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The Story I Had To Make Because Of Koko-chan TwT

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Posted 1/16/10 , edited 5/22/10
Teh Dream i had a few weeks ago O: It shall be the prologue XD
I'll make it prettifull one dayy XD


Done with prologue C: Now to make it pretty and work on chapter 1 XD


I warn you =w= i didnt read over this so ............................. BLAME KOKOCHAN.

"Where are they?" The short, spiked up brown headed boy asked, looking around the enclosed room.
"Straight ahead," said the black, haired girl. She pointed at the concrete wall in front of them, while bringing her somewhat long hair into a tight bun.
"Sato..." Two look a like girl and boy said together boredly.
"Got cha'," Sato brought out a small gun. He pulled up a small pen-looking thing to the top of the gun and aimed it at the wall. "Boom," He pulled the trigger. A powerful, yet invisible blast was shot out of the small gun. It broke down the concrete wall in front of them, along with the next five walls.
As the fifth wall was broken down, a boy looked at the hole, boredly. He lifted up hi

I ...
More remaking =w=
Here's part of Ch 1.
If you need me i go cry in my corner D:

*edit: VV I JUST NOTICED I USED TAE AND SATO. LOL GAh, who was this chapter gonna be about? i know i t started with Tae but then i think i changed it to Sato...ah D:

11 years back C:
││"Tae. Are you determined?" ││ ₡hapter øne

"Tae? There's someone who wants to adopt you," His caretaker said, opened his door just alittle. Sato looked at her and nod. He got off the window sill and ran out the door with his caretaker by his side. Five years old, short, spiked up hair, was the dearly adorable, Tae.
"This is Tae," His caretaker gladly introduced. Tae smiled and gave a little wave at the two adults, that might adopt him. For the three years his been here, all the adults he saw all turned him down. Mostly for the reason, "He doesn't seem to want to live with us."
The man looked at him and smiled, "He seems perfect."
Tae stared at him wide eyed.
"His adorable!" The woman exclaimed and got up from her seat. She kneeled next to him and smiled, "Would you like to live with us?"
Tae looked at them with a smile and nod.
The man and woman looked at his caretaker. "We'll take him," The woman grinned and hugged Tae.
For once in the three years his been there, he really felt loved. Besides the love from his friends at the orphanage, and their caretaker. It was a really great feeling (; . Who knew that they were about to chance his entire childhood.
~ 2 years later ~
Tae looked up onto the house, unsure about what he had to do.

You need partners for what lies ahead.

He shifted the pouch to the side of his waist.

They may come easily,

He took a deep breath, and took a step forward.

Or you may have to fight them.

He knocked on the door and waited.

Eitherway, they will join you.

"Do you need something?" A chirpy, girl's voice asked as she opened the door. She was barely Tae's height. 5'1. Short, low, midnight blue pig tails, swung a bit as she turned her head back inside the home. She wore an oversized white T-shirt with "I'm a kitty, Nya~!". Short, slightly ripped, jeans and midnight blue converse. A side purse hung loosely around her shoulders, as if she was about to leave.

"I was looking for..." He looked at the piece of paper held in his hand. Shifting slightly, the gun at his belt softly shuffled around. "Kairi and Sairi."

"What do you need of us?" A boy's voice asked coldly, Tae guessed that was Sairi.

Tae looked behind him, only to have a sword by his neck. He shifted his eyes to the girl, thinking that she was probably then was Kairi, seeing that she was a bit smaller then her twin. She held a smaller sword at his neck, ready to kill. Tae chuckled, "Would you come with me on a mission?"

Sairi shifted his sword a bit lower, "What kind of-"

"Mission are you talking about?" Kairi finished, taking a step closer. The sword barely against Tae's skin.

"You both should remember your previous leader, Sayaka, yes?" He glanced over at Sairi. A smirk slowly creeped onto his face.
"And what-" Next thing Tae knew, he had another sword barely against his skin.

