[JMovie] No Longer Human
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Posted 1/19/10 , edited 1/19/10
Trailer :
credit : renixvsxiner

credit : LaBakaPaka

* Movie: No Longer Human / The Fallen Angel
* Romaji: Ningen Shikkaku
* Japanese: 人間失格
* Director: Genjiro Arato
* Writer: Osamu Dazai (novel)
* Producer:
* Cinematographer:
* Release Date: February 20, 2010
* Runtime:
* Language: Japanese
* Country: Japan

"No Longer Human" tells the story of a young man who has felt since childhood utterly alien from others around him. Since that time he has learned to put on a face to hide his alienation. He feels incapable of belonging to the human society, especially so by society's refusal to take him seriously. He then follows a descent into alcohol, drugs, & suicide ...

1. Based on Osamu Dazai's 1948 quasi autobiographical novel "Ningen Shikkaku".
2. Related titles (based on Osamu Dazai novels):
1. Shayo (2009)
2. Pandora's Box | Pandora no hako (2009)
3. Villon's Wife | Viyon no tsuma (2009)
4. No Longer Human | Ningen Shikkaku (2010)
3. Related titles (based on Osamu Dazai's life):
1. Picaresque (2002)
2. Dazai Osamu Monogatari (TBS / 2005)


Toma Ikuta - Yozo

Shinobu Terajima, Satomi Ishihara

Yusuke Iseya

Eiko Koike, Maki Sakai

Michiyo Ookusu

Yoshiko Mita

Renji Ishibashi, Shigeru Muroi

Go Morita

Some Scene taken from the trailer.........

never see Toma like this.......interesting role for Toma-chan...

Source & credits : http://asianmediawiki.com/No_Longer_Human
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Posted 1/19/10 , edited 1/20/10
ah thanks for the info!!
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Posted 1/19/10 , edited 1/20/10
Go Toma! Though the storyline doesn't really appeal to me...I feel it's too depressing for me to watch but hope it does well =D I know Toma will do his best! We will see a more serious and darker side to him
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Posted 1/20/10 , edited 1/20/10
woh. the melancholic character is refreshin to watch in Toma..coOL
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