However, even if it was scripted, Taeyeon should have known better to not ask that question, instigating Park Hyunbin to respond unfavorably. Does it make sense to say this in front of a senior 10 years above herself?
Here’s a clip (starts at 4:32):
080413 Snsd TaeYeon Cut on Miraculous Victory and Defeat

2. Super Junior
-Tae Yeon came out on Kangin’s radio program and called him an “idiot” in korean so Kangin had to defend for Taeyeon and tell listeners she accidently mispronounced the word, and that she did not say that on purpose.

-On a show program Tiffany said “Lee Teuk” instead of “sonbae” when calling him to get his attention.
(In Korean there are two forms of speaking to someone and you must always formal speech when talking to elders–sunbaes.)

-SooYoung appeared on Star Golden Bell and lied that Lee Teuk only escorts girl trainees back home and accused him of being a player for which he got a lot of bashing for and a bad image in the media. This erroneous rumor spread like wild fire on the news.

-On Chin Chin Radio, Evan (a singer) appeared on Chin Chin radio and was talking with Sunny and Sungmin when Sungmin suddenly said, “Leeteuk is the same!” Then Sunny shot back “How dare you compare him with Leeteuk” = “How dare you compare Leeteuk to Evan?”

When asked what she didn’t like about the 1st album , Suhyun said she didn’t like the wigs they wore because Super Junior T wore it. Other members asked, “Was that the same one Shin Dong wore?”

Tiffany also said SNSD is not a unit and that many people think they are because of Super Junior. She said, “Some people are afraid that we might break up into groups like SUJU, but we are ONE. Taeyeon’s “IF” is that of SNSD, “Oppa Nappa” is also that of SNSD. After she said this, Kim hee Chul and Lee Teuk were mad and upset and wrote on their cyworlds that super junior is “one” as well.
Here is the video - it starts at 1:50
080430 SSGB Ep.120 - “Oppa Nappa” enters the Top 100 chart

SNSD’s fans Conflict with SuperJunior’s fans
-In the case of SUJU, on the Taeyeon-Kangin radio program “Chin Chin”, -Taeyeon said a cuss word that eventually Kangin had to take responsibility!
Specifically she called him a “retard” in korean it’s a cuss word. In return Kangin had to defend for Taeyeon and tell listeners she accidentally mispronounced the word, and that she did not say that on purpose.

We all heard how Taeyeon received over 300 hate comments that day!
Here is the other side of the story!
-SNSD fans went to SUJU Kangin’s fan cafe and bashed him like there was no tomorrow with words that a living person could not say!

Soshi fans wreak terror on SUJU fan clubs
Kangin Fan club terror:
SNSD fans bashed Kangin on his fanclub site, leaving messages:
“Kangin ….that bastard”
“Look at that picture of him, he looks constipated”
“Bastard…..he’s like a booger”
“I just want to press you down with my feet…”

Leeteuk fan club terror:
SNSD fans left these sweet sour words for SUJU’s Leeteuk:
“How are you an angel without wings?
crazy bastard ..haha.. you’re not an angel, you’re probably a ghost, you bitch”
“….I’ll rip your penis off”

Sungmin’s fan club terror:
liberal spamming of “Have sex with me Sungmin”

One more reason to add!
SNSD fans call SUJU’s DongHae “Oh, the one who’s fatherless.”

and at the night of the concert!
This is the a proof that the banner was not taken away …
by the guards for creating more seats!

Dream Concert - What happened to E.L.F.?

3. S.E.S
SNSD commented that it would be difficult to follow S.E.S. because its members are artificial. (Looks who’s talking!)
And they added that SNSD is this generation’s beauties. (Source)

4. SS501
-When Tiffany saw Park Jung Min, she said he looks like he’d have 10 bank accounts and that he looks funny from far away.
-During the program, Tiffany also exclaimed “omg HIM”?! when she saw Park Jung Min. She has no right to be an MC.
-SNSD fans made fun of SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon, saying “he looks disgusting.” They also made fun of Park Jung Min.

At the night of the concert!
Here is the fancam of a scene SS501 fans were getting bitten up by SNSD fans

This is what she wrote:
This is a picture of the entrance on the first floor
where Triple S fans (SS501) were beaten by Soshi fanboys,
They prevented us from going down stairs and stopping them.
I just cried while watching them
My heart is weak… (Credit: Naver blog)

Same as what happened with SS501 and SUJU; some members of SNSD did not use formal speech when talking about DBSK and calling their names, like saying “Xiah Junsu” instead of “sonbae”.
- Jessica guest starred on Park Kyung Lim’s Outing. Park Kyung Lim asked Jessica who her favorite artist was and she said DBSK. Then Park Kyung LIm asked which member in DBSK she liked and she said “Jaejoong”, not using formal speech to say his name.
- Tiffany showed how witty she was by saying DBSK’s wave of red balloons looked like insects.
- SNSD fans were upset about the CF that SNSD did with DBSK so they accused DBSK of sexual harassment to give DBSK a bad image and creating a buzz in the internet.

Disrespectful comments in DBSK’s chatting box
This is referring to DBSK’s incident where an anti-fan gave them a drink mixed with superglue that got Yunho sick and sent him to the emergency room.
One SNSD fan wrote: “Instead of medium-strength super glue, I want to see them swallow extra-strength super glue”

And at the night of the concert!
There were no comments, such as “SNSD Disband”.
(Fans say that they have heard of this ‘petition’ for SNSD to disband; however, the dream concert organizers, “Cartel” fans, were not aware of this.) but while SNSD was singing, there were fans shouting “Wonder Girls!” instead that it must have hurt SNSD fans. There were also accounts that Wondergirls fans were crying because of this…because they were so moved.