"If we did?"

"There's leads of where she is now," He said boringly. "It will be a dangerous journey though."

"How do we know your-" Sairi looked at him, with a face that said 'You're too weak'.

"Not a weakling?" Kairi muttered.

"Try to kill me, I dare you." Sairi and Kairi imediantly plunged inward with their swords, only to have their swords clash against eachother.

"Want to try again?" Tae asked, as he held a gun at Sairi's neck.

"Sairi!" Kairi called out and took a step forward.

"I see...we'll join you on your mission," Sairi smirked.

Tae smiled, at his accomplishment.

{End││"Tae. Are you determined?" ││ ₡hapter øne }

││ "Sayaka...that damn girl." ││Chapter two

Sato thought it was impossible that he was getting new partners. Just because the other one he had, hated him and nearly killed him. Not that he mind, it would of been interesting to see that damn guy try to kill him, Sato, the strongest and most certainly amazing gunest ever. But his thoughts were certainly proved wrong, when another girl stood in front of him.

"This is your new partner, Sato. Meet Sayuri Mimiko."

He glared at the girl. "Why a girl?" He spit out coldly.

Sayuri glanced up from her tainted brown hair covering her right eye, "Try saying that again." She was daring alright, ready to take on this so called strongest and amazing gunest "ever". Boy will she piss him off.

He rolled his eyes, "Whatever."

"You two..." Their head boss shook his head, lightly. "You're next mission is to take on an assassin group."

"Easy," Sayuri muttered.

"Careful though, you might not know what they may be pulling up."

"Whatever," Sato looked up at the map at where those assassin group was held in. He turned, and left.

"Boss...I get it now," Sayuri smiled and then caught up to Sato. She had her own mission to accomplish; to change this over-confident, stubborn boy. Maybe she didn't have to hide under a false names anymore.


"Man...." She sighed, tied up to a chair, her hands and feet bond tightly together. With a blindfold covering her sight of anything. "I swear, I need to stop being careless." She sighed. Sato and her had been training two new trainees, twins to be exact, Sairi and Kairi. But once they were sent on a real mission, she was careless and was capture by the ememy. Boy, was she going to get a lecture from Sato once she got out...if she got out.

"Are you hungry?"

She felt a cool spoon press again her lips. She rejected it by turning her head to the side. "You're going to get in trouble again."

"It's fine, even as a prisoner, you should at least be able to eat."

"I told you, i'll be fine." A small growl came from her stomach.

"Doesn't sound like it."

"Mia! What are you doing?!" Her suborinate called out as she turned around to look at them.

"Ehehe...caught, bai bai, Sayuri!"

Sayuri shook her head side to side lightly, a sigh escaping her lips. "I told you, you would get caught again..." She mumbled as she heard footsteps run out of the room. Leaving her in nothing but darkness.

She sighed, "Cheezits....there has to be a way out of here..."


Sure, as soon as Sato heard Sayuri...or rather Sayaka's shout he was going to give a hard earned lecture for her. But that was until he realized she wasn't there. Sending thoughts through his head as he looked at the two confused twins.

"Where's Sayuri, Sato?" Sairi asked confused. Kairi looked around the area. She was quite skilled in figuring out things...but the look on her face. That confused, frustrated look she held, it clearly stated to him; she didn't know what could of happened to Sayaka.

"Boss....Sayaka was kidnapped." The words that slipped out of his mouth into the speaker of the phone nearly killed him. A frustrated scowl and papers being shuffled was heard on the other end.


Sato shut his eyes tightly, getting ready for a lecture.

"Sato, get back to headquarters. Send the twins back to their home town. Someone is clearly after us, get out of there!"

Sato reopened his eyes, and faced the worried looking twins. "Sairi, Kairi. Go home."


"Don't disobey my orders. GO!"

He watched them look at eachother; unsure of what to do, and then left.

