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> Posting anything abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-oriented or any other material that may violate any applicable laws or may be hurtful to someone's own personality is strictly forbidden. Any violation of this rule will be punished immediately by banning from the group and reporting to the site mods.
> Spamming is not allowed.
> GB is watched closely by me, sooo dont even think about spamming it or posting stupid chain messages.
> While criticizing others work be constructive not offensive or harsh.
> Always be nice to each other as if you are the last representative of a kind human race. Be proud with yourself and the way you treat others.
> Have fun ^_^

What to Do

> Write a short story, a chapter for a novel, a poem, songlyrics, a fanfic... anything at all!
> Open yourself a new forum topic with the title of your piece of writing.
> Let us know by leaving a GB post that you posted something new and you need reviews.
> Come often to see your comments and reviews.
> Update often if you have an ongoing story so your "fans" wont get bored.
> Read others stuff and comment on their work as this will make you a Good Reviewer within the group and you'll be famous ^_^
> Write some more

> Post three pieces of writing and earn yourself an official space on the main page! Have your name in the "Our Authors" section!
> We have Author, Poet and Reviewer of the Month features. So as you are active and going, you can earn these honorofic titles!
> We have a contest each month, you can always be a judge or submit your writing. If you win you will have your writing and your name shown on the main page. If you are a judge you can also submit your writing as well, you just cant vote for yourself.
> As time goes on, and we mods get to know you better, well enough to trust you with other people's works of art, you can apply for moderator position, though if accepted you have to be active often.


If you need help in any matter, if you need to ask a question, seek assitance, have complains, just reach me, elanra_moonlight via PM and I'll do my best to help you.

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