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Yup its here...Just RolePlay
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Ami:*walking* "This place is huge"
Ami:"Josh? ur here?" * *
Ami:*hugs Josh*
Ami:"K-Kiyomia i-i"
Josh:"I'd Stay away from us if i was you Kiyomia,i mean we are vampires after all
Kiyomia:* * *walks off*
Ami:*laughs* "lets just go.."
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Natsumi: *coming into the school yard and look around* "I..its huge!" *keep go and looking around*
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Ami:*walking* "So where we supose to go?"
Josh:"Just walk...and find out,see u after" *walks off*
Ami:"O-Ok" *Josh leaves* "N-Now what?" *starts walking*
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Natsumi: *sees Ami* *walk towards Ami while ears down*
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Liza: *jump from tree to Natsumi* BAA! Hehehe.... GOOD MORNING NATSUMI-tan
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Natsumi: *scream and fell down* "....H-hi.....who are you?"
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