"Sayaka....that damn girl..." He sighed and threw the phone against a tree, crumbling into pieces.

"I'll be the one to disobey orders."

{End ││ "Sayaka....that damn girl." ││ Chapter Two}

││"It's your turn to shine, Tech." ││ Chapter Three

"Alright, farm girl, let's see what you can do."

"Let's see what you can't do," The black haired girl licked her lips as her fingers began furiously typing away. Her eyes scanning through the most randomest codes on the screen, rolling down quickly.

Her classmates were amazed how fast the codes were appearing and then disappearing. And then glanced at the girl who had challenged this dear prodigy.

The class's dear prodigy's ememy was looking through the codes at more of a slower pace. As if she really didn't understand what she was doing.

What where they doing? Trying to hack into their school's main frame; seemingly impossible to most people in the school. As too how many walls, passwords, and labyriths they had to go through. Not many people made through it though. And if they did, their memories were wiped out and then kicked out of the school.

In which, was what had happened to their dear prodigy. Her parents went into legal actions of this, sueing them just because they were afraid of their precious daughter could do with their school system.

"How dare you expell, Tech out of this school!"


"She's the prodigy of the school and you dare do such a thing?!"


"We will not leave until our child gets back into this school!"

"Papa..." Tech sighed deeply, watching her parents fight with the principal of the school. Just to get her back in. Shaking her head lightly, she spoke again, "Mama, Papa, Mrs. Shiro. Please quit argueing. I understand that you have expelled me, there's no need to fight just to get me back in."

"Tech, you don't need-"

"Mama, I don't wish to come back to this school."


"Papa, there are better schools out there that will give me something better then what this school can offer."

Her parents sighed, understanding she was right. Tech smiled and then walked out of the school with her parents.

Pft, until a mysterious person appeared beforth them.

"Hello...Ms. Tech I presume?" Cloaked in a black cape and a hat that covered his eyes. Who elses first reaction would be to kick the guy where the sun don't shine?

He somehow managed to recover that quickly and spoke once again, "I have a school recommendation for you..."

"That would be...?" Tech's mother eyes shined. Maybe this school will offer better things then the other one.

"Become an officer in the gover-"

"No." Her Papa refused automatically.

"Sir, it is not your choice, it is your daughters." He stated, after being cut off. He looked towards Tech again, "Officer in the government. There is all sorts of codes, and labyriths in the world that needs to be solved. We think this will allow you to expand your thinking and abilities to the farest."

Tech thought about it, looking at her Mama and Papa.


"Tech! Did you f-"

"It's done and sent to boss."




"Done ~"

"Are you done-"


"Tech, new job~"

"Ah, what would that be?" Tech looked up with her coal black eyes. Awaiting patiently for her next job. Being here in this so called government organization for just a few months; she had shown an amazing improvement in her technology abilities...I guess that's why she's called "Tech." Right?

"We need you to track down a kidnapped person."

That certainly caught Tech's attention, "More info?"

"Her alias is Sayuri Mimiko. She and her partner, Sato, were on a mission with the two twin trainees. And-"

"I got it," Tech grinned as the screen in front of her and her boss showed a picture of Sayaka. She outstretched her arms upward to stretch and then looked at her boss.

"Ho-how did you-"

"You said alias."

The boss just looked at Tech in amazement. At such a young age, she managed to do this much, and more. "I see. All we need you to do is pin point her location."

"Got it boss~ " Tech's fingers slowly reached for the keyboard.


"Hm?" Her keyboard rested on the keys.

"It's your time to shine Tech. Show us what you can do."

"Got it, sir!"

{End ││"It's your time to shine, Tech." ││Chapter three}
♥ I'm on the rolll LOL

││Race against time││Chapter Four

[" How hard is it to crack this code," Tech smirked, she had found Sayaka's location, BUT, in order to pinpoint it, she had to crack the codes connected to it. She cracked her hands, giving them a quick stretch. A deep sigh escaping her lips as her eyes traveled to the clock. 2;03. "Five hours and I finally pin point her long will cracking do?"


