Curse of the Menagerie
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1426, the highlight of English entertainment for the lords and ladies of England, a spectacle so rare it brought the rarest and most beautiful animals of the world in one place. Captured and brought from their homes these animals were drugged and abused for entertainment needs of these so called nobles. They travel one time, to one place every ten years and then vanish until the next ten years pass popping up in a new location with a new host. The host never knows they are to be the host till the time comes, but the honor and popularity is great from such a “request”. This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of this historic spectacle. A whole new set of rare animals, and a whole new place to host this Menagerie, but this time everything was to change.

When this new collection of rare, and exotic animals the host was unknowingly hosting a party that her family and all the spectators would never forget.

Cloths of red velvet covered glass boxes, and black metal cages. The room fell silent; the smell of wine and cherry filled the confines. Excitement clouded the air as everyone’s breath was held. A squat man walked to the center of the room his hand resting on a fold of the cloth.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, Lords and Ladies, I welcome you to this year’s unveiling of the Menagerie. First I’d like to thank the hostess Madam de Rousmond and her gracious family for inviting us all into her home. At this time I’d like to invite Madam de Rousmond to the front, will you do me the honors of unveiling this year’s prize catch? A beast so rare that it killed four of my men with just its stare, its breath so hot it could melt metal. Scared? Don’t worry the cage this beast lies is no match for the evils of its stare and kiss.”
Extending his arm out to receive Mme. De Rousmond his blackened teeth grinned back at her. The room filled with claps and laughter and enthusiasm for the hostess’ honor she was being bestowed.
“I am flattered by this honor but I must pass this down to my lovely daughter.”
A young girl the age of 13 came from the crowd held at the hand by Mme. De Rousmond. The room filled with claps as the girl walked up to the squat man. The man bowed and gestured towards the cage. A pale hand griped the blood red velvet and with a tug she pulled the sheet down. The sectors gasped at the sight they were beholding. A creature no one had ever seen sat before them, something that could only be dreamt of. A pair of black rimmed eyes stared at the girl, the eyes something that would haunt any dream, black ring around a pale yellow iris and jet black pupil. Its large muzzle opened up in a menacing manner its sharp white teeth gleamed in the dimmed light as it snarled at her.
“Behold! The beast!” The squat man shouted, startling the whole room. He hit the container with his walking stick. The beast jumped up hitting the container as it growled low, its eyes squinting at the spectators. It’s hot breath washed across the glass in a fog of steam. Pushing off the glass the beast came back towards the young girl and growled menacingly.

“So little girl. You were warned about my stare, my kiss, but not my tongue. Here, now, I curse you and your kin. For the wrong you and your kind have committed against me and mine, every one-hundred years you shall be reborn as one of your kin, cursed to with the eyes of mine, you shall be a beast to your own family. Your family will know of your sin, the shame you brought upon the Rousmond name, your people will all know of you shame. A slave to us you will be until you have undone the wrong you’ve wrought upon us, forever you will be doomed to dye the same time, at the age of 23. You and your kin will pay for what you have done to me and my kind!”

---More to come when time shows grace upon my poor self, and inspiration decides to grace her presence in my dark and full schedule. Comments are more than welcome. Ideas to make this better is alwasy needed.----
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