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The Onigiri - Issue 1

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Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/25/07

Yey! Everyone I introduce to you; issue one of CR’s unofficial magazine! It’s been hard work getting everything ready for the deadline, especially when it leapt forward a day!
All the staff have been great! They have completed good pieces and all helped each other! With a smile too ^-^. We’ve been having fun decorating our staff lounge with an endless array of odd objects (of which jester sold so we could pay the rent) and setting out cyber food buffets! I really want to thank them all for working so hard and getting to know each other; like a cute little team! ^-^
Anyway, I wont bore you all anymore! I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I did! Please leave comments and feedback on any of the pieces in this thread ^-^. Any pointers about what you liked in the issue and would like to see in the future are welcome! Oh, and you may all want to work together in order to get the puzzles at the end! ^-^
Enjoy and have a nice day! ^-^
~ Steffi


To easily search for a section i have used odd little codes that you can type into Ctrl + F ^-^

01 - Featured Media
02 - Reviews – Ordermade (band) and Love Contract (drama)
03 - Articles - Communication, Love, Dragon Skin Body Armor, Edgar Allan Poe, Horoscopes
04 - Interviews – redgarnettk
05 – Art and Featured Artist
06 - Puzzles – Sudoku, Wordsearch, Riddles, Brainteasers and Spot the Difference and Crossword

01 – Featured Media

~~Featured Music~~

Hi! This is q_h, staff member for featured music. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! ^^

I understand that all of our music taste is different.. my goal here is trying to present a good mix of different types of music every issue. Additionally, I will also put together a mix of popular or well-known songs with not as well-known ones. Most of the times, featured music are going to be MVs.. occasionally I will select live performances.

For this first issue (yay!), I present you with 3 great songs of different styles + a beautiful soundtrack from a great movie + a less well-known MV on CR. These are all pretty great MVs that I hope you'll like~

5 MVs is very little when you consider how many great artists we've got here on CR.. I hope you'll enjoy this issue's featured music, while expecting more great artists to be featured in later issues. Thanks~

Yuna Ito - Precious

Lee-Hom Wang - Hua Tian Cuo (花田错)

Namie Amuro - FUNKY TOWN

OST. - My Sassy Girl - I Believe

K ONE - Wei Ni Zai Huo Yi Tian

~~Featured Drama~~

Ballad of Suh Dong
Reason for feature:
After seeing Dae Jang Geum (AKA Jewel of the Palace), it was very cool to see the same producers coming together once again to produce yet another historical drama. The insert songs remind you of Dan Jang Geum again. Helps you see the rich culture of Korean history.

Witch Yoo Hee
Reason for feature:
Very comedic Korean drama, especially after seeing Jae Hee’s expressions as he portrays Chae Moo Ryong. The food cooked in this drama looks so good that you can reach into the computer or tv and grab it. Otherwise I like this drama because I’m a fan of Kim Jeong Hoon and Jae Hee. Now are you?

Reason for feature:
I have seen a lot of Matsumoto Jun (MastuJun) fans here on Crunchyroll. Most of them I know are HYD (Hana Yori Dango) fans. The latest that I know of is that many are currently watching Bambino! I would have to say MatsuJun is a really good actor. I guess I’ll say I’m a MatsuJun fan too!
~ Mochacafe

~~Featured Anime~~

Serial Experiments Lain

Never ceasing to amaze and bewilder, “Serial Experiments Lain” is an Anime that will definitely inspire some to question their own existence. Its abstract art not only enhances the dark undertones created, but also serves as a tremendous support for the plot flow. On the contrary, this Anime is not for the faint of heart; if intense psychological thrillers and existential matters aren’t your cup of tea, do not watch this!

Vampire Princess Miyu

Both the plot growth and the character development in this Anime are amazingly well done. As a contemporary tale of a vampire acting as the savior of mankind, “Vampire Princess Miyu” captures many viewers’ interests and holds it there till the very end; a series almost guaranteed to make vampire lovers want to continuously watch each episode directly after the other!

