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Posted 1/15/10 , edited 1/15/10
Have you tried Jade Dynasty? It's very similar to Perfect World but has more of a Chinese feel to it.

Hahah I think it's pretty fun IMO. Especially the Billows server, it's HELLA PACKED in there. There's lots to do and now they added something called the induction system where you can get free stuff for every 5 levels you gain from the very beginning until level 150, which is the max level until you ascend. For every 5 levels you achieve, you get something called a brocade box and when you open it, you get like a free mount, free esper, never before seen fashion, refinery sigils, tons of exclusive stuff.

You can only get the special box if you haven't created an account with them though. And when you create your very first character it'll ask for an induction ID, which I have on my profile, and to get the free brocade box you have to enter it in, otherwise you won't get anything special and you'll be empty-handed struggling to get to the next level, and trust me, you don't wanna do that. It's so worth it because these are items you get for free from the cash shop, others pay for it while you get it for FREE, the higher you level the better the prize. So if you're interested in playing get to it! LOL It's pretty awesome. =]

I'm in the Billows server by the way, PM me if you do play or plan on playing, my character is GreenSnake. I'll totally help you out with whatever you need in the game.
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