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The cracked mirror was so sooty he could barely see his face: blood stained and dirty fell into the black abyss. Now everything he worked for was completely lost. How depressing.

He fell to his knees, tears streamed down his weary face, she was gone, lost forever and it was his fault. And he thought no matter what he did, he could not undo the action which caused her life to end... so easily...

He looked into the light and found. . . . a new beginning. Finally, he was clean!

He is physically free but he will forever be chained to the guilt of killing her own beloved.

His sunken eyes were sour; his pupils narrowed to prevent light getting in. A hard, calloused hand firmly grasped his forearm and he looked up. The man holding him was clearly unexpected.

If he was the murderer in their (seemingly endless) tragedy, then the man beside him was the accomplice. He was however a man, that Jaden completely trusted and would die for. A broad grin appeared on his face. "Hello, brother."

"You look like shit" complimented his brother, seeming completely indifferent to his close to madness grin...

A wry look appeared on Jaden's face. "Since when has that been such a surprise?" he asked.

His brother Ash, laughed at that remark and smacked him on the head as a response.

Jaden snickered and rubbed his head, his copper hair ruffled. "So, what kind of quest are we embarking on today?" he wondered.

The smile on his brother's face twitched, but the mirth in his eyes vanished all together - you really are insane, they seemed to say, taunt - but Ash blinked it away. "Actually," he began, slowly, as if every word were an afterthought, "I'm just here to talk..."

Okay, that was some shock. WTF? was the only thing to traverse Jaden's mind. My brother doesn't want to go on a quest? Since when did the sky fall?

Two months ago, he would've laughed at his brother's dumbfounded expression - all wide eyes and gaping lips, like carp waiting for children to throw breadcrumbs into lily-covered ponds - but he had changed since then; heck, they all had. If the smiles they shared weren't drawn from madness, they were faked - nothing about them was real any more, they had thrown away their normalcy (along with everything else) on that chaotic night of gunshots and fireworks, thrown everything they were into that ever-flowing (ever-expanding) river of blood, blood and blood...

Jaden stared into his eyes... through their fake smiles. And simultaneously their smiles faded... "Tell me what happened now Ash... you have blood stains all over you... again"

"I got in trouble," Ash simply answered, his grin gone from his face. Jaden frowned, knowing this wasn't like him at all. Yet something rang a bell. "You got in trouble with the dryads and nyads didn't you?"

"Its not that..." Ash knew he was constantly worrying about him but it was also annoying him that the first thing he thought was "that"...

"I am sorry," Jaden apologized sitting next to him on Ash's bed noticing his grim expression...

The nyads and dryads were a serious matter being the children of Poseidon and Demeter, the God of the Seas and the Mother of the Earth. The dryads and nyads had made a pact to guard the Earth and keep it healthy so every dryad and nyad were a guardian of a small body of water or forest. Ash and Jaden were an exception, being the only half-ling children known to exist. They shared the same human mother and different fathers, Ash being half-dryad and Jaden half-nyad.

Unfortunately, that was growing more difficult with each passing year, what with forests being torn down and poison seeping into lakes and rivers, dryads and nyads were falling here and there like autumn leaves. The humans with their growing curiosity and greed were getting dangerously close to discovering the secret of the ancient world - as half-lings, it was Jaden's and Ash's task to prevent that from happening.

Sure, there were demigods. There were tons of them in fact, since most of the gods albeit not all of them often committed one-nighters with humans. Every now and then there was always a god that truly fell in love with a human. And yet there were no half-lings.

In short, they were freaks. Or rather, that's how the rest of the hidden world perceived them - blasphemies, beings that were not supposed to exist and therefore, ignored. Even humans - blissful, ignorant humans - shied away from them, sensing they weren't quite right.

Not her though. She had never shied away from him. Ash remembered that with a ache in his heart. She had never even once made it look like he was a freak. An abomination of nature. She had never once flinched because of his true self. She had accepted him....... 'How brave of her...' Ash thought with another ache shrinking his heart.... 'Or... how stupid of her....'

That caused her to die. Or commit suicide. Or get murdered. Who knows? Ash didn't and Jaden didn't. Nor the dryads, nyads, demigods, gods, goddesses or their mother. And yet both brothers fell in love with her.

Ash irreversably and passionately, Jaden... so quickly... so... unconsciously... It was too late when he was aware of his feelings for her. Since from the first moment.... Dawn knew who she wanted. Her eyes had never seen anyone else but Ash... and Jaden was always a great friend to her. That was all.

Dawn, Dawn... Oh god. Even her name was like glass - so elegant and fragile like cherry-stained windows lit up by dew and daybreak. But break it and it's like knives, sharp, jagged edges, cutting through him, cutting deep... But still so breakable - just like she had been in those final moments: doll eyes blankly reflecting the fireworks unfolding in the sky. Doll eyes and porcelain skin, rag-doll limbs bent at awkward angels, rosy cheeks growing redder as crimson seeped into her clothes, bled into her hair...