Zero no Tsukaima

Got Harry Potter? This wonderful tale of a young, awkward female magician and her “man-familiar” in magic school is sure to amuse many. Both hilarious and heart-warming, dedicated viewers almost fall off their seats in anticipation for the second season. This is a must watch!

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge

Based on “The Wallflower”, a manga by Hayakawa Tomoko, it’s no wonder why this Anime has been highly-acclaimed. All “Ouran High School Host Club” lovers will absolutely adore this light-hearted comedy, about an introverted teenage girl living with four extremely bishonen high school boys. Be ready to scramble your insides with laughter and scramble your mind with the randomness this Anime provides!
~ Vider

02 – Reviews



Ordermade is a relatively new band, only having debuted at the end of last year. Their lineup includes: haru (vocals), aki (guitar), migushi (guitar), ryou (bass), and kyouhei (drums). They've since changed their look (they started out as your average VK band, but nowadays have opted for an oshare kei approach). At the moment, they have released only two singles: the first of which I'm reviewing and the second, National Kid, which was released in April. You can visit their OHP at (Japanese).

Kuchibiru Dressy was released on October 14, 2006 (you can purchase it at sites such as and, among others). The first track is Sakura yura gu ran, san fun saki and is my favorite off the single. I was a bit hesitant to listen to Kuchibiru Dressy after having seen a picture of the band. They struck me as a band that would have some screamy vocals, something I personally cannot tolerate. However, I decided to give ordermade a try and I'm extremely glad I did. Sakura yura gu ran, san fun saki surprised me the first time I listened to it: the music and haru's vocals definitely do not match their image; after having heard this song, I don't think anyone would be shocked to find out that the band has gone for an oshare kei look. Another thing that caught me off guard was the fact that this song seems to end as quickly as it starts. It's not an overly short song by any means - it clocks in at 3:14, but it gives off the impression that it's only a minute or so. As I previously mentioned, this is, without a doubt, my favorite song off the single.

The second track is 60min NOIZ and it's in this song that their VK side shines through. The music has a much more VK feel than Sakura yura gu ran, san fun saki did: it's much faster and, for lack of a better term, more rock-ish than the previous song. However, it doesn't stray into hard rock territory. 60min NOIZ is another wonderful song, but what ruins it for me is haru's voice in the first verse. I'm a bit put off by it for some reason.

The single ends with Gomen nasai, which also happens to be the longest song (4:38). Unfortunately, it's also the song that I like the least, for this song includes slightly screamy vocals and rather odd noises. I have no idea what the sounds haru's making are supposed to be. More than once I've skipped over this song when it comes on just because of those damn noises. The music is, yet again, great (just as it was with the previous two songs), it's simply the vocals that cause me to hate this song.

Kuchibiru Dressy is an amazing single (with the exception of haru's vocals in Gomen nasai) and it's definitely worth a listen. Ordermade's music is such that hardcore, screamy music listeners and not-so-screamy music listeners alike can become fans of this awesome band.
~ Lokita


Love Contract

Hello drama lovers! Here's a drama to keep you busy. So listen, you take Mike He from "Devil Beside You" and partner him up with Ariel Lin from "It Started with a Kiss" and "Tokyo Juliet." Now you have yourself a lovely 20 episode series which will make you laugh, rage, and cry.
So what exactly is this story about you ask? Well here's how it goes...
Once upon a time in a land far away (or not so far away if you live in Asia), there lived a girl named Xiao Feng. "Xiao Feng is a stubborn tomboy and the captain of the Kendo Club at her college. In her group of friends, she is the leader with her demanding nature and abrupt ways. Inwardly however, Xiao Feng is a girl scarred by her past and searching for what she wants most; love. Her friends, Ah Kai, Xiao Bai, Mu Tou, Xin Lei, and, Xiao Xiao don't know about that part of her past but they are all loyal friends to Xiao Feng; that is, until Xiao Bai and Ah Kai leave the Kendo Club for the Swim Team.
Xiao Bai and Ah Kai are immediately regretful when the captain of the Swim Team, Ah Ken, turns out to be a captain as grueling as Xiao Feng. When one night Xiao Feng announces to her friends she wants love the most, Xiao Bai and Ah Ken devise a prank called the love contract. In the contract, in exchange for finding swim team members to recruit, Ah Ken must court Xiao Feng."
Interesting, no? Well the story develops even deeper than this description here that I "borrowed" from the series file (which probably got it from DramaWiki, but that matters not).
From a girl point of view, I find this drama rather entertaining. Nothing too tragic that'll make you cry an ocean, and nothing too "corny" to make you walk away from the computer in shame. As you watch this, you can see the characters develop and face circumstances that you yourself may encounter in your own life. Sure, it may drag a little when you get to the middle, but most shows do. It's not as painful as you may think it is, but it's worth your time, I guarantee .
There isn't much more to tell you other than WATCH IT!




