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Posted 1/19/10 , edited 1/20/10
hi guys i was just wondering what it takes to move to japan, im 19 this month got no job and to be honist i failed my grades but i love the japanese culture and i relly want to move there even if its for say a few months. im keen on lerning there language i already know a little but the thing is im kinda broke and i know japan is the most expensive country to live in.

i most prob wont get a degree in english or what ever it is so whats the chances of me becoming a english teacher as its the most commen job out there for outsiders.

im from the uk with no friends or family out there so how would i go around getting there and what not? and how much u think i would need before i go.

and would it be wise to lern the language a lot before i go or take lessons on it in japan.
Posted 1/19/10 , edited 1/20/10
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