"What do you mean Sato hasn't come back yet?!"

"No one have seen Sato since he called, sir," One of the assistant told the Boss. A frustrated sigh escaped her lips.

"That damn kid, does he want to get himself killed?!"


"Sato, you're an idiot."

"Pft, not as much as you."

"Yeah, but atleast I'm not stupid enough to go looking for me and end up getting caught."


"I bet the twins could of done better!"

"Shut up."







"I swear if I could see, raise my hands, or kick I would."


"I hate you."




"You're boring."







"WHAT?!" Tech abruptly called out, her head shot up from the keyboard. "Ah," She noticed she had fallen asleep, on the screen was a bunch of random codes. She sighed deeply and erased them, "Do you need something?"

"Boss was wondering if you have her location."

"Eheheh...." She stared up at the barely blank screen. "I have her area...." She trailed off, clearly remembering the purpose of the computer. If nothing happens; such as her not typing or moving the mouse, within half an hour all infomation that was not saved or sent to the other drive was deleted.

The subordinate sighed, "The boss wouldn't like to hear that. He expects a lot from you, Tech."

"I know, I know, he expects a lot, but I was so close...I don't know what happened, or even why I fell asleep..." Tech bit her lip as she thought about the event. "I don't remember anything...not a single code."

"That's not good," The subordinate quickly left with a quick 'I'll be back soon'.

Tech sighed deeply, and went to bring out the file; ready to pin point Sayaka's location.


Boss fumed across the room, walking back and forth, mumbling a few nonsense making sentances.

"Mother, if you keep worrying about sis, you're going to die faster," The young boy shook his head lightly at his father.

"How can I not?! That girl is always so reckless!"


"WHAT?!" The women shouted out, clearly mad that someone disrupted her train of thoughts.

"S-Sir, I recieved word that just as Tech have located Sayaka's locat-"

"She found her?! Thank goo-"

"Please, let me finish, just as Tech have located Sayaka's location, something had happened and caused Tech to have fallen asleep. No reason is known why yet."


"Thank you, dismissed," Replied the calm boy's voice, noticing his mother not able to say anything.

The subordinate nod and left the room, closing the door.

"Shall I get a team together?"

His mother's eyes gently looked over towards his way, "Whatever you want." She muttered something under her breath. Something along the lines 'But if you die, I will bring you back alive just to kill you again.'

The boy chuckled quietly and stood up, "We'll get Sayaka back."

His mother smiled; remembering the young boy at the orphanage.

Boy, has he grown up.

{Please go to chapter one to see him gather member uno and dos! :3}


"Seems like your crew is trying to race against time," {I'm tempted to random put KHR people here LOL. I WAS THINKING IN MY BRAIN. "Seems like your crew istrying to race against time....Ushishishi." STUPID BEL MOMENT. LOL} A creepy sounding voice chuckled.

"Pft, they'll win."

"How would you know, dearest Sayaka?"

"Because its them. They will always. Win a race a gainst time."

{End││Race Against Time ││Chapter Four}
Woo ;w;... fail. LOL. I swear this is the most updated thing I have ever done since 2? years ago ;w;
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This is a cute story!! =3
Posted 1/16/10 , edited 1/17/10


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its cute?XD

i love teh title too C:
Posted 1/16/10 , edited 1/17/10
Lol yea i wondered... whatt..? cute owo..

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Yes, it's cute and funny. =3
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you mean about kokochan forcing me to make a story? xD

i'll try to get the prologue done atleast
Posted 1/16/10 , edited 1/17/10
... oo


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-stares @ stori-
..................NO UPDATE ^$(@#&7509
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Posted 1/17/10 , edited 1/17/10

awesome gun....stuff XD? -glomps-
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Posted 1/17/10 , edited 1/17/10

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