Amatsuki - volume 1

Amatsuki is an ongoing series (at the moment there are five volumes) that made its debut in 2004. It's currently being serialized in Zero-Sum, published by Ichijinsha. As far as I can tell, the mangaka, Takayama Shinobu, hasn't done anything else save for contributing to an anthology.

The manga tells the tale of Rikugou Tokidoki, a high school student that is absolutely horrible at history. In an attempt to save his failing grade, Tokidoki is forced to attend an exhibit on the Edo period at an extremely high-tech museum (so much so that a staff member remarks that, at times, he can't tell the difference between the computer-simulated people and real people). As he's leaving the museum, Tokidoki is attacked by what he believes to be another computer-simulated creation. However, he quickly realizes that isn't the case after he loses all sight in his left eye due to the strange beast. He loses consciousness and, upon awakening, Tokidoki is told that he's somehow traveled back in time to the Edo period and will never be able to get back home.

For the first volume, it was fairly good: it set up the story and introduced the main characters, as well as provide a bit of background and some exposure as to what their personalities are like. I was a bit disappointed simply for the fact that it wasn't what I expected it to be. I assumed there would be more of a cyber-punk feel. Instead Amatsuki is a historical series. There's a good amount of references to historical figures and a large amount of information about the Edo period. There's also quite a bit of magical/supernatural/fantasy elements as well as action sequences. One thing I love about this manga is the art: it's so beautiful and extremely detailed. I could definitely do without the imminent romance that was briefly hinted at however.

Overall, as I previously stated, it was pretty good for a first volume. There were a few boring parts, but I believe that fans of historical &/or fantasy series will definitely enjoy this.
~ Lokita


Command & Conquer 3 Conquers all!

The awaited sequel for Electronic Arts’ Command & Conquer 3 was released way back on March 28th and there are 3 words for fans of this series: “Kane is Back!” Although the core of C&C is still there, there are a wide variety of new features that makes this game very unique. From full-motion videos to a face-paced gameplay this game will not let you down and even if you do, the online multiplayer is just great.

As always the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod are still battling it out, but this time they both face a new alien force, The Scrin. At the start of the game you’re allowed to pick between the GDI and Nod Campaigns which basically tell the same story from their respective sides. The campaign structure progresses well as locations range across globe on three different types of terrain. The missions themselves are incredibly varied, whether it’s either base defense or random destruction you still get the experience of C&C all throughout. While some are fairly predictable, some of the missions show some ingenuity and thought put into them. At the beginning the missions aren’t relatively challenging and take very little time to complete, but as you get near the end of campaigns they take little more grease to finish off. Once you’ve completed these campaigns you’re awarded with the chance to play 4 bonus Scrin missions and fight against the human race.

The gameplay is fast and furious and if you’re the type to turtle up behind tons and tons of base defenses then you’re in for a surprise. Battles are intense and focused, and they give you little time to prepare. Like any other RTS, the resources you need to gather are Tiberium and Power, for without these two then you’re basically doomed. In any case the AI in C&C 3 is incredibly aggressive and intelligent, and if you don’t find the action quickly then the action will find you. The game itself is basically a rusher’s paradise, but strategy and tech advancement have their place in this game. If you rely too much on a certain unit then it may have disastrous consequences because each unit has their own weaknesses.

