Naruto & Sasuke(spoiler last episode)

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Posted 1/14/10 , edited 1/14/10
Omg... I really hate to say it, but maybe they should rename 'Naruto' to 'Sasuke'. Am I the only one who starts finding it ridiculous how the story is more and more centered around Sasuke?

Heck, Naruto can't even do a single standard wind style jutsu while Sasuke can use Amaterasu now and even extinguish it. Seriously, what the....!? It's really time for Naruto to catch up on the standard jutsus etc. to make him a more 'complete' shinobi. Furthermore all he does is fighting together with several other ninjas where he isn't even the key figure. Sure, he's the one who hits the hardest, but apart from that....

At one point, Kakashi said that Naruto's probably (a lot) stronger than himself by now. Yet they totally fail to show that in the episodes. Instead, all I'm seeing is how Sasuke is wiping the floor with everyone and his mother using the most advanced jutsus and being generally totally overpowered and unbeatable. Today's episode was the first exception, because he practically died 2 or 3 times. But that's only because he didn't use Amaterasu in the first place, since he wasn't aware he could extinguish it.

What it'd like to see after the incoming filler(omg =///) is a) more focus on Naruto, keeping Sasuke out of the picture for a while and b) Naruto finally learning some decent techniques, and that doesn't mean one single killer-jutsu that's totally devastating on the off-chance that it actually hits its target, but instead several standard techniques that he can actually use on a regular basis during a fight. Maybe something to counter (Mangekyo)Sharingan too, though as we've seen today it can be countered by his Jinchuriki 'awakening' him.

Thoughts & Opinions please!
@Manga Readers: Please do spoiler me if my wishes will ever come true.(don't go too far into detail as far as Naruto's opponents go and such)

So long,
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Posted 1/21/10 , edited 1/21/10
Here's a link to a page of the manga, it wont spoil anything but it'll probably get you excited
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Dont worry, after this filler crap gets out of the way and naruto finally finds out jiraya is dead, he gets some training. It's still nothing compared to all the bells and whistles sasuke has, but...

What I want to know is why no one has ever told naruto his dad was the 4th. Everyone seems to know but's like "me, myself, and irene" when jim carrey raises 3 children thinking they are his when its "obvious" they arent.

Oh well, all in all I'm enjoying Naruto filler much more than bleach these days.
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