Both brothers never got to the bottom of her death. Now her entire existence was forgotten, living only in the sub-conscious pit of memories in Jaden and Ash's minds.

Only to be wrenched back violently, writhing like a decomposing corpse rising from memory's graveyard.

Ash drew a shaky breath, folding his fingers and then unfolding them, as if not quite sure what to do with him. The room had lapsed into an uncomfortable silence, one that he didn't want to break, but had to.

"Jaden, there's something... something I need to tell you..."

Jaden sat up straight, his face and cobalt eyes clear with expectance. Looking into his younger brother's face like that was extremely hard for Ash. "There is someone or something among the Olympians or the Titans. . . . that. . . . I found out. . . . they had something to do with her death," the shaky breath Ash had drawn had now broken.

The pencil Jaden had been mindlessly playing with snapped, each piece falling to the floor with a clatter. They sounded like gunshots in the silent room. The clock ticked. Outside, a bird sang.

"You mean... I didn't kill her?"

Guilt, they say, is like a punch to the gut. With a boxing glove burning with hellfire. Ash squirmed as realization sunk through him like a sharpened sword. I don't think I can tell him the truth...

....... I cant believe how... the guilt of the same action hunts us both. I cant tell him the truth but... I cant lie to him either. After all he has done...

"It wasnt your fault Jaden. I already told you that a dozen times...." Ash spoke his head down watching his hands and the blood stains on them... He raised his head slowly to look him in the eye, "I think... I think they messed with her memories. Thats why she... didnt remember us."

I didn't- I actually did not kill her? R-Really? Jaden's thoughts were a mess, as relief flowed in his veins. He ran a hand through his spiky ash brown hair, his cobalt eyes a million miles away. Because of Billy, their human birth mother, Jaden and his brother almost looked like twins with exception of Ash's sandy blond hair and chocolate eyes. It didn't even matter that the brothers were separated by two years. Jaden's breath was loud and shallow. Because of this news her name was reeling through their minds. Dawn, Dawn, Dawn. . . .

Jaden came to himself again...

"Ash... that doesnt explain why you have blood stains all over you. You said they might have changed her memories... but... how could you possible learn this? Its impossible to catch one of them...."

"It isnt impossible." Ash looked at his brother sideways. And for the first time ever... Jaden saw his scary side. The side of him which was inhuman...

Inhuman. The word that freaked Dawn out. Sure, she still approached them once she guessed it and that was very brave of her- Actually, it was reckless, Jaden contradicted. Even though she was scared of the inhuman side of them, she adjusted to both brothers wholly for who they were. He didn't understand how a human, much less a mortal being, could be nearly terrified of them while accepting what they were. It was an admirable quality.

Jaden knew she was nearly terrified of them because it was one of his countless abilities... Sensing the other's feelings. It was as fascinating as reading minds which Ash could do annoyingly well but it was still useful. Jaden could feel she was horrified and yet, not even once she had shown it to either of them... Jaden could understand why she didnt show it to Ash... since she was... in love with him... But he never knew the reason why she stood bravely before him as she stood before Ash...

He could remember so well the first time she had discovered their gifts.

Dawn stumbled, her butt bouncing on the large double bed. Her gold mane flowed down her back, clearing her face while she gazed at them with astonished silver eyes. "You can sense people's feelings," she pointed at Jaden, who nodded in amusement. "And you can read people's minds," she gestured towards Ash.

As in love with her as they were, both brothers were exceptionally talented at hiding their feelings behind a snarky bravado. Jaden leaned against his brother, an elbow propped on his shoulder to support himself, his cobalt eyes glinting with amusement and Ash had crossed his arms over his chest smirking down at her.

"That's right," Jaden spoke teasingly. "Right now you're in shock but behind that are feelings of fascination and possible fear."

"Currently, your thoughts are quite straight-forward, expressing only one word at a time," Ash said, his voice light. The brothers were trying hard not to laugh. "The word 'whoa' is appearing very frequently."

"So, you've sensed my feelings and read my mind in my most embarrassing moments when I was around you guys?" she squeaked, desperately trying to process this.

Jaden smirked so evilly that she no longer found it funny. Ash's chocolate eyes ran up and down her body hungrily. "Mmm, yeah. You're quite appealing when you choose to be."

Dawn's grey eyes widened in realization. "YUCK!" Grabbing two nearby pillows, she hurled them at the brothers' faces. "Disgusting perverts!"

The memory ended with echoes of their laughter, causing Jaden to wistfully pray for those days to return again.

Yet another impossibility in a never-ending, ever-growing list.

Death, he mused bitterly, is an impenetrable wall that forms the second someone crosses the line - they can't come back and you can't follow.

You can't wade the River Styx without getting swept away by the current - hadn't he already tried?

The blood that stained his hands, his clothes, his entire existence was enough to prove that.

"Assssh," Jaden's voice was sing-songy, tinkling like an off-key music-box. (Ash involuntarily flinched at the tone, at what it meant - it would always be like this, now, wouldn't it? His hands tainted and Jaden's mind broken beyond repair.)