The visuals of C&C 3 are just amazing and quite nice to look at. In a full intense battle, you’d see lasers and explosions all over the screen as if you were watching a sci-fi movie. On the average system, the performance barely even slows down during these moments and you’re met with a brief loading time before the start of the game. As you play through the campaign you see notice the differences of the terrain as they slowly become engulfed by Tiberium. All in all the graphics are just amazing to look at.

For the average RTS gamer or a fan of the C&C series then this is a must-have. Like I said before, you won’t find anything revolutionary about this game but it’s a nice modern touch to a great series that will hopefully be spewing out more in the near future. If you're looking for a game that makes it fun as hell to blow things up and leave quickly, C&C 3 is definitely for you.
8.7/10 – Highly Recommended

Starcraft 2 Officially announced

As many of you have heard by now unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 2 weeks then rejoice! On May 18th, 2007 at Blizzard’s World Wide Invitational in Seoul, South Korea, Starcraft 2 was officially announced. Although it’s been a long time coming (Nearly 10 years), people were raving about it during the announcement. During the WWI, Blizzard also released a cinematic trailer and a gameplay demonstration for the highly anticipated game.

As always we have the 3 classic races, Terran, Zerg and the Protoss. Although some units remained the same, others were completely changed and drastically improved each featuring new abilities and powers. With Blizzard still working on some balance changes we got to see some of those units in action during the gameplay demo. (If you haven’t seen it then its available here on CR.)

Blizzard has officially released some information on some of the Protoss units and structures and these can be found on the Starcraft 2 site. . The new Protoss units showed off looked really impressive, particularly the Protoss Mothership. Blizzard said they'd be implementing powerful units on the two other sides as well, but the mechanics for those wouldn't be the same as with the Mothership. With some of the changes to the Protoss race and most likely the others, it seems like gameplay will be faster and harder than never before.

According to Blizzard they are doing a significant amount of balance work, but that doesn't mean much until we know what the changes are until it finally comes out. StarCraft 2 is being built on a DX9 engine right now, will run on Windows XP and Vista, and release simultaneously on PC and Mac "when it's done." DX10 support is still being worked on. Keep reading for more updates, this is Suicider signing off.

03 – Articles

Joseph Santos, aka Red3finition


The story of Babel is known amongst many peoples and cultures. Humans wanted to become closer to God. They believed in their intelligence and built a tower so high as to reach the heavens where God resides. However (though not written in the Genesis, but appears in many other texts of the story), God sees the unification of man and the attempt to reach Him an act of defiance; striving for perfection when humans are inherently flawed (original sin). God punishes the humans by confusing them, creating different languages for people to speak and not being able to understand one another. This is the Judeo-Christian model for how the different languages came to be.
The movie Babel depicted four seperate events in four different languages that were not sub-titled and was ultimately connected by one theme--communication. The underlying goal is to show that one of the biggest flaws in being human is our inability to speak to the people who we are supposedly close to. Parents hardly understand their children, the divorce rate in the United States alone is fifty percent, and the war in Iraq rages on. All of this and more due to the fact that we are unable to talk. These language barriers prevent peace; many Americans get frustrated at the fact that aliens do not take the time to learn the language of the country, and many are deemed to be terrorists simply because they do not speak a certain language. More importantly, people fail to realize that we are all human. We face the same problems; we laugh, we love, we live. Here in Crunchyroll, we gather from all parts of the world representing many cultures and opinions. From the most serious topics to those that are not so important, members voice their thoughts and are given the chance to be heard. Though sometimes the arguments tend to escalate, many of the members acknowledge the feelings of others and never write anything out of animosity. As I sit here typing, the couple next door is arguing out in the street over a misunderstanding; the neighbors are telling them to keep it down and my room mate, with his friend, is deliberating why the woman in the street is right and why the man is wrong. All of this ruckus because of a failure to communicate.
It is not as if we were doomed from the beginning. We were given the ability to understand one another and only then, when we understand those around us, are we truly happy. And only when we understand ourselves are we truly at peace. Listen to what the person is saying to you; listen to what the text it trying to tell you and then think about it, think before you speak. Then maybe it might not be too long when the people of the Earth, divided with its many different cultures, are unified under a single understanding for peace and prosperity.

