Post Reply what do you want this RP to be about any ideas???
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any ideas people for what the RP should be about?
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Well, I think we should have a variety of role playings, maybe based on certain anime.

Users are allowed to create a character similar to the ones in the anime, however, they may NOThave any onnections that was establihed in the anime. The user will have to talk to the other user to do this unless the user made more characters that relate to each other.

Some anime types could be...
~ Kuroshitsuji
~ Pandora Hearts
~ Kirarin Revolution
~Yumeiro Pattiserie
~ Fairy Tail
~ Kitchen Princess
~ Gakuen Alice.
~ Et Cetera.

Hope this helped? ;D
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good ideas well start out with
Pandora Hearts
Gakuen Alice
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To make it more organized, you can have each forum for a new anime.
The titles can be
"Gakuen Alice Sign Up"
"Gakuen Alice RP"
"Pandora Hearts RP"
"Pandora Hearts SignUp"
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