Another fan account, from a Cassie
I was constantly kicked in the head and was hit by balloons by SNSD fans. I got fed up and told them off “Stop it you bastards”. From that point on they started hitting my head with their fists. I remember exactly, there wasn’t just one person, but 5 or 10 that came to my seat and started beating me. SNSD fan girls were just looking at the scene and giggling….while some fans were so alarmed that they were talking of calling the police. I couldn’t defend myself and just patiently hoped that they would stop. When they left, I went over to the SUJU side to ask my friend for help. She took me to the hospital. When I awoke the next day at 2 in the afternoon, I found myself in a hospital bed with my mother humped over my bed, holding my hand tightly. I have bandages around my head…it seems like my head was ripped open.

6. Big Bang
SNSD made fun of Tae Yang’s real name “Dong Youngbae”, saying “What kind of name is that? It’s not even “Dong Young sang” They probably though they were so clever that they could rhyme Young bae’s name to the word for videos in Korean.

7. Epik High- Tablo
Taeyeon was on Kangin’s Chin Chin radio when she saw Tablo at the computer. She said, “Doesn’t he look like a leet “오타쿠” ?

(For those who don’t know what leet means, you can look it up in “Urban Dictionary”. But leet is an internet word that has evolved into referring to gamers or computer hackers who are stuck in front of their computers. But in Korean, it also has negative references to the Japanese.)

8. Happy Shares Company (만원의행복) show program
SNSD members were rude to the program PD (producer & camera man), intentionally hiding Yoonah (the guest) and giving her food to eat, which is against the rules on the show. When they were finally caught by the PD, they shook their head and said, “We didn’t do anything” and then at the end, blatantly admitted that Yoonah ate something.

The PD said, “For someone who is young, you shouldn’t do this, Yoonah.”

Yoonah replied, “I’m 18,” while blinking her eyes innocently.

Yuri, who was standing in front, said, “We are old enough ~” while Taeyeon grabbed the back of her neck and pretended to fall to the ground, expressing that what the PD said was not “fair”.

Obviously the PD had every right to speak his mind, and the way SNSD was treating him was very rude and inexcusable.

SNSD then performed the song “Girls Generation” that starts with quite fitting lyrics “Don’t make fun of me because I’m young…” (Then why don’t they just grow up?!)

9. Discriminating on show programs
On a weekend café program, SNSD called a trot singer “Sparkles” (referring to the bright sequined clothes they wear) and said, “Get money from Sparkles~”. The members delayed the serving the singer, saying amongst each other “I don’t like Sparkles”. They made their contempt for the singer evident while showing favoritism for some baseball players also at the café.

10. YoonA Disrespected Tei
YoonAh guest starred on Tei’s “Island” radio program. Tei greeted her with a full bow but Yoonha just gave a small bow as if greeting a B-list singer. Tei is not a B-list singer; he is one of the top ballad singers in Korea with a voice to die for.

11. Wonder Girls
- Soshi fans went to Wonder Girls’ fan signing
One SNSD fan went to the Wonder Girls’ fan signing and asked Sunye to sign “Right now is Girls Generation”. This fan also dared to post a picture of Sunye singing this online.

- Remarks related to Wonder Girls
Whenever SNSD asks “Do you like Wonder Girls or SNSD?”
they grow cold and silent towards people who say “Wondergirls”.
- SNSD girls did mic tests while Wonder Girls was rehearsing. (Couldn’t they wait until Wonder Girls finished performing? Why do they always have to be an interference?)

12. Tiffany disrespected Kim Ji Suk
As we covered this incident before actor Kim Ji Suk’s English was corrected on air by Tiffany and caused him embarrassment for the rest of the program. This is when Kim Ji Suk is fluent in English himself and he was raised in England and lived in the United States for some years as well!

^ (Tiffany doesn’t sings the lyrics correctly herself either)

13. Christmas Charity volunteer activities
For a Christmas charity event, SNSD planned to visit a nursery to take care of kids. However, SNSD was late for the event, leaving only 20 minutes to take care of the kids. And during this time, there were so many reporters at the scene that all SNSD did was to take pictures with the kids. (It was just a publicity stunt to enhance their fake image.)

14. When Nation Got Offended
Yuri made a slip of tongue, saying “My country” instead of “Our country” when referring to Korea, causing a national outcry.


If you are intending to push all the blame of what happened at the dream concert to the snsd fans, then you are one stupid fool because without all the idiotic things that the IDOLS did, a conflict will never have happened and revenge and chaos will never be caused too.

Gone are the reasons of old, and the stereotypical characteristics of an anti-fan. I have never previously dreamed of being anti-fans and have in fact looked down upon them in the past. That is because those antis have indeed been of the variety that are immoral and indecent. But, they are going to the extreme, and it′s intolerant.

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Yeah. They are very disrepectful and trashy. They little fangirl are blinded by they silly little songs and boys like they slutty clothing but to put they have NO CLASS NO TALENT MOST OF ALL NO BRAINS Flithy skank make fun my JunJin
Posted 1/13/10 , edited 1/13/10
^ See, that's why hate threads are not allowed. People start flaming at each other when their opinions are different.

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