"You keep dodging my questions."

Ash's chocolate eyes became distant and closed off.

"Ash, don't," Jaden instantly exclaimed knowing exactly what he was trying to do. "Don't treat me like your little brother anymore. I'm a grown man who can think for himself." He had recently turned eighteen.

"You're not really an adult, lil' bro," Ash disagreed, shaking his sandy head. "You turned eighteen two weeks ago. Mentally, you might still be a teenager."

"Might," he put emphasis on that. Jaden's cobalt eyes narrowed. "You're doing it again, Ash."

"Doing what?" he asked innocent.

"Dodging my questions." Ash had always hated it when Jaden harped on him. "Why are you soaked in blood?"

Ash cleared his throat, still hard-headed and reluctant to speak.

"Dammit, Ash! What the hell have you been doing? I know you got in trouble with the nyads and dryads and until you tell me I'm purposely getting into trouble too!"

"Yeah, I got in trouble with them," his brother swallowed, ever-so anxious. "I also got into trouble with the Olympians."

"I expected that. You got in trouble with gods too," Jaden interjected dryly. "What's up next?"

"The Titans." His answer was so brusquely honest it was scary.

"Don't say that, big bro. This is no time for jokes."

"I'm not joking, Jaden. I'm completely serious. I found something that could reveal the truth," Ash stood up, off the large staring Jaden directly in the eyes.

"What's this got to do with Dawn's death?" Jaden demanded weakly.

"Everything," he ushered his brother to stand up. "C'mon. It's time to visit Nereus and Gaia."

"Visit?" Jaden's eyes widened visibly at that. "How did you manage to get an audience with them?"

The reply was simple. "I didn't."

He might've spent the last few months locked in a room with padded walls and barred windows, but even Jaden could tell this was crazy. "Wha-"

A glare silenced him. "Look, Jaden, I'll explain later. It's just that we have to get there before they realize... they... realize I'm with you." He finished lamely.

Jaden frowned. "You mean you're not supposed to be?"

His brother laughed. "I'm not supposed to do a lot of things, bro. But that's the thing about rules..."

They were in a park, now, Jaden realized. One with yellowing grass, crooked trees and a sorry-looking fountain filled with dirty water and rotting leaves. He hadn't even remembered leaving the room...

"They're easy to break."

Nereus was one of the old sea gods and a powerful Titan. He was the eldest son of Gaia and Ouranos, the true Lady of Earth and the Lord of the Skies, the two original Titans that created the world. Nereus could lead them to Oceanus, his younger brother who was the Sea Titan before Poseidon came along. Oceanus could lead them to his mother Gaia, who hid in a sanctuary underneath the ocean and seeing how his mother was the Titan of Earth, she could tell all of Dawn's secrets and. . . . Ash secretly hoped could bring her back to life. However, if he told this to Jaden, he knew his younger brother would simply dismiss the idea saying "No one can change death. That is the blockage that keeps us from Dawn and there's nothing we can do about it."

But it didn't hurt to try. That's all he could do now, wasn't it? Try.

Taking a deep breath and steadying the fists he hadn't known were shaking, Ash stepped into the fountain. The water went up to his knees, unpleasantly seeping into his clothes - at least it carried the blood away, turning the already disgusting water a nasty rose color. He waded towards the crumbling statue in the middle, the up-turned face worn beyond recognition. Placing his hand in the statue's, Ash half-turned towards Jaden.

"Get in."

"But the water's dirty," Jaden whined, poking it with a stick. Ripples ran everywhere, sending the leaves and dead insects scattering.

"For the gods' sakes, Jaden," Ash exclaimed. "You're a frickin' half-nyad. Since when have you been afraid of water?"

"Dirty water gives me headaches," Jaden's whining became louder.
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hyuuganeji11 wrote:

Sorry if this seems a bit off, but...

Would anyone mind if I take all the posts so far and put them into one giant one, so that newcomers would be able to just read that, and help themselves to continuing?

You'd have to ask elanra_moonlight to do that. So far I say no. -.- I'm not allowed to say yes.
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SakuraSenin wrote:

hyuuganeji11 wrote:

Sorry if this seems a bit off, but...

Would anyone mind if I take all the posts so far and put them into one giant one, so that newcomers would be able to just read that, and help themselves to continuing?

You'd have to ask elanra_moonlight to do that. So far I say no. -.- I'm not allowed to say yes.

Weeeeell... I kinda posted already... But feel free to take it down.
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hyuuganeji11 wrote:

SakuraSenin wrote:

hyuuganeji11 wrote:

Sorry if this seems a bit off, but...

Would anyone mind if I take all the posts so far and put them into one giant one, so that newcomers would be able to just read that, and help themselves to continuing?

You'd have to ask elanra_moonlight to do that. So far I say no. -.- I'm not allowed to say yes.

Weeeeell... I kinda posted already... But feel free to take it down.

you can do it, I am not removing but I am removing these posts
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