Couldn't Think of a Title. (Love)

It happens when the flowers begin to bloom. There is a gentle breeze and the birds are chirping within the trees. The sun is high, yet no one is around. However, it also happens in the still of the night. The moon is full and the stars are bright. It happens in the summer heat by the beach or on a winter night with the snow covered fields. It could be planned or spontaneous. Whether in silence or in the commotion with people around, it happens. The loudest sound or the quitest sigh; it could be whispered, yelled, or understood. At any given time, Love happens.
None can deny its existence for it is everywhere. This four letter word that people attached to an emotion, a feeling, of such complexity and simplicity; it leaves many speechless, breathless, thoughtless and yet it happens so often that "too much of something is never good" does not apply. People, young and elderly, spend their lives finding the meaning of love. To some, it is raising children that is true love, like that of a mother to her child. To others, it is of the flesh; that raw animal instinct of beings together satisfying their carnal needs. But to many, it is the companionship of someone special, someone dear. We know that it operates on all these levels and many more. What is love?
Biologically, it is merely the emotion attached, or most commonly related, with the act of sex, procreation, and child rearing. Psychologically, it would fit under Maslow's pyramid of human needs in the category of acceptance and security. Literally (that is if it can be literal), it is that "feel good" feeling about yourself or others. Its the butterflies someone gives you and the smile from hearing their voice. It is the pain, the misery, and the tears when the heart is broken. Further more, it is the hope that the emotions one has felt will be experienced once more. The crunchyroll memebers had a thread "Love is..." and through nine pages, it was understood that no one definition can describe it. Many agreed that it is concerned with affection, but others believe it to be the hardest thing to obtain. It is taking chances and waiting for it at the same time, kissing and cursing, singing and crying. It is a paradox wrapped in a conundrum wrapped in an enigma; definitley one of life's biggest mysteries.
I apologize if you read this thinking I was to provide an answer or a meaning, but that is where the complexity is. However, my tiny little brain was able to comprehend at least this much (and I am sure the many others have thought of it as well): Love is what you make it to be. YOU give it meaning and YOU make it happen.


Dragon Skin Body Armor

The United States armed forces now employ Interceptor Body Armor for combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. The military, however, has come under recent controversy over the new armor system known as Dragon Skin. The military has repeatedly insisted that the Dragon Skin armor failed multiple ballistics tests and is inferior to Interceptor armor .

Despite this, multiple independent ballistics tests have claimed that Dragon Skin is, in fact, vastly superior to the Interceptor armor now being used . This culminated in an NBC ballistics test and special news report . This report claims that the military is lying about Dragon Skin, and that it is actually far superior to their standard-issue Interceptor. They cite the fact that it passed CIA tests and is now used by their operatives. NBC also claimed that the Army banned Dragon Skin a full two months before it allegedly failed their ballistics tests. They even interview a person who claims he was fired from the Army for supporting Dragon Skin. They also draw attention to the fact that many officers wear Dragon Skin despite the ban.

The Army was quick to respond to this report . Despite this, the controversy remains. Is the Army covering something up? What should be done?


Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston. He was born into a poor family with no siblings. His father, David Poe Jr. was an angry alcoholic who would frequently beat Edgar’s mother, Elizabeth Poe in front of Edgar. Edgar was two years old when David murdered his mother in an alcoholic rage. After that a Mr. and Mrs. John Allan adopted Edgar and took him to live with them in England. Edgar was never good at making friends; even at an early age he was anti-social and the only thing he showed affection towards was a black cat that he had dubbed the name of “Pluto”.
John Allan had said that Edgar was upset that he had to go to school and that the other children were mean to him.

