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Posted 6/10/10 , edited 6/10/10

One_Of_The_Nine wrote:

stop lying , u like them , thats wy u wach One Piece

-.-" Thnx buddy
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Posted 6/10/10 , edited 6/10/10
ur welcome
Posted 12/7/10 , edited 12/7/10
Favorite arc: Enis Lobby
character: Boa Hancock + Luffy xp
past hmm i think luffy's past
enemie: umm there are lots of strong enemies but i think Smoker
episode 208 (Boa hancock arc) kekekek

why you like One Piece.
simply talk about one piece here
I dunno i hated at 1st but thanx to ma friend who told me about it so umm i think having this hilarious anime as ma top was the right choice i suppose (at least better than Bleach (filled with fillers) ) al thanx to Oda-sensei ^///^
Posted 1/16/11 , edited 1/16/11
Favorite arc : Archipelago arc
character : MONKEY D. LUFFY BABBY <333 lol
past : brooks
enemie : would defiently have to be
episode : all of em'

why you like One Piece : Because, it has charcateristics & traits that another anime cannot possibly possess. Because the adventures are AH -MAZING. Because it would take a lifeless, hobo not to like one piece. Because the art is fantastic. && Because i just love it with all of my heart & i will never forget it when i turn old :DD <3333333

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