He was six when his cat was killed by a group of older kids who would frequently pick on him. After that Edgar became even more withdrawn from the world. When he was seven, another traumatic experience befell him, as he was walking home one day he tripped and fell into a bush where he saw a human corpse face-to-face. After that Edgar did not talk for two months. Edgar had picked up writing as a passion it was also the one thing he truly excelled at in school. He also had a fascination with ravens, he would write tales involving cats and ravens. Edgar Allan Poe would go on to marry his cousin, Virginia when he is 27 years old. While he would write many stories until his death he would not be appreciated as the great author he is until after his death.

Your Fortnightly Crunchyroll Horoscopes
brought to you by the mystic powers of the Onigiri

Aries Mar 22 – Apr 20
Thanks to the new moon that’s about to move into your sign, money matters are set to be on the up. It may be tempting to keep all this to yourself but sometimes a little generosity goes a long way.

Taurus Apr 21 – May 21
With the shifting of planets away from your sign it is probably unhealthy for you to overindulge yourself in CR. A chance encounter with a mod may signify a change in status on the forums.

Gemini May 22 – Jun 21
Venus, the planet of love, is in your sign right now so take advantage of this rare opportunity and speak to that pretty girl or hot guy you’ve had your eye on lately. If you’re already taken then Gemini’s should be sensing a stirring in the trouser department.

Cancer Jun 22 – July 23
As Mars climbs into the highest angle of your chart you may become increasingly aware of how much time you have been spending on CR. Whilst this may provide temporary happiness, do be cautious. Innocent frolics around the forums will not bode well for future commitments.

Leo July 24 – Aug 21
It is especially important to pay attention to your fitness, right when Saturn has moved into your sign. Sitting in front of that computer can only promote unhealthy eating and that flat stomach you asked Santa for last Christmas will be even further out of reach. Remember: A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.

Virgo Aug 22 – Sept 21
Your love life may feel a little sluggish these days due to Neptune going into reverse. A member who you’ve been trying to avoid may be annoyingly persistent now but will become a much needed asset later on.

Libra Sept 22 – Oct 23
With Venus flying high in Gemini it signals a new high profile phase on CR. It’s finally time to sing your own praises – and you know you’ve been wanting to for quite some time now.

Scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 21
The mood is turning serious so this is the time to put all those good ideas into action. Hindrances may appear in the form of a mod but your trademark personality will win them over.

Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 21
Jupiter, your ruler, is still travelling backwards in your sign. A change is predicted. Everyone must shift away from their usual routines. You may not like some of the changes that have been taking place on CR but in time you will realise that change can only be advantageous.

Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20
Being ruled by the realistic Saturn, you like to plan ahead and know precisely where you stand. But the message from the stars is for you to concentrate on the here and now. You could also find that someone unexpected from CR is now on your wavelength.
Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19
This is not the time to make a new commitment. It is in yours, and others, best interests to take a step back and watch the progress happen from the sidelines. You may even notice something that you had previously missed out.

Pisces Feb 20 – 21
Your temper has been wearing thin lately. It seems ignorant people seem to be throwing themselves across your path, out to purposely annoy you. Be patient though dear Pisces, there will come a time when your intelligence will be shown.

I hope there isn't anything offensive in the horoscopes. I tried to make them as "horoscopy" as possible =]

04 – Interviews

Kris07 on Redgarnettk

kris07: Hello Red! Today the other Onigiri workers suggested that I interview you for it's first issue. Would you like to be in my first article?

redgarnettk: Sure thing. How do you suggest we do this?

Kris: I guess I'll PM you a question and you'll reply your answer and so forth until we conclude the interview. After which I'll PM Steff the interview and she'll let me know.

Red: Okay, awesome. I'm ready whenever you are.

Kris: Aright.
Do you enjoy modding for CR?

Red: No.

Kris: Why not?

Red: Moderating is a very draining job and takes up a lot of free time. I stopped enjoying moderating partly because of the repeated annoyances, such as people uploading unacceptable files, repetitive support questions, etc. Moderators are bombarded with support questions on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. It's very tiring to have to repeat an answer over and over again.

Kris: And that's why you decided to create the FAQ?

Red: Yes. I also created it to boost my self-esteem because I was afraid I wasn't being an active moderator.

Kris: Are you almost done?

Red: I'm about 80% done. I still need to work on explaining hardsubbing and splitting files. I'm focusing on the thread index before I finish the FAQ. I haven't had time to finish it since school finished due to some of the other moderators going on vacation. They deserved the rest of course, but that meant less time for me to work on extra things.

Kris: CR or personal?

Red: Uh...the FAQ and thread index? And it also meant less time for me to work on my sex life. You know, the one with catex, mauz15, BasouKazuma, and Ktito.

Kris: Okay I see Maus and Basou, but why catex and Ktito?

Red: I shag my son-in-law because I believe in sharing CR love. catex is a charity case.

Kris: What made you want to get married to Basou?

Red: I married Basou because he's awesome and a sweetie. He's also a sexy manbeast. Don't you remember the avatar?
Kris: Who could forget it!? But you couldn't see his whole face. Who a better sexy manbeast, him or maus?

Red: Definitely Basou. mauzy is cute though. ;)

Kris: Are you a part of his fandom?

Red: Are you kidding me? I was one of mauzy's first buddies (or his first...neither of us remember)! I am THE mauz15 fangirl. Haha.

Kris: On a more serious note, If you were Shinji, What would you do about the negatives of this site? Those being stupid threads, uploads, anything else that you don't like.

Red: I would allow moderators to be able to prevent videos from being encoded from the uploaded list ( I would also allow moderators to prevent users from uploading; making another form of a ban. Also, any inactive moderators would be replaced. That would make a good start.

Kris: Okay thanks for the interview. Hoped you enjoyed it and I hope CR enjoys it too.

05 – Art

This pretty piece was made by AmySophamish and is based on the Featured Media in this issue of the Onigiri!

Killua787 made this great piece!

Last but definitely not least; a sketch by Jamehze!

Featured Artist; Reirei18

1) Who are you and how old are you?
- they know me as reirei18.. i started to draw right after they aired sailor moon on tv.. im greatly influenced by that anime and til now i haven’t stopped drawing sailor moon.. year 2004, i began to post some of my drawings in fanart-central(rei_15) and myOtaku(rei15).. year 2005 i started using reirei18 as my net name* where ever i go so if u want to know more just go google my name.

2) What kind of art style do you think you have?
- traditional. i love pencils and sometimes I color if im not lazy.

3) What's your favorite thing/person to draw?
- sailor moon.. girls in uniform.. but im trying to improve on drawing guys.. coz whenever i try to draw a decent guy they look girly to me..

4) Any plans for upcoming pieces?
- im doing my personal manga.. 2 actually.. so it might take a while before i start doing illustrations again but i really want to do this.. it took me 2yrs before i start doing one so im finally putting this in my top priorities.. its on the process anyway.. and im planning to finish one before the year ends..

5) Any message you'd like to send?
- thank you so much for all the support.. i got lots of support from here and im really glad to be here because of these people.. i hope you enjoy looking at my works and im trying not to be lazy and finish what i started so u can expect something soon..

06 – Puzzles

------Sudoku------ Amysophamish

------WordSearch------ by AmySophamish

------ Brainteasers------ by Henz_lan


Take the following sequence;
3, 1, 4, 1, 5
What is the second most likely number to appear next in this sequence?


An object has 4 brostles and 4 brongs.
When you cut off the 4 brostles it then has 9 brostles and 6 brongs.
What are brostles and brongs?
What is the object?

------ Spot the Difference ------ by Henz_lan

There are 5 differences, can you find them?

------ Crossword ------ by Henz_lan

This is a cryptic crossword, each of the clues is related to the answer cryptically.
For example;
"Dance to be able to preserve (6)"
Would be "Cancan" because it is a "dance" and "can" means "to be able to" and "preserve".
The number in brackets at the end indicates the number of letters in the word; (3,5) would be a 3 letter word followed by a 5 letter word.
A number in a clue indicates "insert the answer of the clue with this number".



8,9 Company supplying 19. (4,5)
9 see 8.
10 Choke to remove the King and begin to reverberate. (4)
11 “Lazy and Slow,” you say, for church. (6)
12 Boat for 29 (8)
13 A gorse pit mix-up gives a narcissistic journey. (3,5)
15 Removing the Swiss from Harbingers makes them tasteless. (6)
17 Lessen the removing of clothes. (4,3)
19 Beverage seller where Posh ate, destroyed. (3,4)
22 To make this genera angry. (6)
24 1 and his friends. (8)
26 When sung, idea becomes holy. (5,3)
28 Hat for one in 30. (6)
30 Exam for those from 21. (4)
31 Cherub in a corner. (5)
32 Chance of losing weight (4)


1,27 Old count, seated in 19. (4,4)
2 He looks important. A Saint on a Stag. (8)
3 Shirt I ripped in Hebrew month. (6)
4 Pop Star before eyes, say. (7)
5 A generic medal melted down. (8)
6 Editor, say, is a feeler. (6)
7 African half-dance one finds at 19. (4)
14 Place for putting in 19. (5)
16 Lest nothing had been taken. (5)
18 It’s great, morning ‘til evening on the 14. (5,3)
20 Harrison finished with praiseworthiness to take it one at a time. (8)
21 Batting for supplier of 19 beheaded, say. (7)
23 Those matured have increased lust. (6)
25 Gum from 19. (6)
27 see 1.
29 ____ the Red. (4)

Hint; Think British!

------ Riddles------ by OneZub

1Q: Forward I am heavy, backwards I am not. What am I?

2Q: What object has keys that open no locks, space but no room, and you can enter but not go in?

3Q: Until I am measured, I am not known. Yet how you miss me, When I have flown.


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! ^-^ Now excuse me while I try to learn how you play sudoku while on a plane!
*hugs* to all my great staff- I think they did a great job and in such a short time too!

Have a great 2 weeks everyone!

(They have me at gunpoint to put dancing onigiris in!)
Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/25/07
I can't believe it's out! So happy and proud *starts crying*

Great job everyone! Thank you for everyone's hard work!

*gets ready to make Oscar Award-type speech*
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Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/25/07
*tear in eye* It's sooo wonderful! I'd also like to extend my thanks to those who have contributed, great job!
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Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/25/07
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Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/25/07
Thanks maus!

Thanks everyone!

I wonder which mod will be hindrance............

mushroomjay wrote:

Interview me next week.
People will love my pwnage, and hate.

It's good though. I might convert the text into .PDF's so it feels like a magazine.


OOOOO, Can I do it?
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Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/25/07
Excellent work to everyone involved!
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27 / M / Toronto, CA
Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/25/07
Nice, finally released. Hopefully I wont wait till the last minute to finish lol. More to come!
Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/25/07
yay it's out, good job everyone! We all worked together to make this possible!
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24 / F / down your ass, an...
Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/25/07
pretty awesome...
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Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/25/07
OMG it's finally out...Hmm it's missing some cooler colors and pazzaz....
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Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/25/07
Yay, Onigiri..
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Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/25/07
dang, it's out. exciting.
Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/25/07
That was very quick! I thought it would take longer to get this magazine idea rolling. Are you guys going to archive this or just keep the new issues posted?
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Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/25/07

FatedEmperor wrote:

OMG it's finally out...Hmm it's missing some cooler colors and pazzaz....

Well for a rushed job it far exceeds amazing. But we can guarantee the 2nd issue will have more flare to it.
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Posted 5/25/07 , edited 5/25/07
wooooohh.... makes my nose bleed *already bleeding* jk
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